It's been two weeks since Takano told him he had given up. At first he wasn't sure if Takano was being serious or if it was just something he made up. However, it became more clear that maybe Takano was telling the truth. Even at work he refused to talk to him and he would work later than usual purposely avoiding him. The train ride was quiet without him. Ritsu's reflection was in the window, there was a warm blush upon his face as his thoughts ran on about Takano.

"Maybe he has given up, " thought Ritsu as he sat comfortably in the grey blue seat. He casually leaned his head against the wall of the train. His eyes closed slowly, letting his exhaustion from the week engulf him. He didn't have work tomorrow so he was able to rest as long as his body needed to. Soon, Ritsu drifted off to sleep.

It was Tuesday morning when Ritsu had walked into the Emerald department feeling utterly depressed. He had spent the entire night dreaming of his high school days with Takano. When he had awoken, his heartbeat was erratic. Ritsu shook his head hoping to remove any lingering thoughts. He began to think why his fiance An-chan had told him "good luck" at the hospital a couple of months back. What was the meaning? Ritsu brushed his fingers through his hair, feeling the heat rising to his cheeks.

He could feel it. The stare from Takano.

It was always there. Always making him feel uncomfortable. It felt like Takano was undressing him with his eyes. Slowly. Intimately.
Ritsu shifted uncomfortably. "Damn it…" he muttered under his breath. Ritsu squirmed in his chair, feeling a very uncomfortable and familiar sensation in between his legs. "Damn it, damn it, damn it…" Ritsu took a glance at Takano who was leaning back in his chair, hands clasped behind his head, and a devilish smile on his face.

He knows…
Ritsu got up abruptly and headed to the restroom. He needed to calm down, and hopefully it would subside. Although he knew full well that he needed to take care of it. As he turned into the bathroom stall Ritsu dropped his head into his hands. He wasn't going to do it.

"No way.."

he looked at his erected member bursting from his pants. It was very uncomfortable for Ritsu. He looked down under the stalls to see if there was anyone else inside them.

There was no one. He was lucky.

Ritsu pulled his pants down as he held his member in his hands, and started the rhythmic movement. His breathing became haggard as the speed increased. slightly touching the tip with his fingers he imagined Takano's lips and tongue gliding along his member.

"Onodera?" a familiar voice called. He stopped breathing, "Oh no…" Ritsu whispered.

"Oy! Onodera what are you doing?" Takano was right outside his stall.

"uhmm using the restroom?"

"Well hurry up we need to leave!" Takano remained where he was, unknowing that Ritsu was in the middle of a crisis.

"O…okay…I'll be out in a few. I'll meet you in the front." Ritsu breathed in a steady breath. He needed Takano to leave, he couldn't masturbate with him in the room. He would notice too quickly. He also didn't want to think what would happen if Takano did find out. He would probably come inside the stall and finish him off. Devouring him with every inch of his body. "Onodera let's go!"
"Uhm, Takano-san…can you leave?" Ritsu's member twitched. He was close and it was becoming unbearable.

"why?" Ritsu could hear the amusement in his voice.
"SHIT!" Ritsu thought.

"B…because I feel uncomfortable with you being right outside the stall." It was the dumbest excuse Ritsu could think off. He began to stroke his member again, the pain was becoming too much for him to take.

"I'm coming in." Takano said.

"N…NO DON'T" Ritsu's voiced cracked and surely Takano opened the door. The bar was barely attached to the lock making it accessible for anyone to walk in on Ritsu. He stared at Takano, his expression was erotic, watery eyes, blush, harsh breathing, and the dripping pre cum from his member on his hands.

The rest was unavoidable.

Takano grabbed Ritsu's hands and pinned them behind him and dove in for a kiss. The sound of their lips pressing and their tongues licking the insides of each other's mouth. He couldn't hold it anymore, Ritsu felt the feeling arise again feeling his climax. Takano took notice of Ritsu's attention and took a firm hold on his member.

"Lets cum together. Ritsu." Takano unbuttoned his pants and let them fall revealing a large bump in his underwear. Ritsu could only imagine what Takano would do next. He felt his hand being pulled to Takano's erected member and started to slowly pump up and down. Takano began to pant feeling his climax coming.

"Ritsu…together…" He held their members together, pumping furiously with the sounds of breathing echoing in the bathroom. Ritsu clutched Takano's back. "Ta…Takano…san….Ah…AH!" He climaxed in Takano's hand, feeling the cum run down his legs. His hazy eyes looked at Takano who was still recovering from the sex. He blushed at how Takano looked as he came, and his heartbeat quickened at the realization of what had happened. Takano looked down at Ritsu who was looking very tempting. He took his hand to his mouth and licked clean the cum from his fingers. Ritsu watched as Takano looked at him. He dipped his head down to Ritsu's forehead and looked into his eyes.

"Ritsu…I Love you." Takano cupped his face into his hands, delivering a deep passionate kiss…

Ritsu woke up to the jolt of the train. They had reached his stop. He looked down at his phone while walking off the train platform. He had received 2 messages from Takano and a call as well from his mother. Out of the two he picked the messages. He didn't want to deal with his mothers pestering about his engagement to An-chan.

Takano 9:47 P.M 11/30/?

- We need to talk.

Takano 10:38 P.M 11/30/?

- Meet me at ****** park tomorrow at 12:00. If you don't come. I'll pick you up.

Ritsu looked at the messages with horror. He didn't want to meet with Takano tomorrow at all. It was his day off and he had intended on going shopping for proper food, now he would have to waste his day away with the awkward silence with Takano.

Either way. There was no avoiding it.

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