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Lately Kyo and Kazahito have had almost no time to meet with each other. Kyo had become the new chef and was working pretty much full time and he was constantly staying up late figuring out new recipes. Kazahito on the other hand was busy with his art school. They had to prepare a ton of pieces for their art show in hopes of being noticed. Not only that but he needed to work on the biggest piece he could ever think of for his final. It was impossible to find time.

Kyo sat in the kitchen after cleaning, checking his phone for any new messages. Of course there wasn't any from Kazahito. The last time they were able to hang out was when he had gotten the new job as the café's chef, and that was almost a month ago! Kyo sighed, he knew that he would get busy but he never expected it to be THIS busy. His boss had made a huge announcement about expanding the shop and about Kyo's new position. He knew that people were fond of his cakes and little side dishes to the menu but he never would've thought that he needed to create and entirely new menu by next week. He was constantly researching the costumers likes and dislikes, organizing a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a dessert menu. It was ridiculous!

Kyo's phone rang suddenly whilst he was in the middle of thinking. It was from the hospital announcing that his mother could be discharged tomorrow in the afternoon. Kyo's attitude changed dramatically and he quickly headed to the hospital.

The hospital was huge, with large automatic doors at the entrance and around fifteen floors for patients. They were lucky that his mother had a friend who was related to the owner and therefore their bills weren't too outrageous. With Kyo's new job he estimated that they would be done paying the bills in the next month or so. He walked over to the receptionist and grabbed a visitor tag, and headed towards the elevator. He clicked on floor four and the elevator dinged and started its way up the shaft. Kyo grabbed his phone out of his pocket and texted Kazahito about his mothers discharge. He hesitated about sending but he worked up the courage to press the button. Just as his message sent, he had arrived at the fourth floor and waited for the doors to open.

Kyo walked down the halls until he reached his mothers room and poked his head into the door.

"Hey mom you awake?" His mother turned to look at his son. Kyo smiled, she was getting a lot healthier. He knew she was but the color in her cheeks and the amount of fat back on her body made her look twenty years younger.

"Kyo! come in, come in!" A tear welled up in his eyes, he couldn't believe that after all this time he would be able to be with his mom again, especially in a healthier condition. He walked inside the room and sat down on the chair next to his mothers bed.

"Hey mom, you look" he looked her over again smiling, "a lot better, and younger too." Kyo's mothers' laughter rang in the room. She stroked the side of his face and gave him a solemn look.
"Kyo, I'm so sorry I have worried you for so long. I know it must have been hard supporting yourself, the house, and me. I wish I could've done more for you." Kyo grabbed his mom's hand and squeezed it gently.

"It was okay, lonely maybe, but I managed. It's nothing you should be worried and upset about." His mother sighed, and finally smiled.

"I'm glad I gave birth to such a strong boy. I probably would have been tearing my hair out from stress if it was any other way." She looked out the window. "You know how I could rarely go outside? I feel like tomorrow is going to be overwhelming. Never really feeling the wind on my skin while I'm walking. Or breathing in the fresh air for more than an hour. I can finally walk outside and see all my friends as a healthy adult. But, most importantly, I can go into your café and sit down and have a nice cup or earl grey tea and one of your delicious cakes I've heard so much about." Kyo laughed.

"Your excitement is that of a twelve year old." His mother scowled at him. "Kyo I am still very young, I'm allowed to act it too." Kyo just continued to laugh by himself.

His mother was still very young. Having him when she was sixteen and now him being twenty made her thirty six. At her age being in the hospital must have been complete torture, but with help of the doctors she could finally get out again.

"Oh, I just remembered. I will be able to meet your boyfriend." Kyo stood shocked.

"Wait what?" She smiled and repositioned herself.

"That young man who brought me flowers that one time. You said he was a friend but I saw him not too long ago. Maybe last month, I can't really put a day to it. How can I say this, he seemed important. I know you have friends like Misaki but I don't get a special feeling from him. Call it mothers instinct." She looked at her son who was bright red and speechless. She giggled at his embarrassment. "So how have you two been then? I'm sure you can fill me in with everything tomorrow but give me something to think about until then." Kyo regained his composure and took a deep breath.

He always knew his mother was smart but he didn't expect her to been that observant. It scared him a little about introducing the two of them, if that ever happened. "Well, it was going really good. He's an art major at the college and he's really busy. We probably haven't seen each other in a month or so."

"Are you lonely darling?" Kyo sighed.

"More like I'm scared. We hardly know anything about each other. I don't know anything about his parents, his childhood, what he likes to eat and what he doesn't. I'm completely in the dark. Sure we talk about school and he knows about you but, he doesn't know anything else."

Kyo's mom nodded her head in acknowledgement. "I see your worries Kyo, you can't help it if you are busy but, knowing about the other person is the most critical thing. I think you should at least show your face once a week. It doesn't have to be for long but I think he will be happy to just see you for awhile. I'm starting to feel tired so you should come back for me tomorrow and you should go and find him. Remember it doesn't have to be for long, just enough to please you." She pulled her son into a big hug and whispered in his ear. "I love you dear, so whatever makes you happy I will support you in every way possible."

Kyo hugged his mother back and helped her get back into bed. He changed the flowers and turned off her light. Going back down to the first floor Kyo reached into his pocket and found that he had a message from Kazahito.

Hey, I'm glad your mother is well enough to leave. I wish I could go with you but, I will probably still be at the school finishing my picture. I'm sorry we haven't been able to hang out really, I miss seeing you…
Good luck with the job and tell your mother hi for me. :) Bye, love you

Kyo closed his phone and rushed to the school. He couldn't wait, he needed to see Kazahito now. Turning the corner to the shopping district he saw Kazahito walking down the street. He was about to shout his name when he saw a girl with blonde hair on his arm. They were laughing and talking. Kazahito made no effort to remove the girl from his arm and they walked down into an alley. Kyo rushed after them and saw a hotel that they walked into. His breath staggered and visible in the cold night. Kyo felt like he had broken into a million pieces.

Kyo sat at home in his bed snuggled into his blankets. In the past hour he had received texts from Kazahito that he didn't want to answer.

After seeing the two of them walk into the hotel, it took him awhile to figure out what was happening. At first he told himself that she might have been drunk and he was only helping her, and the other part suspected Kazahito of having a girlfriend. One that he had gotten close to in the past month they weren't together. Kyo didn't want to but, in order to move on he had called Kazahito informing them that they should break up. Of course Kazahito asked why but Kyo hung up on him before answering anything.

He looked up to his ceiling and kept seeing the two of them together. She was cute, petite, long brown hair and was fashionable. She looked so happy hanging onto Kazahito and his smile that Kyo had never seen before was the perfect match. It tore his heart to see something so right together. Especially since it was something he craved to have with him.

He didn't know when it happened but he had fallen in love with Kazahito. At first he knew it was love but, the pain that he was experiencing now was the hard core truth that his love was deep…and unrequited. Kyo's thoughts continued like that all night until he fell asleep.

When he woke up the sunlight was beaming through his window blinds and almost blinded him when he opened his eyes. He groggily got out of bed and looked at his phone on his nightstand. Forty two messages and calls from Kazahito. He was surprised he hadn't woken up from the continuous noise of his ringtone. He looked at them quickly, not surprised by the content. He sounded frantic but, Kyo wouldn't buy it. He didn't know anything about Kazahito anyways. For all he could know Kazahito could be a skilled liar. He washed his tear dried face and got ready for work. He couldn't let his private life ruin his career. He grabbed his scarf and jacket and headed out of his house.

Locking the door behind him, he began to walk past his front yard to see Kazahito sleeping at his gate. Shocked he stood there looking at him. He was snuggled into his coat and his hands were underneath his arms. Kyo touched his face, which was freezing cold. He shook him, unable to leave him there cold.

"Kazahito wake up." His eyelids moved a bit before revealing his dark brown eyes. At first he was still asleep but, once he noticed it was Kyo he got straight up and pulled Kyo with him back into his house.

Kazahito slammed the door shut and threw Kyo at the wall. "WHAT IS THIS ABOUT BREAKING UP! WHAT DID I DO?" Kyo looked away feeling the tears build up in his eyes. Kazahito looked furious and it terrified Kyo, he had never seen this side to him before.

"Kazahito….your hands….they are hurting me." Kazahito removed his hands from Kyo's arms, releasing him from the hold on the wall. Kazahito's expression became softer.

"I'm sorry, I…."

They both stood there quietly. avoiding each other's gaze. Kyo's heart was beating fast, just like whenever he was around him. But, this time Kyo was nervous from the conversation that they would soon be having.

"Kyo, just what did I do wrong? I know we haven't been able to be together much this past month but, I really have tried to make time. I thought that it wouldn't affect us like this, so just what is it…" Kyo's head faced the floor.

"Everything…" Kazahito leaned against the opposite wall with a confused and hurt look on his face.

"…Everything…." he closed his eyes unable to asked what exactly. Kyo continued.

"It's everything…we know nothing about each other, I was never gay, we never spend time together, I don't even think we have anything in common….and…..and you have a girlfriend so why does it matter!" Kyo's face became red with anger and frustration.

"Wait…girlfriend! Where did you get that from?" Kyo didn't say anything. "KYO!" Kazahito grabbed his shoulders again and forced him to look at him.

"I saw you last night. I thought I would surprise you by going to the college and see you but," a tear fell from his eye…" you…you had a cute girl on your arm. You didn't even push her away you let her be there and you were laughing together. Anyone who saw you would think you were dating. SO WHY IS IT THAT I HAD TO SEE SOMETHING LIKE THAT?" His cries became louder but, still held back. Kazahito released his grip, seeing the young blonde fall to his knees in tears. " I don't…I don't want to be in this …relationship anymore."

"I don't have a girlfriend." Kyo looked away from Kazahito again, his head still down.

"THEN WHY WAS SHE THERE? WHY DID YOU GO TO A HOTEL?" Kazahito sat down next to Kyo, his head against the wall.

"I will admit, I was with a girl. She is my ex-girlfriend back in middle school. We had a party last night for our finals. I wanted to surprise you tomorrow by taking you and your mom out, knowing that I worked my ass off this month to finish early. At the party she happened to be there and she drank a lot, and I took her to the hotel because she was too drunk to tell me where she lived. If I had taken her to my house you would've misunderstood and I had nowhere else to go. When we were laughing it was probably because I slipped up at the party and told everyone I was dating someone, and she happened to bring it up saying that even with her I wasn't as happy as I am now. We were laughing because I had only just figured out just how much I'm in love with you." Kyo glanced at Kazahito who was staring at the ceiling red with blush from his embarrassment.

"…we still no nothing about each other." Kazahito got angry he pulled Kyo's head towards him making sure that he saw him completely.

"I'm Hitoshi Kazahito, half American half Japanese, I love the color red, and I'm extremely optimistic. I can be possessive and I love to draw. I usually focus of abstract and landscape but ever since I met you I feel like drawing you all the time. Whenever I'm sad I listen to Mozart, and I've never eaten a cake in my entire life but when you made the carrot cake I had some. I think your extremely adorable even though I hardly see you I can see you in my dreams. I've become obsessed with you and I've even spoken to your mom a couple of times. My mom and dad live in America with my younger brother and sister and are currently working as doctors. I'm twenty one and I have dark brown hair with brown eyes. I'd say I'm a confident person but I get scared easily when someone important wants to leave. I love to swim and hangout with my friends and I hate amusement parks because I get sick on the rides. I can tolerate horror movies but I prefer action…." Kazahito breathed heavily after dropping a bomb of him on Kyo.

Kyo sat there unable to react, he was completely shocked at the amount of information he had just received and now more questions filled his head. He averted his eyes from Kazahito's face.
In a matter of seconds his lips were captured and his mouth was fully engaged in the passion of Kazahito's tongue. After breaking Kazahito pulled Kyo into his lap hugging him around his waist.

"Please, don't leave me. I would never cheat, hurt, or lie to you in anyway. I never thought I would fall in love with you so easily. So please….don't go." Kyo wrapped his arms around the dark haired male's neck and nodded feasibly. Relief flushed through Kazahito's body. They sat there cuddling with each other until they were disrupted by Kyo's phone ringing.


"Kyo where are you! It's already time for opening! You have twenty minutes to get here before we open the doors!" Kyo winced at the shouting across the phone.

"I am so sorry sir I will be right there." He hung up his phone and began to move from Kazahito's lap.

Strong arms pulled him closer, enabling him to move from his position. "you have twenty minutes…I could get you there in ten. So stay…" Kyo pushed Kazahito away but he wouldn't budge.

"Kyo…I really do love you…" He pulled Kyo's face to his own and began the passion of kissing his lover furiously. Kazahito's hands trailed up his shirt and began to tease his nipples. Kyo couldn't help but get turned on more than usual, it had been so long after all. All at once Kyo had been stripped of his clothing and Kazahito had removed his shirt. Continuing where he left off, he nipped and pulled at one of Kyo's nipples causing a very aroused moan to escape his lips. He could feel their members erecting, and pulsing with the desire to climax. Kazahito began to stoke Kyo up and down, letting the precum drip from his tip.

"Ah..Kaza…hito ah!" Kyo began to move his hips to the motions of Kazahito's hands and felt the pace quickening. Kazahito's hot breath effected Kyo in so many ways and reached down to kiss his lips. their tongues battled for dominance and Kyo's body trembled to the sensation in his lower body. He rubbed his member against Kazahito's and picked up the speed, feeling Kazahito's control lessen.

"Ah, Kyo…you on top…" slowly Kyo lowered himself onto Kazahito's pulsing rod and began to rock his hips. Kazahito teased Kyo's nipples more and quickened the pace but it wasn't enough. He pushed him down onto his back and began to thrust inside Kyo harder and faster every time. The heat and clenching of Kyo's insides was too much to bear. " Kyo, I'm…"

"I'm…I'm going to." Faster and harder Kazahito pushed himself into Kyo's hole. Kyo reached his climax and his insides pulsed with pleasure, bringing Kazahito to his climax as well.

"AH!" They laid there for awhile kissing, until Kyo broke it off looking at his phone. He had eight minutes to get to work. He got up and put his clothes back on watching Kazahito doing the same and rushed out of the house. Luckily Kazahito's car was around the corner and they got in.

"Kyo, do you love me?" He started the engine and looked over to him. Still flushed from the quick sex, he quietly answered. "Yes." Happy with the thought he got Kyo to work on time and waited for his shift to finish.

When Kyo had finished his shift he also got a good talk with his boss. Apologizing for his misbehavior and bowing to express his deepest apologizes. His boss smacked him across the back laughing and told him it was okay and not to let it happen again. Kyo nodded and took off his apron heading out the back. Kazahito was leaning against the wall waiting for Kyo to come out, arms crossed and thinking deeply. The back door opened with a creaking noise and Kyo met up with his lover.

"Hey…" Kazahito smiled and took his hand, intertwining their fingers together like lovers do. Kyo blushed at the assertiveness and looked away embarrassed. " Let's go meet your mom."

The drive to the hospital was quicker than Kyo was used to, he had hardly spent any time in the car when they had arrived. Walking side by side they reached his mothers room. Inside his mother was dressed in regular clothes and she was putting the rest of her stuff away.

"Mom? We are here." The young lady turned around and saw her son at the door.

"KYO! It's only been a day but I've missed you so much. OH!" She looked to the side and saw Kazahito next to Kyo. "hello dear. I've heard a bit about you. I hope you are taking care of my son properly."

"MOM!" Kyo blushed.

Kazahito blushed and grabbed Kyo's hand, "I'm doing my best ma'am." Kyo's face lit up in red blush to his mother and Kazahito's conversation. He knew mothers were embarrassing but he didn't want to know to what extent his mother alone could inflict. They helped his mother with her stuff and carried it to the car. On the way through the front doors his mother stopped. She took a deep breath before walking into the cold evening air. Kyo held Kazahito, allowing his mother to have this experience. She took two careful steps before she reached the door. Time seemed to move slowly as the doors automatically opened, allowing the winter air to hit her like a soft whisper. She took in more fresh air and turned to the two men cautiously watching her. Her smile was a bright as the sun and she finally spoke.

"Let's go eat some cake shall we? I believe you have a lot to tell me about your relationship." Kyo sighed and then smiled at his boyfriend. They continued their way to Kyo's house and put his mothers stuff in her room. Kazahito grabbed Kyo's hand and pulled him in for a deep kiss.

"This is our beginning…"

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