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This was what he hated about school. Being at the building for hours re-learning things might be boring at times but being around human, feeling human, used to be so important to him. Now it was harder to care about all of this crap, pretending to learn things he already knew. At least when he went to Harvard it was a prestigious university, not a crappy high school. Stefan had only gone there for Elena and now he wanted nothing to do with her.

He was sitting in his room, staring blankly at the paper he was supposed to be writing his essay on life in the 1920's on. Part of him seriously believed Ric was trying to make him slip up and say something or write something that gave away the whole vampire thing but he ignored it, starting to write as he tapped his ring on the table.

Memories rushed through his mind as he wrote, the times he had danced with Rebekah, flirted with Klaus in the shadows, fed on the writhing screaming girls. Stefan groaned in annoyance, standing and walking to the bed that would normally be empty by this time of the day.

An Original was laying there, sunlight hitting his blonde curls and pale face. Stefan couldn't help but smile as he settled himself onto the bed, reaching over to gently run his fingers through the mussed hair. Even when Stefan told him to go away Klaus always came back for him. The vampire carefully slid down to lie next to his lover, resting his head on the other pillow at he kept stroking his tangled curls. A soft yawn parted the pale red lips before his eyes fluttered open and a mumbled word caught Stefan's ear. It made no sense at all but his smile widened anyway.

"Hello Nik," he murmured, leaning forward to press a gentle kiss to his lips. Klaus kissed back sleepily, reaching out to rest a hand on the Salvatore's bicep. Stefan chuckled as he broke the kiss and teased, "Finally awake, huh?"

Klaus frowned as he looked at the window behind the other, blue eyes narrowing at the bright light before he asked, "If it's so late why are you in bed with me ripper?"

"Well, you do remember more about Chicago then I do," Stefan hedged before admitting, "I got distracted. It wasn't an interesting essay and you're in my bed."

Klaus smirked, propping himself up on one elbow and pushing Stefan down onto his back. He didn't fight, green eyes watching him trustingly. Nik kissed him deeply, letting his teeth gently graze and dig into his lower lip as he kept kissing. When they broke apart Stefan smirked back at him, reaching up to tug on the bottom of the hybrid's shirt.

"I think I like being your distraction," he murmured, trailing his fingers along the younger's lips. "So, since you woke me up I think I should be allowed to distract you for a bit longer love."

Stefan laughed softly and pulled Klaus into a hungry kiss, feeling the Original's morning erection pressing into his thigh. At this rate he was never going to get his essay done. To be honest, Stefan really didn't care. Klaus could distract him for as long as he wanted.