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Here's to the Mondays
Watching all the cars on the freeway
I ain't got a thing to do
Can I sit here next to you?
And oh oh ohhh

Surrounding the freeway, was a couple of green hills. The whole gang was up there drinking sodas, watching the cars go by. They got suspended for a week because they eventually found out they unlocked the doors. Screw camera systems! But hey, no school on Monday, might as well love Monday for once. You know, give it some love!

"Hey," May said to Ash as she came from the mini refrigerator. She tossed him a soda and sat next to him. Everyone knew they were together already. Dawn just nodded at her with now expression, but May could care less what others though. It was just them two.

Like finally!

Yeah, I kinda wish I got paid
'Cause my card got maxed out yesterday

"Let's go to the mall," Dawn said.

"It's closed," Paul said and then drank from his soda.

"Awe," Dawn pouted,"why?"

"Because you bought everything that was in it," Zoey responded.

"So that's why Mom was yelling at me. I maxed out my card... Again," Dawn sighed.

"You need to take control of that, Deedee," Kenny told her.

"Stop calling me, Deedee!"

Could you give me a shot?
And I'll work with what I got
Not a dollar in my pocket but I rock it like I ain't broke.

"I can't believe we got caught," Misty groaned and put her head on Gary's shoulder. Gary wrapped his arm around her.

"I know. Now I can't get my damn allowance and I'm broke," Gary said.

"It's the fiftieth time you say that, poor person," Misty laughed.

"I still look incredibly sexy though," Gary whispered.

"Sure you do."

You know?

"You know," May said as she enlaced fingers with Ash,"I actaully liked way before the damn dare."

"How long was that? Like four years?" Ash guessed.

"I dunno. It's too much math," May shrugged.

Here's to us uh-oh
Here's to us
Here's to us uh-oh

Here's to never winning first place

"Did you win that last contest, Zoe?" Dawn asked her.

"Nah," Zoey said,"I got second place, but I did get an offer to a scholarship for a fancy school."

"That's awesome!"

"I know! Except it's in another region. I'm thinking about it."

"Kenny will follow you there."

"I know he will."

Here's to crying on your birthday

"Don't be a grump today, Paul," Gary said to him. Misty went to talk to May, and Ash went to cheer up Barry with Kenny.

"Why not?"

"It's Monday! Yay?"

"I still can't believe we got caught."

"Bright side is that nothing is going against our grade."

"True. Looks like we won't have to flunk."

"Isn't your birthday next month."

"Yea. Also the same day my Mom died."

"Are you going to cry?"


"I'm here for you, bro," Gary said,"we're all in this together."

"I know we are."
Here's to every single heartbreak

"Hey Barry," Kenny said as he sat next to him,"you doing okay?"

"Yeah," Barry smiled,"as long as Dawn's happy, I'm happy."

"No you aren't," Kenny said.

"I know," Barry said and started anime crying on Kenny's shoulder.

Here's to us
Here's to us


Here's to the mistakes

"You think I made the wrong choice, girls," Dawn asked them because all the boys were talking about Pokemon.

"Who knows," Misty shrugged,"but you picked Paul because you love him the most."

"We ain't no fortune tellers," May said and paused for a bit,"I want to eat a fortune cookie now."

Somehow they always drop you in the right place

"It'd be bad if he isn't your soul mate," Zoey said,"you practically lost Barry already.

"Ugh! Big mistakes," Dawn sighed.

"What if none of them are your soul mates," Misty said.

"Huh?" Dawn questioned.

"Like common, we still have a few years of high school left. You never know," Misty said.

"True," Dawn replied.

"I'm still craving those cookies," May said.

"Here," Ash said and threw her a fortune cookie from the picnic basket they took.

So, let's go another round

"One more time!" May laughed.

"But it's annoying," Dawn sighed.

"You're just mad we always get picked," Paul said.

"Seriously, one more time" Ash said and spin the bottle on the floor,"Dawn and Paul are it!" Everyone ran to hide.

"May sure you count to thirty!" Zoey yelled.

"Stupid hide-and-go-seek," Dawn said and kicked the bottle,"owe."
Till the sky is falling down

"It's getting late," May told Ash.

"I know, but we vowed to stay here til' late," Ash shrugged.

"You make no sense," May said,"but that's why I love you."

"I know, but you understand me and that's why I love you."
And we'll laugh at all the shakers and movers

"Hehe," Misty laughed,"they'll never find us here."

"In a field of daisies," Gary snickered,"this is a genius place to hide."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

"You guys are weird looking when you're in love."

Now who's the loser?

"They're going to lose," Zoey said as she and Kenny were in a tree. Yes, this was a very huge hill.

"I know," Kenny laughed.

"It's fun being out at night."

"I know, I get to see your beautiful face under the moon."

"Oh shut up."

"It's true."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

What a joke.

"They're playing a joke," Dawn said to her boyfriend.

"No they're not," Paul said,"they just hide well."

"We will find them!" Dawn screamed.

"Calm down princess," Paul said and pulled her in a hug,"a monster is going to come to eat you."

"You're the only monster here," Dawn said to him and poked him in the chest.

"This monster loves you."

"This princess loves you, too."

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Here's to never winning first place

Gary and Misty.
Here's to crying on your birthday

Here's to all the bad first dates

Ash and May.
Here's to every single heartbreak

Here's to raining on your own parade

Here's to showing up anyway

Kenny and Zoey.
Here's to us

The pad buddies. The idiots. The retards. The saved. The invincible friends.
Here's to us

The nerds. The heart-breakers. The drama queens. The protected. The friends together and forever no mater what.
Here's to

Here's to the Mondays

"Here's to us... and our saved asses!" they all cheered in unison as the sun rose.

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