Scooby and I climbed up the steps and out through the door to fresh open air. There that balcony with random junk on it that people could see from below. I doubted that anyone even knew how to get up there in the first place. "Alright rule number one, no one tells anyone outside of the guild" Sam announced before quietly closing the door. "and secondly, Iseult buys a new door, well put boxes in fron of it and lock the storage room door so no one knows and our rent doesn't go up" Sam explained.

"Sam" I said.

"What" she asked.

"It's nearly 5" I told her.

"Oh crap" she said, "Ise I leave it to you" she handed me the keys and ran out the door.

"Why'd she have to go?" Scooby asked.

"Sam cooks on Fridays for her 4 sisters" I said.

"She has siblings?" Scooby asked.

"4 of them, she lives in the big mansion behind the skill trainers in Ilya" I said.

"Oh cool, where do you live?" she asked.

"I rent a room from the alchemist Griffith in Ilya" I said as I started to move now empty boxes around so that it didn't look like we were hiding something.

"Oh I know where that is, so you and Sam are pretty close to each other?" she asked.

"Yeah, what about you, you have somewhere to go?" I asked her.

"Yeah I own a house on Sakura Island, the one nearest the pond" she said.

"Oh those places are like farms right?" I asked.

"Yeah sort of, though there is just a simple trip to Kaslow so it's not too rural" she said. We rearranged the boxes to our hearts content and then locked the back room, along with the entire new guild base.

"I have to go turn in my guild member paperwork" I said stretching.

"Oh the Jale system is a little slow, and it's always busy in Kaslow" Scooby said.

"Yes, but in Ilya its magic filing which is amazing" I said.

"Oh yeah, I never remember Ilya" she said.

"No one ever does" I smiled at her. We took the portals to Ilya and we turned in our paperwork which took less than 20 minutes for the both of us and then we parted ways. Griffith was less than amused with my new mount but he let me keep it free anyway.

I woke up the next morning and checked my mail for my auction sales of 1300 gold which was a nIce find. I continued on my way to Sam's mansion and got Nymphadora her youngest sister to let me in. then finally helped myself to whatever she had in the fridge. After I ate I went out and got someone to make flyers for the guild, which took a lot longer than I expected because I had to explain the guilds name. I finally made my way back and was hit by a Sam who was shouting that she needed to make flyers for the guild, for recruiting. "Sam calm down, I made them" I said giving her part of the stack.

"FANTASTIC, I knew we were lovers for a reason" she said. "There's three of us so we can hit all the major cities, I call Jale" she shouted.

"I'll take Kaslow, it'll be easier" I said.

"So Scooby can have Ilya" she said. Scooby was at the banks and we were able to wave her down and get her to do as she was told though she did look completely bewildered, probably because we were shouting at her from our flying horses with wings.

So Kaslow is one of the busiest places ever, and shouting into a crowd about new guild is practically impossible. So instead I hung around the lower ranked people and handed out flyers from there. "what will you give me if I join you" one of the rank 40's who probably a good dueler asked.

"Absolutely nothing" I said.

"Well then why would I join your stupid guild anyway, demonologists are weak anyway" he said, "my big brother and sister are way better and probably could beat you hands down in a duel" he added on. I could feel my eye twitch. I had worked hard to not be a bad demonologist, which included getting good armor, and a practically maxed out level yellow staff. "you get them in the free duel area and we can test your theory" I said. There was a free duel area where any number of people could gank or be annihilated by any rank, from really high ranked mean people to a 70 demonologist against a 66 warlord and a 54 assassin.

So this is where I found myself, being watched by rank 40 duelers, and battling two people, though by the look of the warlord she had very bad armor, probably worse than mine, and the assassin well assassin aren't very good against summons. I was dressed in my actual armor which was "ready?" the kid asked. I summoned my high hell demon. And I gave him a thumbs up. "Go" he said.

"Get the assassin" I said pointing to him, the demon flew toward him knocking him back with a stun. Let the damn assassin deal with its unstoppable powers. I turned back to warlord "Shadowshock Arrow" I said, "Soul Eater" she got a couple hits in and I shouted more debuff spells. "Siphon life" I said when I felt like I could use some healing. She yelled and I saw my hell demon coming back it had done its job, the assassin would be healed and respawn randomly. It knocked the girl back before knocking her out. I beat them up a couple more time before they finally gave up.

"What are you wearing?" the warlord asked.

"Legacy armor fortified to plus 8, and a fortified 70 yellow to plus 10" I said spinning in a circle.

"You could have mentioned that before, you brat" she said talking to her younger and lower ranked brother.

"Sam's going to kill me, I'm not supposed to be dueling people" I said before leaving the arena.

"Hey wait, could I join your guild?" a rank 35 asked me, she had the armor of a Bezerker.

"Sure" I said.

"I was hoping I could get strong, I've been trying rank 40 group dueling but I'm afraid I'm not very good" she said.

"Well it's because you're against people 5 ranks higher than you, wait till you're an actual 40 rank. You gotta choose your battles wisely. I'll help you fortify your stuff if you want, I'm Iseult" I said.

"I'm Ice Aurora, last name Aurora, rank 35, Bezerker" she said.

"Let's go find Sam to get you a stamp" I said.

"Who's Sam?" she asked.

"Rank 70, prophet, guild leader" I informed her.

"Wait you're not the guild leader?" she asked.

"No way, I'm not into the whole idea of working" I said.

"Do you have any low ranks in you guild?" she asked.

"Not really, we have a 68 Templar" I said smiling, which apparently she didn't find very reassuring. I dragged her to Jale where I found Sam near the auction house.

"I found someone" I said.

"Yay" she said, "where do you want your mark?"

"Oh umm, my back" she said, "underneath my armor on the left side" she added. That's where Sam put her mark.

"Is this the auction house" I asked looking around though I already knew the answer that my question.

"Oh no, you just bought something yesterday, you don't need more things" I wondered off toward a stall with shiny things, "Griffith is going to be pissed if you get another mount" she shouted as an afterthought as I was already disappearing into an item store. I found a scythe for 600 gold that I did buy, it was all purple glowing and pointy, i bought some armor for Ice and then I put some things I had in the bank up for sale, along with some useless or what I though was useless miscellaneous others. I left the Auction house and fortified the new gear for Ice even if it wouldn't work properly until rank 40. Then I went back to the guild where Sam had bought some things for the guild. Like curtains and drinks, and food and stuff.

Scooby had also found a low rank recruit so that Ice wouldn't feel so alone, her name was Luna and she had cat ears. She was a rank 41 assassin, who Sam would also be collecting rent from until she got to a higher level. Though I don't know the exact rank she was thinking of because she was already a 40, but I don't hardly remember what I was making at rank 40, probably not a lot. Though I was slow to rank up through rank 30 to rank 40. Very slow, lots of trips to the healing places, and probably the only reason I had met Sam. Seeing as she tried to be a non-healer and hit everything. Of course I can't much talk down about her because I thought I was unstoppable and could take down anything. Speaking of I never really learned my lesson, in fact I think Sam enforced that I could attack anything I wanted to because I knew she would just heal me and help me, which probably is not a good thing for the future. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it or I won't and deny it ever happened, one of the two.

Ice was going to pay Sam 10 gold a month starting off to live in the back room. She had started off by decorating her room accordingly. I put her new armor in her trunk and walked back to Ilya with Sam. At least the two girls had something in common, and by that I mean they both adored cats, to the scary extent.