Phone calls and changed tones

It was about a 2 years after the Benedict Society had put the dreadful Mr. Curtain in jail. Yet as history has a habit of repeating itself, they found themselves once again in Mr. Benedict's old house. They had all been called here, and they, as usual had all come. Except that is, for Reynie. So now they have crowded around the phone, and are trying quite desperately to convince him to come.

"Please," said Constance, which was a very rare occurrence. "Look," he cried, the members fell silent. Something in Reynie's voice scared them. He had changed; his tone was cold and distant. He sounded 21 when in reality he was only 15. "People change, I've changed. I wish to be left alone." "Renyard," Mr. Benidict said calmly, "if you will not come willingly I will have to send the guards." "Guards," he interrupted alarmed, "I'll be there, by tomorrow. Just don't send any guards!"

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