"Kurt you don't have to come here all the time. You see me every day; you know how I'm doing. Sana and Herrick can come here more. Herrick should come here more it'll help him face it. Both of them need to." "Do you want me to not come back? To leave?" Anne- Britt took a hand away from the arm of the wheelchair and took one of Kurt's hands. "I like it when you're here. I'm still alive I don't want you to go away. But you've got a job to do, people need you. People need you do what you're best at. You solve cases Kurt; you do your best everyday to bring closure." Anne-Britt pulled her wheel chair forward a bit and took her other hand and put it on Kurt's other hand. "Your job isn't here though. Your job isn't to watch me and keep me company every day." She made a small smile "I need some time to contemplate this by myself. I need to be alone for a bit. But I like it when you visit me. You could bring Sana up some time she'll like that I'm sure Herrick would let you." There was a pregnant pause, Ann-Britt's hands rested lightly in Kurt's. After some time, Kurt squeezed her hands. Her hands were small, pale, long-fingered, and cold. His hands took up her hands his hands covered her's completely, there were warm and had little hairs all over them. He squeezed again; he did it multiple times over and over like he was trying to reassure Anne-Britt or himself. Anne-Britt couldn't decide who he was trying to reassure. She was worried, worried as to what he would say next. "I'd like that." He said "I'd like to bring her here. She's a nice kid." "I look forward to it." Anne-Britt said and then smiled.