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The helicopter was loud, but that didn't bother Zoe. Tredway had told her she needed to wear earmuffs; otherwise her eardrums would burst by the sound of the blades spinning. Instead, Zoe found an old pair that was missing the left side. "I'm deaf in my left ear." She explained before Tredway could accuse her of trying to get herself hurt.

"And they still let you be a soldier?" Tredway had said, pulling on his earmuffs, which also had a headset so he could talk to her and the driver. "Soldiers now have to have perfect vision and hearing."

"Yeah well I'm not just a soldier." Zoe climbed into the already turned on helicopter, pulling her rifle around to her lap and pulling the seatbelts over her shoulders. She hated how the age had stopped using pulse rifles, and had gone back to the original metal bullets. "I'm the Lieutenant, Treddie."

"Tell me something I don't know." He mumbled. "And it's Tredway, not Treddie." It took four hours to get to Cardiff, not bad for a helicopter. It had taken five days to get flight permission and weapons, but that wasn't a problem; Zoe was willing to stay months for her mission. They had to repel down into the rubble, for there were collapsed buildings and torn papers flying everywhere, making it impossible for pilot to land. Zoe went first, holding her rifle steady in front of her as she used one hand to slide down the rope. She landed hard on her feet, probably busting a few veins, but she was too full of adrenaline to notice. Tredway fell after her, most likely having more experience for he stopped lightly, only making a small splash as he landed in an oil puddle. "So where do you think this base thing is ma'am?" He said through the comms unit.

"Don't know Treddie, I was thinking we'd just walk into the first building we'd find." Zoe shrugged, climbing over some rubble. It was brighter that what Zoe would expect, with the sun showing just vaguely through the clouds and smoke of the nearby working towns. "Duck!" She yelled and they both dodged underneath a short wall. There were soldiers in bright red uniforms walking around the only standing building. It was mostly concrete, and looked to be like some old business center. It was only two stories tall, which meant that Sienna was most likely underground in tunnels or on the second floor. "And there's our building."

"Storm or Sneaks?" Tredway looked over their wall, trying to define how many there were. Four at the top of the building, snipers. And four at the bottom regularly circling around.

"Storm, it's so much more fun." Zoe chuckled. Suddenly she stood up, firing the gun at the two guards that she could get an accurate shot at first, then the four at the bottom. Luckily, the gun held fifteen rounds of .45 calibers, so she didn't have to reload or cock the gun over again like some pulse rifles had to. Tredway got the other two up top so the vaulted over the wall. Tredway kicked the door open with the heel of his foot and the paced themselves inside, taking out four more guards on the first floor, and what seemed to be two cooks in the kitchen. The entire complex inside must've been filtered, for Zoe didn't see anyone in rebreathers nor hazmat suits. Upstairs was more difficult, around fifteen guards surrounded them. Zoe shot as many as she could before having to reload. "Cover me!" She yelled as she went down on one knee and changed magazines while Tredway took out the remaining eleven soldiers. All of them were in red uniforms, obviously all somewhat Phoenix members.

"In here." Tredway waited before opening the door. If he kicked it open, the room would most likely become contaminated with chemicals and Sienna would more likely have a chance of skin cancers and mental illnesses. Zoe now reached forward, she was better at coding than Tredway.

"Red wire over here, blue goes here… yellow's evil, don't touch that…" Zoe murmured to herself as she rewired the lock on the door. Once the code was cracked, Tredway pushed open the door and the both rushed inside, closing the door behind them. Hopefully very little chemicals got inside. Sienna stood up from her place on the small gray cot that was in the room. There was also a toilet, sink and a few shelves with red jumpsuits on them, but otherwise it was basically a prison cell. She was small for her age, probably only four and half feet tall with long dark hair that went down to her rear. Also malnourished and dehydrated. "Kid, put this on. Now." Zoe tossed the extra hazmat suit over to Sienna who let it drop to the floor.

"W-who are you?" She asked, determination in her eyes. Damn they didn't have time for explanations!

Zoe rolled her eyes. "Friends of your mother! Hurry! Suit on now!" Sienna jumped and quickly put the suit on over her red jumpsuit. "Alright kid, let's go." Zoe held her hand out to the small child who gripped it tight through the three-sizes-too-big hazmat suit. They ran slower out of the room, Sienna slowing them down for she kept tripping over the suit. "You're too slow kid!" Zoe yelled as she swooped the kid up into the air and carried her out the door.

Phoenix soldiers had already started to surround them, but Tredway took them out with a few left over bullets. "Back to the chopper! Now!" He shoved them into the now parked helicopter and the pilot took off as soon as they were all inside.

"You okay kid?" Zoe took off her own helmet, then helped Sienna take off hers.

"Y-yup." Sienna stammered. "Do you really know my mom?" Zoe didn't have time to answer, for the sound of a sonic boom interrupted her thoughts.

"We're being followed!" The driver yelled, swerving the helicopter to one side. "Buckle your seat belts, we're going to Mach 15!" Mach 15? Gods was he trying to get them killed!? Zoe practically fell over pulling the seatbelt over Sienna, then herself. "Cover your ears!" The pilot screamed as he flicked a switch. Zoe didn't need to be told twice. Even with her deafness, the high pitch sound of wind crusading around them was painful, emitting a high frequency sound that made her right ear bleed. Sienna had covered her ears, but was obviously not in as much pain as Zoe. Tredway still had his earmuffs on, so he was fairing much better. Zoe could feel the chopper slow down and she realized that they were back at Hope Plaza. Why couldn't the pilot just do that before!? "Put your mask back on! The air isn't filtered in the hangar yet!" The pilot yelled as he slowly landed the aircraft, the hangar door closing behind them. Suddenly there was a large crash as one Phoenix jet crashed its way through before it could close. Not the best landing, but all the soldiers inside could easily kill them off as soon as they were out of the carrier.

"To the portal! Now!" Tredway yelled, picking up his rifle and shooting down as many Phoenix as he could.

"Treddie! Come with us! Hurry!" Zoe said. After Tredway's bravery with her, he deserved to be in Terra Nova. "Come with us through the portal!"

"No can do miss, I've got a duty to do here!" She waited for him to correct her on his name. It never came. Finally he said something. "You know ma'am, 'Treddie' is really starting to catch on to me." Zoe gulped. Those would most likely be his dying words. There were too many soldiers for him and the pilot to handle, and there wouldn't be back-up for five or ten minutes at least. She wanted to help. She wanted to make sure Tredway could live. But she had to save Sienna, and fast. "Die you bastards, die!" She heard Tredway call as she carried Sienna throughout the halls.

"Open the portal! Now!" She told a scientist who worked the controls. He complied without question and the roaring sound of the portal showed that it had opened. Zoe ran down the long metal passageway to the portal. "Goodbye 2149!" It really wasn't 2149 anymore, but Zoe couldn't stop herself from saying that as she jumped through, Sienna still tight in her arms.

"Freeze right there Shannon!" As soon as Zoe gasped real fresh air, she heard the sound of pulse rifles cocking.

"Don't shoot, don't shoot!" Zoe shielded Sienna as much as she could. When she didn't hear any more sound, she took off Sienna's face mask first. "Okay kid?" She asked. Sienna nodded and Zoe took off her mask too. "Where's Mira!? I need to talk to Mira!" There was around forty or fifty soldiers, all Terra Novan. Six rovers and a few motor hogs, as well as all guns pointed on them. They were in the same field. Taylor must've had these men trained on the portal the entire time she was gone, as well as the rest of them back in Terra Nova to make sure there wasn't a Lucas incident again.

Taylor stepped his way through the amount of soldiers, Mira was at his side, handcuffed behind her back. "Sienna?" Mira called.

"Mom!?" Sienna rushed forward, hugging her mother even though half the soldiers had their guns trained on them. "Mommy! I missed you!" Taylor uncuffed Mira, and she automatically hugged her daughter.

Zoe chuckled. Life was good. She had done her job. She will get the information on Lucas just as Mira promised. But it was not only that. She got the pride of reuniting a family. She closed her eyes and smiled, falling backwards onto the grass with her legs and arms stretched out, leeching in sun. She felt Taylor approach her, standing at her side while she was lying on the soft grass. "Am I banished Taylor? Or worse?" She opened one eye. He was standing right in front of the sun, making some sort of godly look to him.

"No, no you're not banished. "

"Thrown in the brig? Decommissioned?" Zoe knew there must be some punishment for disobeying him like she did.

"No, no…" Taylor reached out a hand and pulled her to her feet. "You're promoted." Zoe sputtered. Promoted!? Promotion would mean…. "Welcome back… Commander." Taylor saluted at her and she slowly saluted back.

"B-but I went into the future," Zoe stammered. "I could've destroyed all of Terra Nova! I-"

"You reunited a family." Taylor stopped her, gesturing over to the mother and daughter. "And disobeying orders? No one likes a suck-up anyways." Taylor was about to pat her on the back, btu she stopped him.

"Uh, no." She pointed to her suit. "I'm still covered in radioactivity, in fact we should probably get Sienna and Mira checked out too; I don't want them to get any sort of disease from this stuff."

"Yes ma'am!" Taylor joked before turning to the soldiers. "Welcome back your new commander!" He yelled. The soldiers applauded, probably half of them didn't even know what was going on.

"Zoe! Zoe!" Zoe turned around to see Miles running up to her, in uniform with his rifle strung around his back. He hugged her full force as he came up to her, not caring that she was almost deadly to him. "Oh god I missed you… I thought-" He started blubbering and tears could been seen starting in his eyes.

"Miles." She stopped him. "Miles, I'm fine." She sighed inwards. "Everything is fine."

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