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"Just because I was raised by the Barracks doesn't mean I haven't had a hard life too"


The redheaded woman looked around a few times. She did so more than once because of the glare from the setting sun that slightly hindered her vision while looking in its direction, because she wanted to be sure. After concluding that she was safely unseen, Desiree began tracing her fingers in the air, creating a complicated pattern that manifested in the appearance of solidified air once she completed the pattern. The floating rune was directed up towards Jade's shattered window and with a quickly exhaled blow from the beauty, it was whisked upward. It traveled from Desiree's stood position on the sidewalk below and to the window in a matter of seconds. The magic went to work, and the recently destroyed window was quickly becoming reassembled, pulling up nearby shards of glass as well as forming new ones to replace any that couldn't be found, or were simply too far away for the spells grasp to reach.

She smiled to herself. Jade thought she was adept in the art of the rune, but she had no idea how far from an expert she really was, Desiree thought.

"What in the fuck happened to my car?" a male voice boomed to her right, and her smile fell. If Jade and Tori had been able to see her, then she would have kept the smile. But it's far more tiring to keep up such an appearance than people may think.

Desiree turned her back and let loose a deep breath, silently praying to her god that this man wouldn't complicate things. Jade and Tori were both passed out up in the apartment, clean of filth and wounds tended to. So the self proclaimed Angel in Training took it upon herself to fix things. But more than just a window needed fixing, and the only person who had the power to help try and secure things would be there to meet with Desiree at any moment. The last thing she needed was a six foot tall, balding bull of a man to cause ripples in her risky plans.

But, as someone had once told her at some point in her life, she was pretty sure, anyway, was that one should always expect the worst. Or was it that if something can go wrong, it will? Either way, she had heard far too many stupid sayings like that in her long life. It's just too bad they usually tended to be true.

"Hey, you," the man said, now directed at Desiree. "You see what happened to my car?"

She decided to turn around and confront the man, replying with, "No, I did not," and expertly reacquired her knee weakening smile.

Baldy gulped at that smile and took a good look up and down her well kept body, already entranced by her supernatural charm. He was obviously of the weak willed.

"Are you, uh… are you sure?" he asked. His anger had dissipated a significant amount, and he stuttered over his own words, unfamiliar with the notion of asking for things politely in his rage filled personality. "That roomy of yours didn't have anything to do with it, did she?"

"No, she didn-" Desiree made her attempt to answer, but the anger was strong in this one.

"I swear to God, if that bitch did something to my car."

The man's face was quickly growing red again as he belted out his mostly hollow threat, but it was enough to send Desiree over the edge. She had no time to deal with such inferiority. Quicker than his mind could comprehend, she was in front of him, grabbing at the front of his collared, green shirt. Significantly smaller than this man, yet Desiree had no trouble manipulating him as she pleased, with only one hand.

Looking into his eyes with only a few inches between their faces, she growled, "Don't you ever use our fathers name and the word 'bitch' in the same sentence again. Do you understand me?"

Confusion wracked his mind. He was feeling angry, most assuredly, but it was accompanied by an attraction and an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness, but the feeling he got from the woman holding him against his will was closer to anger, hate, and utter frustration. Similar to the effect dumping water on something, only to have it ignite in flames would have. Simply confusing and hard to comprehend.

"Do you understand me?" Desiree reiterated, slower so that he might be able to comprehend her complicated words better.

He just nodded fervently.

"Good, now…" she paused, took another deep breath, and kissed him full on the lips. The red flushed out of his face and tense posture relaxed, the troubles of the world leaving him almost altogether. Desiree pulled away once he was fully under her spell and said, "Jade had nothing to do with your car. In fact, it was all your fault, and you'll go and get it fixed and that will be the end of it. Do not bother Jade West anymore." And with a forced smile and a wink of the eye, she sold it with, "Okay? For me?"

"Okay," he nodded, his mouth agape. The man, whose name Desiree would probably never learn, turned around to his car, got in, started it, and headed off to get the damaged front bumper and hood fixed.

Relief. It washed over Desiree quickly once he was gone, but that feeling was quickly reversed as another voice spoke up from somewhere behind her.

"Whore," the strong, female voice said.

Desiree spun on her heel, as agitated as possible by the time she was fully turned around. "Call me that again, see what happens."

"Why not?" Seraph laughed. The silver haired woman's arms were crossed as she leaned against the brick walls of Jade's apartment building. "When you kiss everyone you see to get what you want out of them, it's kind of hard to think of you as anything else, Rae."

Desiree growled. "Don't call me that either."

Seraph laughed again. She always did enjoy the levels of frustration she was able to induce in Desiree. After all, it was the kind of frustration that can only be brought out by a sibling. "Again, why not? It's what mother always called you."

"Which is exactly why I don't want you to."

Her lips curled back down, but the amusement never left her expression as Seraph progressed their conversation first. "What is it you called me here for?"

"Do you feel that?" Desiree asked, folding her arms and flicking her eyes around her as if to gesture towards everything that surrounded them.

It was only a few seconds before Seraph's simple, "Yes," was spoken.


Seraph's eyes narrowed. "Is that Jade? Has she grown to match our fears?"

"Not quite," Desiree explained. "But we were right to assign me to this girl, Syrup."

"What have I told you about calling me tha-"

"No," Desiree interrupted her sister. "If you call me whore, I get to call you whatever I please. But let's stop the childish bickering already. This is serious. That recruit of yours, Beck, that you somehow lost. Remember him? Yeah, what you're feeling was him. Or her, I guess."

"Her?" Seraph questioned.

"He wasn't himself anymore. We've kept these two close for a reason. And I saw that reason full and powerful, right in front of me. I fought that reason. And as strong as I am, it still bested me. If we had anyone else assigned on Jade's watch, I have no doubt they would have been killed. Even you, sister. This is much worse than we originally thought it might be."

A quick step forward and Seraph was right in front of Desiree, looking up at her taller sibling. Her teeth were clenched and voice was forceful. "Despite how powerful you think you are, Rae, just remember who remained a soldier, while the other became the General."

And Desiree couldn't help but smirk. She had definitely struck a nerve in her baby sister.

But Seraph took a deep breath that would remind anyone of Desiree, should they be familiar enough with the older angelic girl, and then said, "Look, what is it you want of me? You got me here, you had me feel this concerning evil, now what?"

"Now what?" Desiree's turn to have just the right nerve stricken. "Something needs to be done about this. We haven't seen evil like this in well over one thousand years. And even then, that wasn't to this level. That thing was a true demon, Sera. I'm surprised Jade and I even survived. Especially Jade, she's progressing far beyond what I originally felt from her. "

"Alright. So we kill Jade and hunt down the other."

"What? No!" Desiree exclaimed. "We're not killing Jade."

And Seraph scoffed, twisting her lips into a devilish smirk. "Pretending to be your younger self seems to have also brought with it your naivety." She began to circle around Desiree, looking the girl up and down as she took a good look at her artificially young body. "You used to be so weak and rebellious of our ways. Don't tell me that sad little girl is returning? However, I do prefer this fiery red you've got sprouting from your head. Much better than the silver."

"It's not weakness I show. It's devotion to our beliefs."

"To our beliefs?" Seraph laughed. "These are demons! We are their opposite. Tell me, how long have we been on this earth?"

"Too long."

"Yes, and what was our purpose from the very beginning?" Seraph's questioning speech had quickly began sounding like that of a leader about to lead his men into battle. "What is the sole reason for our existence?"

Desiree simply eyed her sister, and her tone was low. "We can't possibly know our true purpose for sure."

"No, but unlike humans, we feel what we're meant to do, it's instinct, you can't deny that. And what has that destiny always been, from the very beginning? What is that urge that each of us are never without?"

Desiree gulped. "To eradicate any and all evil."

"And what lies within Jade West is pure evil."

"But there's more than that," Desiree said. "She's a girl. She's not just a monster, she's also human. And not only that, but she's a human that has chosen the same path as us, sister. Surely the amount of darkness she has slain earns her at least our hesitation."

"Let's just say I humor your little soft spot for this girl. What is it exactly that you propose we do then? If not kill her, then what? You make her out to be some great hero, but you know what she really is, and you've seen for yourself the potential within her. Another monster of this magnitude cannot be allowed to roam free."

Desiree stood her ground and said with assuredness, "We shield her."

"What do you mean?"

"Yes, I've seen the darkness in her." The currently redheaded girl paused and took a thought filled breath. "But I've also seen the opposite. This is a tug of war. It may seem like the demon is winning, but there's another side to her, and the things she surrounds herself with are the only things that can determine which way she goes."

"Tori Vega," Seraph clarified.

"Yes, and Cat Valentine. You need to assure Cat's safety."

Seraph's arms came to a fold again, and she finally came to another stop, once more in front of Desiree. "Look, Rae, these delusions of yours will only get you so far, even with blood. Cat is an unstable girl, her fate is determined by chaos. I can feel that, and you can feel that. There is no safety for that girl."

"Hire her," Desiree said. "Put her on a team or something. Leave her in the hands of people that can at least put up a fight in her defense. Beck, or Bex, was here today for her life. If Cat's life had been taken, I fear the demon would have pulled Jade dangerously close to it's territory, possibly engulfing her altogether."

A slight back tilt of her head and Seraph's eyes gave a bit of a squint. She groaned and reached a hand back to rub at the top of her neck. Her eyes locked with Desiree's and she saw the slight worry in them. "It's nothing," she said. "Anything to do with Cat just gives me a headache."

Desiree gave a slight laugh, but still her face retained its worry. Her sister was not usually one for jokes.

"Why have you not questioned the reasoning behind Bex's actions?" she asked after a moment.

"It's a demon. To question its motives would be madness."

"You have a point, I suppose," she admitted. "But will you do it? At least for a while, will you try it my way?" But Seraph remained quiet, contemplative, and Desiree chose to try and speed her decision along. "I've watched Jade from birth, Sera. Ever since we sensed what she was. I know her. I came to her a few months ago, when something sparked its awakening, to do one thing; to protect her from herself. Let me do my duty. Help me prevent this evil from being birthed, while saving a girl in the process."

Seraph's hand went back up to the back of her head before she could respond, this time scratching at it. "Fine. But don't come crying to me when she wreaks of sulfur."

"Really?" Desiree laughed at yet another uncharacteristic joke made by her sister, and Seraph rolled her eyes. "Was that an attempt at a joke?"

"Don't test my patience right now, Rae."

"Fine, whatever. I'm sorry," Desiree said.

Seraph studied her taller sibling, questioning her before the words even came out of her mouth. "Tell me, though. Why do you choose to remain in this form? Why not show Jade who and what you really are? You only did it so that the girl wouldn't find herself suspicious of why one of the highest ranking members of the Angel Barracks order would be watching over her so closely. Now she would understand why, and by logical standards, should accept and welcome your presence."

"Logical standards?" Desiree scoffed. "This is why I work the field, and you push papers behind a desk, General. Humans are not driven by logic, they're driven by emotion."

"Your point?"

"My point? You know Jade. How do you think she'll react to learning someone has been lying to her face this whole time, huh? How do you think she'll react to learning I'm much more than just a harmless observer? She'll see me as a spy, a spy that was sent here because of what she is. And all that will do is finally drive her to believe she truly is a monster. We can't have that, Sera."

Seraph nodded slowly and locked her serious gaze onto Desiree's. A faint smirk, relatively nonexistent, formed on her lips. "All the more reason to end her existence and be done with it."

"Sera," Desiree said with disappointment and slight surprise at the joy filled expression on her sisters face. And after long sigh, she made the decision to hurry her sister away before she changed her mind, and before the notion of killing Jade could become more than something the silver haired girl would joke about. "I guess you should go then. You know, before the girls discover you with the likes of me."

Seraph made an "ick" sort of noise, before saying, "Wouldn't want that."

And then Desiree was the one rolling her eyes.

But just as the light sprouted from her back and took a somewhat visible form in the shape of wings, Seraph added one last word. "Whore," she called down as the wings pulled her quickly into the air.

"Syrup!" Desiree yelled back, even at the risk of Jade or Tori hearing her. Besides, even if they managed to be awake and hear the strange word come from her mouth, it would be quite the amusing story to make up to cover her tracks. And that just seemed like something she would look forward to. After all, after a couple thousand years spent in this world, making her the oldest known 'angel', she discovered the little things in life to be the most pleasurable.

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