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"Jason...Jason…'ll be...okay...okay?" I called down to him. His eyes could barely focus on my face, they seemed to glaze over it. I grimaced. Everything hurt. It all hurt so bad, but I had to be strong for Jason.

"I'm sorry Dickie." He seemed to smile, looking through me. "I was never the strong one. I was never as good as you." I crawled over, practically on top of him.

"No, don't say that Jason." He was hurt, bad. He wouldn't make it if Bruce didn't show up fast. "You were a better Robin than I was."

I grimaced and curled in, holding my stomach. I could feel the hole inside me, pulsing blood around my arm. I couldn't believe this had happened. It was supposed to have been a routine surveillance mission.

Two Hours Earlier

"Wally is heading around the back and Aqualad is checking out the roof. Batman said that there was a potential drug ring operating from inside a few nights ago, and with the Joker just out of Arkham, it can't have come at a worse time." I crouched down, looking over the building while Jason nodded to the side.

"Do you think he has any part in it?" He shot his grappling gun to the ledge overhang on the roof.

"Probably not." I stood back up and shot mine too. "It doesn't seem like his scene."

He said nothing, only swung down and jumped to the adjacent roof. He was the new Robin. I didn't know how I felt about it yet. I mean, I was ready to move on, I just didn't know that Batman needed to replace me. It kind of hurt. But the kid was alright. He was smart but impulsive and hadn't much regard for his own health. He saw a lot of this as a game. But when the team asked me if they should grab him for the mission, I said it was fine. He seemed like a fine operative.

He'd been Robin for a few years now. Honestly, he had been doing a good job. He made me jealous, like he was competing for my legacy. I tried not to get competitive with him anyway.

"Movement." I put a hand up to stop him from going inside. I turned around and he was gone. That was another thing, he was a lot like how I was at his age. I didn't take orders well from people who weren't Batman. He seemed to think he knew better. A fatal flaw.

Jason! I hissed over the psychic link.

I went to take out the thugs at the back door. KF missed them. He shot back venomously.

I shook my head. He was looking for trouble. Maybe I was just being to judgmental, after all, Batman trusted him, so should I.

Shit! Joke- The link went dead. All communication was down.

Jason! I yelled in vain. I crawled over to the back entrance to see the signs of a struggle.

"Robin is down. Bring up rear. Psychic link is down." I commed to Superboy in the bioship nearby.

"Do you need backup?" He asked.

"Negative. But be on the ready for deployment. Radio KF and and Aqualad on the situation."


I jumped down to the door facing the inside of the warehouse.

Present Time

"I'm sorry I pulled you in." He sputtered blood. My face grew pale when I saw the puddle growing bigger beneath us. I knew most of it was his. He was going to die if someone didn't get here fast. "It's my fault."

"Don't say that Jason." I worked my way on top of him. Well about as close as I could get. I still had a hand on my stomach, holding myself in. I tore off his bloody cape and threw it over his chest, resting my good arm and head on it to apply pressure. I listened for his heartbeat while my head rested on his chest. His pulse was slowing.

"You were always the best." His eyes seemed to glaze over. I dragged my carcass up to his face, watching him wince as I pushed myself up. "You were the best." He repeated.

"Stop it Jason." I pulled his face so that his eyes looked at me. "Focus. Look at me. Breathe in and out. In and out."

"I'm cold." He muttered, his eyelids fluttering.

With much effort, I worked off my armor and shirt over the bullet hole in my stomach. I kept feeling like if I moved my arm from my stomach the all of my guts would fall out. It was a stupid hallucination.

"That's because you're going into shock." He laughed and blood dribbled on his cheek as I draped my shirt on his chest, over his wounds. I could already see the blood seeping through.

"Hey, remember that one time in the cave." He coughed more blood while his face went pale. "When…you hit KF with that pie and started a huge food fight? I was all pissed and then you creamed me in the face with a big glob of M'gann's pudding?"

His voice drifted in and out, I felt tears forming at the corners of my eyes.

"That was you're first day on the team." I smiled down at him.

"Oh yea. Huh." He grinned, eyes glazing over again.

One Hour Earlier

"Guns are not my style, but I assume that your little daddy won't be long to skin my hide so let's get this over with!" The Joker's men came to me, hitting my head with the butt of his gun, sending my communicator flying far into the darkness.

"And you brought friends! I might have to go after them!" He snickered and I could see him eyeing Jason, tied up in a heap on the floor next to me.

"No!" I cried out. This maniac had ruined enough lives; I wouldn't let him kill them. They had no part in this.

"You are so annoying!" He sauntered over to me, swinging his rifle over his shoulder like a soldier. "Batsy even replaced you because you talk too much!"

He pointed the gun at me, inched from my head. I bowed, accepting my fate. Jason shot up as the trigger fired. Then he was rocketed back into me.

"No!" I felt myself screaming as he fell on the floor, holes decorating his Robing costume.

"Aww!" the Joker sadistically laughed, his mouth turning up in a grin, "Let's make the little birdies match!" He pointed it back at me.

Present Time

"Batman always said good stuff about you." He smiled as I hovered over him, "You were incredible. I wanted to be just like you."

"You're going to make it through this Jason, I won't let you die." My hand rested on his face, making his eyes focus on mine. The bright blue was fading. His light was going out. "I promise."

My voice cracked as I slipped on the last word. He smiled at my attempt.

"Dick." His eyes closed and opened again at a much slower pace. My heartbeat slowed. "Don't say that. I wasn't meant to replace you. I get that now."

I felt the warm wetness fall down my cheeks as he spoke. He didn't wince anymore. He didn't feel any more pain.

"No. Please Jason, don't give up." I pleaded.

"I'm not giving up. I'm going on." He smiled again. "If it's not meant to be, maybe I'll come back."

I nodded frantically. His hand floated up to my face, I grabbed it and held onto it. It rested on my cheek. It was so much colder than it should have been.

"Dick. I'll always value being a part of your legacy." His eyelids fluttered. "I loved it. I love Bruce…the family…you…I was…accepted." His words slurred.

I couldn't see anymore, the tears clouded everything.

"No, no, no, no." I muttered, shaking my head, crying.

"Tell Bruce…I'm sorry…I'm a…stupid kid." His smile faltered, slipping from his porcelain face. "I'm…sorry Dick…I'm so…sorry."

I curled up, holding his icy hand to my face. I laid my head on his chest, crying everything out.

"Don't go. Don't go Jason." I held onto his cold, rigid body. "Please, don't go Jason. Don't leave me here. Don't leave me here."

I stayed like that for a long time, until Bruce showed up. Until the team called him. I stayed, curled against his body. He was cold. But I wouldn't let go. I kept talking to him. Reminiscing about all the fun we had with the team, training, with Batman. I told him about how if he woke up I'd hang out with him every day, come visit him with Bruce, I'd make sure he had friends. That he was happy. I'd make sure that he was always having fun, that he was always safe. I'd make sure that nothing like this happened ever again. I'd make sure that he never did anything stupid like patrol with us with the Joker anymore. I'd never let him get hurt or get shot. I'd never let anything bad happen ever again.

I kept telling him to wake up. I kept asking him not to leave. I asked him not to leave me alone. I asked him to just open his eyes and tell me that everything was going to be okay. I asked him not to leave. Not to leave me alone.

But he left a long time before any of that.