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Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day, you gave it a-

"Urg... Halloween not Christma-yawn," May hit the alarm clock beside her bed and sat up lazily. Her dresser was across her bed that was in the middle of the room. She stared at her reflection. Her hair was out of place sticking up in many directions, covering her sapphire blue eyes. She looked closer and ran her hand across her tear-stained cheek.

'I cried myself to sleep again... third time this week... I have no idea how many times since him...'


"I'm up," May's eyes shot open as she yelled back. In no time May was downstairs in no time at all not caring about her appearance.

"Good morning Mayleen," her dad said from behind the newspaper.

"Good morning dad," May told him and sat down. Her full name was Mayleen Aliza Maple of Serene. She hated her that her family had to be classy, and she always told everyone to just call her May. Never, ever, did she respond much to the name Mayleen unless it was her father. It was only her father and teachers on the first day of school. Mostly her father that was an important business man and politic for the region. She never liked it. She didn't want to be classy and people know her for Norman's daughter, she wanted to know May, not Mayleen.

"I made a lot of waffles today... May?" her mom asked her,"nightmares again?" May nodded slowly. She never told anyone but Dawn that she cries herself to sleep. She just tells people the tear stains are from nightmares.

"May, I want you to take Max and his friends trick-or-treating for us won't you sweety?" her mom ,Coraline, asked and then put a piece of a waffle in her mouth.

"But Mom," May complained,"I had plans with Dawn and the rest of the gang."

"With boys," her dad ,Norman, said simply.

"We were going to down to Eveningside houses," she explained.

"With boys," Norman said again.

"With Paul's older adult brother."

"With boys."

"We were gonna leave early."

"With boys."

"And come early."

"With boys,"

"Norman," Coraline cleared her throat," I think May is old enough to go."

"Mayleen and yeah," Norman set the newspaper aside," to not be getting anymore sweets."

"For the love of caramel daddy," May said,"I'm fourteen."

"She already has her costume too," her mom defended her.

"Then who is taking Maximilien?" he grunted.

"One of his friend's mom will probably take them," May's mom explained.

"Fine I guess," he grunted ",be back before ten though of face the consequences Mayleen,"

"Thank you dad!" May ran up to kiss her dad on the cheek."

"Go get ready for school Mayleen,"

"So you gonna go with us on Halloween?" Dawn asked her best friend as they walked down the hall to their lockers.

"Yup," May responded as they arrived at their lockers,"so who do you have for first period?"

"Mr. Senter ," Dawn smiled,"and you?

"The same," May highfived her friend.

"Haha awesome," May highfived her back.

"It's stupid how you guys manage to ask each other this every single day," a certain blonde came from behind.

"Hey Barry," the teen girls greeted him in unison.

"So we gonna trick-or-treating?" Barry winked.

"Yes," Dawn winked,"and then we'll return safely home."

"And sneak to the haunted house," May finished them with a wink. The trio laughed until the bell rang and they hurried to class.

"Good morning class," Mr. Senters told the class from the front of the room.

"Good morning Mr. Senters," the class lazily said in unison.

"Today will be reviewing somethings from you middle school years in order for you to succeed in the next state test which includes state standards from the very past," the teacher said and his words started to blur away.

"Hey May," Dawn whispered smirking,"stop staring at him." May turned a light shade of red and just pretended to pay attention. If only she wasn't in public, she would cry once again for him.

Lunch Time

"Hey Paul," Dawn looked at him,"can you pass the salt?"

"I don't know can I?" he grunted.

"No because there's not any," Dawn gave out a sigh.

"Exactly," he said back to her and continued his meal. At the table May, Dawn, Paul, Barry, Kenny, Zoey, Misty, Ash, and Gary were all sitting together at the table squashed like always.

"Move more that way Deedee," Kenny complained and shoved Dawn a bit.

"Sorry I can't move anymore," Dawn huffed.

"Why do we always get the small tables?" Zoey asked them.

"Because when we are in line the woman always chooses us to go in last," Gary said.

"That woman hates children," Misty gave out a sigh and bit a piece out of her sandwich and her elbow accidentally hit Gary's hands and he spilled his milk on himself. Gary quickly stood up and his tray fell over on Ash. Ash threw the tray up and the food went everywhere."

"FOOD FIGHT!" somebody in the further tables. The cafeteria went wild and started throwing food everywhere. The teachers and workers were running around trying to calm people down, but it was no use. They couldn't. The teenagers ran around getting shoved with food in their faces, backs, legs, and trying to get food off the ground to throw again. It was pretty wild. The fight didn't stop until the bell rang. The freshmen ran to their fifth period classes avoiding all workers and teachers.

May, Dawn, Barry, Paul, and Ash all had fifth period together in the C average class. They were never any good at science, so they had this class together. This really disappointed May's father since his major was in medical resources. May honestly never bothered trying much.

"All freshmen teachers, lead your students to the auditorium. I would like to have a word with them about our accident in the cafeteria." Principal Oak spoke through the intercom. All the kids looked nervously at each other. While May was looking around, she made eye contact... with him. He grunted and turned around. May gave out a sigh and stood up to get in line just as soon as their teacher told them to.

The walk there was unusually silent. Mostly the students were very loud on the way there. This time it was an awkward silence. It was like the teenagers were getting sent to the Hunger Games. Like if the last one standing still had to get executed. As if the world was going to be destroyed right in there faces. None of them had a bad feeling. It was a horrible feeling. A detestable feeling. A shadowy feeling. So many mixed emotion making their stomachs turn. The teens all sat down and waited for their principal to speak.

"Hello students," the principle spoke in the old microphone.

"Good morning Principal Oak," the students responded.

"We have had a childish 'food fight' in the cafeteria not to long ago. I find this to be very inappropriate and repulsing to see that students like you guys are ruining this school's fine artistic regal reputation. I hope this never happens again or anything else. As for punishment... we all know Halloween is near and you youngsters want to go out there and get those sweets," he took a breath and grinned evilly,"we are have a stay at school night here on that same day and it's worth 30 percent of your grade." There were groaning, complaining, grunts, and a kid had to run to the restroom to puke.

"No exuces unless you want barely pass this school year and we all know most of you have failing grades in some areas which will make it very difficult for you to pass and easy to fail. Now excuse me, I have to get staff to work on preparations. Also, we will make sure we contact each one of your relatives, so you won't try to get away," the man walked away off stage leaving the freshman in a state of shock.

"It's not fair!"


"I had plans!"

"What the fuck man!"

"This should be illegal!"

"Where's my ointment?!"

"I'm telling my dad, he's a lawyer!"

"I'm gonna sue this school!"

"Grr... I bought an expensive costume this year!"

All those shout-outs were going through the auditorium and then they were dismissed back to class.

After school the gang met up...

"What the fuck are we gonna do then?" Gary complained as they all sat at the park bench.

"I don't know Gayry?" Paul grunted," what are we gonna do?"

"Shut it!" Gary yelled at him.

"Guys we are gonna get in trouble if we ditch," May complained," big time."

"Stop being scared at everything Mayleen," he said in a mean, soft tone.

"Stop being so meaaaan!" Dawn said in that whiny voice that irritates everyone." May just let a simple sigh and ignored it.

"Seriously guys what are we gonna do?" Zoey broke it up.

"I don't know," Barry gave a sigh," I'm gonna flunk if I don't go."

"Gary, he's your grandfather, is he serous? Can he even do this?" Zoey asked Gary and everyone turned to him.

"It's possible," Gary said," it's nota joke face."

"Grr," Dawn complained,"it's not fair!"

"I feel like it's my fault," Misty groaned and slammed her face on the bench table,"ouch." Gary was sitting next to her and started to rub his hand on her back.

"Aww Gary is being romantic," Dawn squealed and gushed.

"Shut up and concentrate!" Gary automatically stopped and turned bright red. Misty just let out another groan.

"Then what the fudge are we gonna do?" Kenny complained.

"Either we flunk or have the best night of our lives..." Ash said softly. Everyone stayed quiet.

"Best night of our lives," they all said in unison.

"-ives." Let's just say Barry actually thought for once in his life. Correctly? Probably not.

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