Now You See Me...

Pretty Little Liars Fan Fiction by PrettyLittleStephie ( .com)

This Fan Fiction is set in the AU where Jenna and Alison are friends upon Jenna's arrival. But what happens to that friendship when Jenna finds out a secret about Ali that could cause Ali's downfall?

Chapter 4: A Warning

At the end of the day, Jenna waited for Ali at their usual meeting place so they could walk home together. When she saw Ali approach, she put her hand on Ali's arm, stopping her.

"I-I need to ask you. Are you okay with me going out with Noel tomorrow?"

Ali hesitated for a second before giving Jenna an uncomfortably fake smile. "Of course. I won't admit to anyone else, make a cute couple."

But Jenna could see right through Ali. Giving her a knowing look, Jenna replied, "Ali..."

Ali sighed reluctantly before putting her hand on Jenna's back, pushing her gently as a gesture to start walking. "There's something I should've told you earlier. Something about me and Noel."

Jenna gulped, "Y-yeah?"

Ali nodded guiltily, "Me and Noel...dated a while back." She confessed, as if she were confessing to murder. "It wasn't anything long-term or anything." She added quickly. She shrugged her shoulders, "He cheated on me." She said somberly, "And...I consider you a friend. I'd hate for the same thing to happen to you."

Jenna tried her best not to roll her eyes in front of Ali, but it was difficult. Somehow, Jenna knew that Ali didn't have her best interest at heart. Did Ali still harbor feelings for Noel? It sure did seem like it.

Jenna smiled softly at Ali, "Your concern is really sweet. But...I think he at least deserves a chance. He says he's going to take me on a tour of Rosewood." She said excitedly, biting her lip. "Sounds fun, doesn't it?"

Ali smiled fakely, nodding her head, "Like a blast." She replied, " careful, okay?"

"I'm a big girl, Ali. I think I'll be alright," Jenna laughed.

Shrugging her shoulders, Ali replied, "Fine. But you can't say I didn't warn you when you end up crying into a tub of Ben and Jerry's."

"Whatever happened must've been pretty bad, huh?"

Jenna could feel Ali tense up beside her as the question was asked. But she redeemed herself rather quickly, shaking her head, "You have no idea. But...if you want to learn that lesson yourself, I can only try to stop you. It's your decision."

By that time, they had reached their houses, Ali gave Jenna a quick goodbye, like she wanted to avoid anymore conversation about Noel. Jenna walked up the driveway to her house, suddenly having a topic she was just dying to talk to Noel about.