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Zoe pulled herself out of bed, mentally listing off her jobs of the day. Mostly being in the gate towers, an hour going OTG to check on base union six and then she was to help train some of the new recruits. Sighing, she hopped out of bed and pulled on her camouflage uniform. Zoe was seventeen now, a little more than twelve years since her father first cut off the supply to Hope Plaza. Luckily, the new rift in the Badlands had opened five years back, sending in new colonists and supplies. After the events of Lucas and the others, she had decided to become a solider, defending the colonists from any more harm coming from the rifts.

General Taylor was more the gracious to give her an internship when she was thirteen. Zoe would follow him around, watching as he gave out orders and occasionally giving out some of her own. When she was fourteen, she was given gate duty. A boring dull job only given to the "newbies" but it didn't matter, she was only there for a month before they had another attack from the Phoenix and she managed to save twelve innocent children from a bombing that had occurred. Taylor had given her a Purple Heart Award, for she had lost the hearing in her left ear. Technically not qualified for a Purple Heart, but Taylor said it was worth it. After three more years, she was now in the place of Lieutenant. It was satisfying to know she was now just like her childhood hero Alicia Washington, but it was also unnerving, for it gave no hope of Washington somehow managing to escape death.

"Zoe! Zoe get up!" Her flat mate, Miles called. There was also Zoe's friend from elementary school, Taryn, but she was almost never there for she was on the emergency staff at the hospital and had fourteen hour shifts. Her parents had let her move in with Miles and Taryn when she was sixteen. Miles also worked in the military, but he was on canteen duty for goofing around the falls on an OTG mission to blow up any of Lucas's old work on the stones. "Ome nm, ne af moo mt going…" Zoe blinked a couple of times, trying to perceive what he just said, for he said it on her left side. She hated being deaf in her ear, but she decided it was better than anything else she could think of.

"I-I'll be there in a second!" She called, pulling her hair into a long ponytail. She grew it out long, like Washington did; her dark brown hair now went to her lower back. She finished putting on her uniform, leaving the top two buttons open as she always did. Taylor would often scold her for that, but she said it was too hot when the buttons went all the way up her neck. She wore a white tank top underneath, so she could always take off the heavy camouflage uniform and tie it around her waist anyways. "Don't leave without me!"

Finally, she stepped out the door into the living room. Nothing special, just standard issue housing that they had decorated with Christmas lights when Miles had smuggled them through when he came on the twelfth pilgrimage in the Badlands. She turned around to see Miles shoving some toast in his mouth, trying to get as much food in as he could. Miles had blond hair that was just slightly curly and blue eyes with a chiseled jawline, extremely rare traits only passed down by the filthy rich; though Miles had told her he was a fugitive, and gamed the lottery so he could get himself and his younger sister Araminta, -though he always referred to her as "Minty"-through the portal to a new life. Sadly, once he got through he waited for his sister, but she didn't make it. He had always hoped that she would come through on the next pilgrimage, but once it reached the fifteenth, he gave up and came to the realization that she must've been caught.

"Hey Miles." Zoe said, snatching up an apple and tossing it back and forth between her hands. It was almost apple pie season and Zoe loved apple pies. "Do you still have canteen duty?"

"Mm-hmmf." He said with a mouthful of toast. Zoe laughed. No matter how bad things got, she could always count on Miles to help her feel better. Swallowing his toast, he managed to ask, "What do you have? Will you be back by eight for the light show?" Miles called fireworks "Light shows" for some reason that Zoe would never understand.

"I've got gate duty, some OTG, and training." She listed off. "But you never know, Taylor might want me to cover base so he can go out gallivanting for nykos." Commander Taylor had taken charge of the nyko rescue team, making the reptiles move their nests to a more secure area where they won't bother the colonists. "There's a chance I'll be back, but it's unlikely."

"Damn…" Miles sighed before leaving the counter and picking up a gray backpack and slinging it over one shoulder. "You'll be able to meet me and Taryn for lunch though yes? At fifteen past noon?"

"Like I said, there's a chance," Zoe grabbed her knife and slipped into the holster on her thigh as well as her pulse rifle, in which she put on her back. "But it's more likely I'll be having lunch up in the towers or over by base six." With another shrug, they headed out the doors and onto the pathways. They lived over on the North side, farthest away from the gates but still one of the best places in Terra Nova. There was a second marketplace on the North side, which always had more updated technology for it was the newer section on the district. There was also a theater, for a few movie makers had won the lottery and decided they wanted to carry on their passion. There was a new science center, where Maddy worked now that she had gotten married and moved out of their parent's place. Josh had taken over the bar after Boylan's "early-retirement"; since then he turned it into a teen lounge and was practically rolling in money with his fiancé Skye.

The problem with living in the North side was that they always had to get up before sunrise to be on time for their military duties and sometimes even earlier. Zoe hated mornings, though Miles always said she was always awake in the middle of the night and always told her that if she went to bed earlier, she would be ready for the morning. This night she followed his advice and decided that she would rather have the time at night to work on files than get "A good night's rest".

Zoe jogged away from Miles calling, "I'm going to go visit my mom in the hospital, I'll catch up with you later!"

The hospital was still the same, always the same. Her mother, Elizabeth still worked there even at her age of fifty-eight. Zoe walked in the door, slightly comforted and repulsed by the inside of the rooms. She always thought of the area as home, for she spent a lot of time there with her mother when she was young. Now, she could see all the disease and pain that lay on each bed and even though she knew it was all simple cures and remedies, it still put in ache in her heart that she couldn't help. "Hey mom." She finally caught her mother typing in something on a plex.

"Zoe! Oh it's been so long since I've seen you!" Elizabeth turned around and gave her daughter a hug, slightly fumbling when she couldn't reach all the way around with the rifle and armor blocking her way.

"Mom… I came to visit you last week," Zoe said sternly. Her mother had experienced short term memory loss after she caught some virus when Zoe was five and even though there was a simple cure, she didn't want her mother to have it again.

"Yes, I know," Her mother smiled up at her. Zoe had now grown to be taller than her and now Elizabeth had to look up to see her face. "I just like to pretend it's been longer." Zoe smiled at her mother. Another person she could always see to make her feel better. "How's your father? Have you seen him lately?"

Zoe's father, Jim, was still the "Sheriff" of Terra Nova. She sometimes got missions with him, and often saw him in the base control with Taylor, but otherwise it was pretty rare for them to talk. "I've seen him around, he's doing a lot of work OTG."

"Oh really? If you see him today, tell him I said 'hi'." She tucked a loose piece of Zoe's hair behind her ear. "How's your ear? Both of them." Zoe had discovered that the upside of losing her hearing in her left, was that it magnified sounds in her right. She could now hear higher and lower frequencies that others couldn't pick up, such as the sound of "silent" pulse rifles and boots on a dirt floor.

"I moved my pulse charger outside, so now my ears don't bleed every time I recharge the damned thing." Zoe shrugged. Her pulse charger had made some sort of high frequency that burst her eardrums if she stood too close.

"Good, good." Her mother nodded. Suddenly a small plex attached to her belt sounded some sort of call. "Oops, I've got an emergency in room twelve- I'll see you later sweetheart." With one quick hug, her mother went rushing down the hallway and Zoe left for her gate duty. As soon as she was outside, she felt as if someone was watching her.


Quick as lightning, Zoe snapped herself around, grabbing her attackers wrist and pulling it behind them. Sadly, her attacker must've had military experience for he slipped under her grasp, tackling her to the ground and sitting on top of her. "I win." Zoe scoffed as Miles smirked, holding her hands above her head. "Come on, the Lieutenant couldn't beat a lonely solider like me?"

"I wasn't trying." Zoe protested. "Get off."

"Wow sis, get a room please!" Another scoff erupted from her as she glared at Josh when he walked by, also smirking. He was taller now, with a five o'clock shadow that he refused to shave off and more broad shoulders than what he had before. Skye wasn't with him; she was probably over back at the lounge preparing for tonight, for they were going to be selling a couple gallons of soda pop for the fireworks.

"Josh! I swear if it wasn't against my loyalty, I would kill you right now!" Zoe shot back, struggling underneath Miles' grip until he finally let her stand up. "Aren't you supposed to be at canteen duty? Do you want another week cleaning oatmeal bowls?"

"I maybe skipped the first few minutes…" He shrugged.

"Gods Miles, you're going to get yourself banished sooner or later." Zoe scolded. "If you don't want me to practically walk you there, you better get going." And with that Miles shrugged and walked off towards the canteen room.

"You should really go easier on him sis, he's trying." Josh put his hand on her shoulder as she dusted off her armor.

"Trying to get himself killed…" She muttered.

"Hey," He turned her around to face him. "Take a day off okay-" She started to interrupt him, but she shushed her. "Just one day. Go and relax with your mates and then you can go back to work alright? Tomorrow?"

"Josh!" She whined. "There's work to do! Just watch as there's a Phoenix attack the day I take off!" She protested.

"Alright then, you called it." He smirked. "But you still have to take the day off."

"I hate you." She glared playfully at him as he patted her shoulder once and stalked off, taking each step deliberately with ease.

"No you don't!" He gave a lazy fake salute to her.

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