"Sam Sam Sam Sam" I said standing in front of my graveling partner with our lunch, she was staring at a piece of paper. "Saaaaaaaaaam" I whined.

"I want to create a guild" she said.

"Sounds like a lot of work" I said, our noodles were going to get cold.

"Yeah" she said.

"Besides what are you going to name it?" I asked her shoving her bowl of noodles into her hands. I pulled out mine and handed her a fork. "And where will it be located?" I asked her half way through eating my noodles. She had one of those serious thinking faces on. We finished up eating and I left her to go sell the crap I'd gotten from our last job and to find a new one. On my way back to our typical meeting spot I got distracted by mounts, specifically a Pegasus mount. I didn't buy many things at this point in time and I had saved up quite a bit of money. To say the least I bought us pegasi. "Hey Sam look what I got us" I said pulling the two horses toward her.

"I have good news too" she said, "wait which ones mine?" she asked.

"Yellow one" I said.

"Cool" she said taking the reins, "no wait, no I have news too" she said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I made a guild" she said excitedly, and you get to be my first member" she said holding up some paper work" I took it out of her outstretched hands.

"What's it called?" I asked referring to the first question. I pulled out a pen ready to fill in the spot.

"Ok it's genius, so unique, This Is A Guild" she said. I stared at her and frowned, "what?" she asked.

"So unique" I said scribbling it down.

"Level of the guild?" I asked.

"1" she said.

"Guild location" I preceded with the next question.

"Jale" she said.

"Guild base location"

"Location?" she asked looking at the paper.

"You know where we keep our people when the guild gets big" I said.

"Oh, hmmm I didn't think of that" she said.

"Well I'm your only member right now why don't I just leave that blank?" I asked. She nodded and I filled out my own info with the rest of the sheet. The man at the Jale guild center was jolly and irritating all at the same time.

"You left a space open young lady" he said pointing to the location.

"There isn't a location" I said.

"No guild base?" he asked.

"None" I said.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"I am partners with the guild leader I am positive" I said.

"Let me check my files" he said disappearing behind the stacks of papers.

"You can just get the stamp from the guild leader, you don't "need" to put in your papers in until later" the guy behind me said.

"Thank you" I said grabbing my papers and going back out to bother Sam.

"Get it done?" she asked.

"No, but I can just get a stamp and then do paperwork later when I don't have to deal with Jale's filing system" I said.

"Oh right, look it's great" she said holding out a stamp. It was some sort of bird in flight and behind it a G.

"Why a bird?" I asked.

"Freedom, flight, heights, we're soaring, I didn't like any of the others" she listed off until I liked her answer.

"I'm ok with that" I said. I stuck out my wrist and she marked me with my new purple stamp.

"Now what?" she asked.

"Now we fly" I said shoving the job I'd gotten for us into her hands. Though the horses weren't nearby so it was a delayed reaction, and we had to walk them to portal and pay for our passage to oblivion boarder. It was all worth it.

"What're we supposed to do anyway?" she asked as we flew to the top of a nearby mountain.

"There's like a zombie thing near the top of the mountain, and the people at the bottom don't like it" I said.

"And it affects them how?" she asked.

"I think they do weather research up here" I said, "so monster keeps attacking or killing the people they send up here."

"That makes more since" she said. "Wanna do a crab job after this?" she asked.

"Maybe buy a coat?" I added.

"Yeah that too" she agreed. We got to the top and put out horses a safe distance away. But the thing was that there wasn't a terrible monster up at the top. There was a lot of wind and a lot of snow. "Lame" she said.

"Well while we wait, I'm going to change" I said. I pulled a pink coat I had bought earlier out from my pack. I didn't think I'd actually have to use it, we'd usually be too active for me to wear it but if we were waiting then it was necessary.

"How long do we have to wait?" she asked.

"I don't know, should we prepare?" I asked her.

"yeah I guess so" she whined and I smiled. As a demonologist I was never alone in a battle, I had 4 different summons, Liche who was a dead skeleton warrior I had brought back to life. My doggie who was an undead dog, who looked less then approachable, with red eyes and a whole chunk of skin missing from its side, I used to have this big creature called a golem that I had to make myself, I'd filled mine with hey, but I knew a couple other people who's made theirs out of rocks, though that doesn't sound particularly nice because they're already so slow. Anyway it was filled with anything made out of dead peoples skin or leather, whichever one was cheaper but both buyable. Generally with a conductor somewhere on it, mine had a nail through its head. I liked to ride around on it more than really use it for anything. It was awesome, until I had to upgrade. Now it's a butcher, a bit flaming class handed beast with a mask. Golems and butchers are generally useless unfortunately unless you're scaring people of course. Lastly there's the hell demon a 15 foot demon that can be summoned if given a proper mana sacrifice, usually worth it. Though I don't generally use him either. I summoned my Liche.

While Sam on the other hand is a healer who's a secret fighter, most other healers are just that healers unless of course you're a sage but they don't count. Sam's a prophet, which just means she's a high level healer. She can bring back the dead to full living state, heal people in the midst of battle and she had a few attack spells I think. She's good against my type of mage, dark mages. Can't say I do well against holy magic honestly. But she's a lot like me without general magic, debuffs, though she has a ton of buffs and I have like 2. I can't go into it as much because I haven't ever really asked her about her magic. I do know that she uses a hammer and a shield though.

"Ise" Sam called and I turned around to see her hiding behind her shield while trying to hit a weird zombie creature.

"Shadow Shock Arrow" I shouted casting a spell. It was a strong attack good for attention grabbing. My Liche started firing at it mindlessly using ice attacks. It turned its head toward me and I fired more spells at it. "It's so creepy" I shouted at her.

"It's going to eat your face" Sam said taunting me now that I had gotten it off of her.

"You're so mean" I said blocking a blow with my staff and inching backward in the snow. It was moving its jaw in an eating motion. "Corpse grenade" I said and my Liche exploded, bones sticking out of the weird zombie thing it stumbled back before staring at me with its ugly red eyes and hitting me with a spell.

"Light seal" Sam said deciding to help besides just healing me. I didn't know what to do so I just started hitting it with my staff. Shouting the only instant spell I knew, eventually it died. Sam and I beat it to death with our separate items of death, mine being my 3 pronged staff and her being a combination of her wing flame shield and her golden spiked hammer.

We turned in the job, with proof as it asked, which was made my job because Sam didn't like cutting apart corpses. Not that I do it with delight and laughter or anything, but it came with the whole demonologist title. We got a 16 gold bonus because we'd registered ourselves as a couple for this point exactly. "don't see many teams like you two" the mayor of the small town said as I counted to make the amount was right.

"Iseult does all the killing and I do most of the healing, I think it's about fair" Sam said.

"Yeah, sounds like a good team, though most healers would just choose a warlord to work with" he said.

"Warlords don't let me hit anything, with Ise I can hit whatever I want" she said.

"You guys can do that?" he asked. Healers were known for being that healers as I said before. But not my Sam, she was willing to kill things just like everyone else in the group.

"Hey Sam I have enough for a uniform for you" I said.

"A uniform?" she asked. I don't know what she thought I meant but my idea must have been better when I picked out a temperature keeping maroon school uniform. "let's go kill some crabs" she said.

"what about your guild locations, shouldn't we pick a spot before we do anything else?" I asked. "or put up flyers for new guildies" I said.

"fun ruiner" she said picking up her hammer from near the door and walking out.