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Chapter 6

April 2010


Sarah Walker's Condo

"General, this is not about the reports you gave us to look over…We need to talk about the Intersect."

At the mention of the Intersect, Beckman was instantly on edge.

"Has something happened to the Intersect?"

"Ma'am, Agent Larkin has been experiencing some severe headaches lately, along with several personality disorders."

Diane sighed. "Agent Walker, I have discussed the side effects of the 2.0 with the scientists at length. I can assure you that some slight headaches and mood swings are perfectly normal."

"General, you don't understand. I've been observing Agent Larkin, for some time now, and I can assure you that something is most definitely wrong…When Chuck had the Intersect…"

"You mean Mr. Bartowski?"

Sarah was getting frustrated. "Yes…When Mr. Bartowski had it, nothing as severe as what is happening now, happened to Chuck."

"Well, Mr. Bartowski was a special case…" Beckman actually cracked a smile. She still had trouble believing he was an actual agent, and a damn good one at that. "…Plus, 2.0 is much more complex than the original Intersect. And the scientists have assured me that until Agent Larkin can no longer comprehend all the intel in the Intersect, and incorporate the data together, there is nothing to be alarmed about…Has Agent Larkin been misinterpreting information and giving false intel?"

"No General, but…"

Beckman had no intentions of hearing the rest of Sarah's concerns. "Agent Walker, I understand that you've become close to the Intersect, just like you did back in Burbank…"

Sarah shot the General an icy glare that didn't seem to faze Diane in the slightest.

"…and even though I should have you reassigned for becoming compromised, both now and when Agent Carmichael was the Intersect, your past successes with the Intersect has me believing that that might not be such a good idea…But don't push your luck."

Sarah quickly became cognizant. "I'm sorry General, but don't you mean Mr. Bartowski, not Agent Carmichael?"

The General, who usually has a statuesque appearance on video calls, shifted in her seat.

"Yes…I-If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Batowski's cover was Agent Carmichael…was it not?"

Sarah continued to stare at Beckman, trying to get a read on her, but she finally dismissed the slip up, figuring that that was all it was, after several seconds.

"Yes General."

Diane relaxed her posture ever so slightly, as to not give away her feeling of relief. "Now, if we are done discussing your personal feelings…"

Sarah nodded, a slight annoyed look spread across her face.

"…There is a mission that seems to need the services of Team Intersect."

"What do we need to do General?"

Seeing how she had Agent Walker's full attention, she continued. "The Ring has been getting desperate ever since we managed to cut off their funding down in Mexico. Through some chatter we picked up, there seems to be a party taking place in Paris in hopes of expanding their financial contacts. You and Agent Larkin are to pose as a married couple and as potential investors. The party is in a week; however, I want you two to arrive there early to see if Agent Larkin can flash on anything of importance."

"Is that all General?"

"Daniel Shaw will be at attendance for this party. I want you and Agent Larkin to apprehend him, alive, at all costs. Is that understood?"

"Yes General."

"Very well, Good luck." And with that, Beckman disconnected the feed.

Sarah collapsed on her couch. Every time she had to go to Paris, she thought back to her Red Test. As she sat there, trying to build up enough resolve to get this mission started, she wished Chuck was going with her instead of Bryce.

May 2010

Paris, France

Hotel de Crillon

"Sarah, look it's been several days, how long are you planning on staying mad at me?"

Sarah turned her attention away from her suitcase to Bryce."I'm not mad Bryce."

"I know you Sarah…Ever since we had that conversation about Chuck back at my place; you've been more distant than usual."

"This is not about Chu-…You don't know me as well as you think." She turned back to her suitcase.

"Look, the party is a couple days away and it's important that we capture Shaw. We can't let our personal feelings towards each other complicate this mission."

Sarah clenched her fist. "The past is just that Bryce, the past. Let's just focus on the mission." She didn't even turn around to look at him as she spoke.

"That's all I'm asking for Sarah." Bryce tuned and exited the room of their suite, closing the double doors behind him.

As soon as the doors closed, a knife flew through the air and pierced the spot where Bryce's head was positioned a couple of seconds ago.

May 2010

Paris, France

Sarah and Bryce were parked in a car across the street from the mansion the party was to be held at. They were there in hopes that Bryce could flash on anyone who entered or exited the property. It had been about 20 minutes, when someone finally left the luxurious house.

"I got one Sarah."

Both Sarah and Bryce sank lower in their seats, reducing their profile to make it harder for them to be seen.

Bryce got a good look at the man's face and he flashed. The flash however seemed to be jumbled up. All Bryce got from the Intersect was some pictures of the guy, but he couldn't assimilate all the intel of the flash to determine if he was with the Ring. Hell, he couldn't tell you if he was an agent, a civilian, or some two bit criminal.

Bryce shook himself out of the flash and held his head; praying to whatever deity who was willing to listen, to make the pain go away.

Sarah sat in the driver's seat, lost in her thoughts and emotions, as she watched her partner rub his temples. True, most of what she was feeling was anger…ok, about 95% of what she felt was anger, but she was worried about Bryce too.

Sarah seemed to be angry with the world these days. She was angry with Bryce for being so stubborn. She was angry with the General for not taking her concerns about the Intersect seriously. She was angry with her nerd for invading her mind, body, and soul. And she was definitely angry with herself for feeling the way she did about one Charles Irving Bartowski.

She was so wrapped up in her own feelings; she started spacing out and hadn't noticed Bryce staring at her.

"Sarah did you hear me?"

She shook herself out of her musings. "Sorry who was that guy you flashed on?"

Bryce turned away and peered outside the window back towards the house; not willing to meet Sarah's gaze. He didn't want to admit to her that she might have been right, and that the Intersect, which he believed was meant for him, was malfunctioning.

"Oh, he's a nobody."

Sarah didn't think twice about questioning Bryce's intel, so she went back to reflecting about the curly headed man, with bottomless brown eyes and a dazzling smile, that she wished hadn't invaded her heart.

It was midnight when team Intersect returned to their suite. They staked out the mansion for hours, and Bryce flashed on several more people. After flashing on the first guy who left however, it got worse for him, and he couldn't make heads or tails of all the data that came with the other men he flashed on.

He knew something was wrong, but he was too arrogant and too proud to believe that he couldn't handle it himself. He decided to tell Sarah that each person that came and left the property, were of no importance.

With the party a few days away, Bryce pushed for the idea of breaking into the mansion the next night to see if they could gather any intel that might help. Sarah wanted to lay off and run surveillance till the day of the party, but Bryce kept reassuring her that the people he flashed on were of no consequence, and that it wouldn't be much of a risk. The more times he tried to convince Sarah, the more confident he felt that he was right about the people that triggered the Intersect.

It was midnight when Team Intersect entered the house. Both Sarah and Bryce were dressed in all black clothes, with black balaclavas over their faces. Since Bryce deemed the people inside the mansion to be a non-threat, they were dressed as thieves, just in case they were spotted.

Team Intersect worked their way through the house, not really finding anything of importance, till they got to a door that had a keypad to the side of it. Since Sarah couldn't just pick the lock, Bryce had to flash on it and get the password.

After he flashed, Bryce doubled over in pain; letting out a small groan in the process. He saw a bunch of numbers, but didn't know whether they were in the right order or not.

"Bryce you ok?" Sarah made sure to keep her voice low.

"Yeah, yeah…I'm fine."

After the pain subsided, he looked at the keypad again, and input the numbers he saw in his flash. He pressed enter and the keypad flashed red and the words, 'ACCESS DENIED', read across the screen. Sarah was too busy watching out for intruders to notice.

"Bryce hurry up."

"Hold on!" Bryce hissed.

He thought back to the flash and input the same numbers, but in a different order this time. The keypad again flashed read with the words, 'ACCESS DENIED', on the screen. Bryce was starting to lose his temper, and for a brief moment, the idea of shooting the keypad crossed his mind. He quickly tempered his anger and tried one more time to open the door.

Bryce took a deep breath and entered another sequence of the exact same numbers. The numbers Bryce entered gave the same result, but instead of, 'ACCESS DENIED', across the screen, it read, 'LOCKDOWN INITIATED'.

An alarm started ringing throughout the mansion.

"Bryce, what did you do!?"

"The Intersect must have had some old intel on this security system!"

They bolted towards the direction they came from, but before they could escape through the side door they entered from, they both collapsed onto the floor. Sarah was trying to fight the effects from what she determined to be a tranq as best she could, and before she lost consciousness, she activated the distress signal on her belt.

Sarah walked up to Chuck's apartment and took a minute to gather herself.

"You can do this." She said out loud.

Sarah knocked a couple times on the apartment door. She could hear footsteps getting louder. Her heart started beating incredibly faster and she could start to feel her palms moisten. She couldn't handle the waiting, and as she turned to make her escape, the door flew open. Sarah turned back around, and there, standing before her; was the most beautiful thing she's ever seen.

"Hi Chuck." Sarah tentatively greeted.

"Hi…Do I know you?"

Sarah was taken aback. "It's me…Sarah."

She saw the realization hit his face and it broke her heart that he had forgotten her.

"Oh, of course, Sarah!" Chuck took a step towards her, but instead of the hug that Sarah was anticipating, he just ushered her inside. "Come in, come in…"

"…So what brings you to Burbank?"

"I uh…I actually wanted to see you." Sarah's voice was shaky at best.


"Well, I'm not an agent anymore, and well I…well I missed you…I was hoping you would give us another chance."

Sarah's gaze fell to the floor, not wanting Chuck to see the neediness in her eyes.

"Sarah, I'm married."

Her head snapped up so fast, it was a surprise she didn't break something.

"You're what Chuck!?"

"Come on Sarah, you chose Bryce. What did you expect, I would pine for you forever and I would always be here when you're ready to finally be with me?"

"No, no, I didn't think that at all…and I didn't choose Bryce over you, it wasn't like that…I thought I was doing the right thing, and I was…afraid."

"Well it seems like your fear is the reason you lost me…I'm happily married now Sarah, and she's going to be home soon, so maybe you should leave."

Sarah ran to Chuck encircling her arms around him and she started sobbing into his chest.

"Please Chuck, I love you, don't give up on me…I need you."

"It's too late Sarah."

"NO! Don't say that. I'll try harder I promise…Please Chuck…I love you!"

Sarah jerked awake, panting heavily, and she felt the restraints against her wrists and ankles. After blinking a couple of times to clear the blurriness in her eyes, she noticed that the man Bryce first flashed on leaving the mansion was sitting on a metal table a couple of feet in front of her. She quickly assessed the situation and realized that she was chained to a chair that was bolted to the floor, in a plain white room with no windows and only one door, which had a keypad. To her right, Bryce was in the exact same position as Sarah, but unfortunately, he was still unconscious.

When she looked back at the man, he smirked at her.

"Who's Chuck?"

"What?" Sarah planned to stay silent, but she was completely thrown off by that question.

"You were moaning his name and breathing rather heavily." He gave her a hungry smile that was full of lust.

Sarah kept quite as she leered at the man.

The man laughed. "Well, must be some guy if he could get a woman like you hot and heavy and all."

He hopped off the table and made his way to Bryce. "Let's wake up Agent Larkin shall we?" The man lifted his arm and slapped Bryce across the face, causing him to groan in pain.

The guy walked back to the table and hopped back on. "Time to wake up Mr. Intersect."

Bryce started to come too, but was still a little groggy from the tranquilizer.

"What, what's going on, and who are you?"

The man seemed a little shocked by the question, but it quickly passed. "Don't play dumb Mr. Larkin. It's unbecoming of an agent such as yourself."

Sarah put it all together and quickly had all her suspicions answered. It was no coincidence that the man before them was also at the place where the party for the Ring was being held. Add in the facts that he knew they were agents and he knew about the Intersect; she definitely pegged the man as Ring.

Bryce looked to his left and saw Sarah chained to her chair. When he lifted his eyes towards Sarah's face, he saw her mouth the word 'Ring'.

The Ring agent caught sight of what Sarah did and smiled.

"Agent Walker is correct, but you already knew I was Ring, with you being the Intersect and all…Now, before I report back to my boss, tell me, why was team Intersect so early?"

Both Sarah and Bryce were confused by the question, but stayed silent.

The agent continued. "I mean, we put out word that Shaw was going to be at the party, so we figured you would show up then…We never expected you two to be stupid enough to break into a house filled with Ring agents. But hey, to each is their own I guess."

The man hopped back off the table and walked over to the door, making sure his 5'10'', husky body, covered the view of the keypad as he typed in the code.

When the door shut, Sarah and Bryce both tried freeing themselves from their shackles.

"What the hell Bryce, you made us break into a house full of Ring agents…And why in the hell did you tell me they weren't a threat!?"

"The Intersect didn't show that they were Ring. It must be out of date data or something!"

Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Bryce I talked to Beckman about the problems with the Intersect and…"

"Why the hell did you do that!?" He was infuriated that Sarah would betray him like that.

"Bryce, the Intersect is malfunctioning, and it's been affecting you lately."

"I'm telling you I'm fine."

"Look at what's been going on…aside from the fact that you've been acting like more of an asshole than usual; you've been in so much pain after every flash. And now, you seem to be misinterpreting the information the Intersect gives you."

Bryce was still too hurt and angry to see reason, so he deflected. "Can we just focus on getting the hell out of here!?"

Sarah relented, because she really did need to focus on the situation at hand.

"This isn't over…"

Sarah had a little leeway with the chains, so she started checking herself out. For an instant she felt dejected before she remembered something. There weren't any cameras in the room, but just in case they were being monitored, she lowered her voice until it wasn't audible to anyone but Bryce.

"They seemed to have taken all my weapons and my lock picking kit, but they left my belt on. I activated the distress signal before I passed out from the tranq dart, so help should be arriving."

Location Unknown

Shaw was awoken by the sound of his Ring phone. He picked it up with every intention of yelling at the person who would dare disturb his sleep.


*murmuring noises through the phone*

Shaw bolted upright from his bed. "You have both Sarah Walker and Agent Larkin in captivity!?"

*murmuring noises through the phone*

"How were you able to capture them before the party?"

*murmuring noises through the phone*

Shaw snickered. "Yes, I'm not surprised by their actions. I've read Agent Larkin's file. He's already an arrogant son-of-a-bitch, and after receiving the Intersect, there's no doubt he probably developed a God complex."

*murmuring noises through the phone*

"No, the party is still on. We still need investors after that cluster fuck down in Puerto Vallarta."

*murmuring noises through the phone*

"NO...Let me make one thing very clear. No one will touch them until I get there."

*murmuring noises through the phone*

"Good, but just to make sure I get this point through your thick skull…No harm shall come to them, is that understood?"

*murmuring noises through the phone*

"Alright…Oh and post two guards outside that room with them 24/7…We don't want them escaping now."

*murmuring noises through the phone*

Shaw hung up the phone as he flopped back down on his bed. We have the Intersect and soon, Walker will be mine! He drifted off to sleep with a wide grin on his face as he dreamt of all the things he would do to Sarah Walker.

May 2010

Los Angeles

Castle/Carmichael Industries

Chuck walked down the steps of Castle wearing his name-sake chucks, dark form fitting slacks, and a crisp white button up shirt while he held his coat draped over his left shoulder. Now that he wasn't working in the Buy More, and he was a supposed manager of a software company, he was expected to dress a little more businesslike. After both Carina and Tiffany teamed up on him, and forced him to buy several new suits and wear them on a daily basis; he actually started liking the looks he was getting.

As Chuck descended the steps of Castle, he noticed Tiffany and Carina sitting across from each other. Casey entered the conference room from the armory when Chuck took a seat in between the two beautiful agents.

"Nice of you to finally join us Bartowski." Casey took a seat next to Carina.

"Come on Casey, I'm 5 minutes early…Give me some slack, I just recently finished working on those special tranq darts with my dad."

Tiffany turned and gave Chuck a flirtatious smile. "Don't worry Chuck, Casey's just grumpy he didn't get much gunplay on that last mission…So you still haven't told me what makes this dart so special."

Carina rolled her eyes. Sometimes she felt Tiffany was as bad as her when flirting with Chuck.

"Yeah Chuckles, tell US, what makes this dart so special." Carina made sure to put extra emphasis on the word 'us' as she stared at Tiffany.

Chuck was oblivious to everything and was just excited to explain what he and his dad came up with.

"Well you see…" Chuck pulled out a red tranq dart from his pocket. "…when this tranq dart hits its target, it releases nano bots into the bloodstream, and those bots can…"

Casey grunted and interjected. "Oh great, you got the moron talking in his native nerd tongue."

Chuck was about to respond when the screen flicked on, revealing the face of Diane Beckman.

"Team, we have an urgent matter that needs your assistance."

Casey sat up straighter, if that was even possible. "How can we help General?"

"Before I explain everything, I need to read Agent Miller and Andrews into the situation at hand…The information I'm about to divulge is highly sensitive, and discussing it with anyone but your team would be grounds for treason…Do I make myself clear?"

Carina and Tiffany nodded in unison.

"Now this mission involves the Intersect. You two maybe wondering what that is and…"

Carina spoke up. "General, I don't mean to interrupt but I know about the Intersect already."

Tiffany followed right after her. "So do I ma'am."

Beckman seemed to be getting so angry, that her face seemed to be turning a slight shade of red.

"How do you know about the…" Beckman sought out Chuck's face and she scowled at him. "…BARTOWSKI! You told them about the Intersect!?"

Chuck shrugged like it was no big deal. "They're my team, and I trust them with my life…I thought they deserved to know."

Casey interjected himself in the conversation to try to save Bartowski's ass.

"Ma'am, although Agent Carmichael disobeyed direct orders, I agree with his assessment of Agents Miller and Andrews, and I agree with his decision to read them in on matters involving the Intersect…If we can get back to the matters at hand, it sounded like you had something urgent to tell us."

Beckman raked her hand over her face and blew out an exasperated sigh. Chuck's going to be the death of me one day!

"Very well...Team Intersect…"

The minute they heard 'Team Intersect', everybody in the room, except for Tiffany, seemed to stiffen. Agent Andrews still didn't know the identity of the woman who hurt Chuck.

"…was charged with the task of bringing in this man." A picture of Daniel Shaw filled half the screen. "Shaw was believed to be attending a party in Paris for new investors for the Ring…3 hours ago; Agent Walker activated her distress signal and has yet to report back in. We are under the assumption that they have been captured. Fortunately for us, the distress signal is still strong, so we believe the Ring isn't aware of it. Since the information surrounding the Intersect is of the upmost importance, and highly classified, I need your team for this."

Beckman glanced at Chuck and saw how out of it he was. He seemed to be stuck in his own world, starring off into space. The General felt a hint of sympathy for him, but she needed her best on this, and Chuck not paying attention, annoyed her a great deal.

Diane tried to snap him out of it. "Agent Carmichael! Mr. Bartowski! CHUCK!"

Chuck snapped out of it to see that all eyes were on him. The only thing registering in his mind was…Sarah needs me!

Chuck quickly stood up.

"Ok, here's what we do…Tiffany I need you to get on the computer and link up Cortana with Agent Walker's GPS signal. Casey, you and Carina start packing up all the equipment we might need for this mission…you know what, pack up equipment we might not need too…"

Casey smirked, he did love his guns.

Carina felt proud of Chuck for taking control of the team in order to save Sarah. She also found it a bit sexy, but she didn't really need to think about that right now. She needed to stay focused to help one of her best friends.

Chuck turned to face the screen. Beckman was a bit surprised at what was unfolding.

"…General, we need the fastest jet available."

Beckman actually stumbled on her words. "Uh ye-yes Agent Carmichael…A G650 will be ready when you are. That should get you to Paris quicker." After getting over the initial shock, Diane actually smiled. "Good luck team." And with that, she disconnected the feed.

"I'm coming Sarah, hold on."

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