"So is it true?"

Sherlock turned his head sharply facing the soft round features that combined to create Samandriel

"Ith what true?"

"That you can read people, I was talking to John and he said that you could tell alot of things just by looking at him."

"Yeth I can, but only when I want to."

"What can you tell about me?" asked the curious Samadriel.

"I can tell that you thwink that I am a pwerforming Mownkey. Like I said, only when I want." Stated Sherlock stubbornly.

Samandriel gripped the lunchbox he was holding tightly

"I don't think you are a monkey! I just wanted to know if you were really that good."

"Look" Samandriel continued "I'll make a trade. You tell me three things about me and I'll give you the three Oreos my mum packed in my lunchkit"

Sherlock narrowed his eyes "Show me the cookies."

Samandriel opened up his tin box and pulled out the three promised cookies.

Sherlock nodded stiffly

"Okay fine. Only this one time"

Sherlock studied Samandriel for a minute. Of course Mycroft could deduce much faster then he could, but he was bigger.

"Your father suddenly left your family and you haven't heard from him in well over 2 years. You have lots of sibwings, one named Anna and one named Cassy who is in here too. And your eldest sibwings argue wots, mainly becwase they can't agwee on how to run the family with your mum busy all day and your father gone."

"How...Who told you?!" Samandriel said rather angrily.

"Nowone twold me! I saw it in your clothes and lunch box and your backpack and shoes. Now give me the cookies."

"Fine but how did you see all that in my clothes?" Samandriel asked slowly handing over the Oreos."

Sherlock sighed and began

"Your mum works all the time to pay the bills, thats why you are dwopped off here by your much older swiblings, I always see you come in wif two, one guy and a girl bwoth over 16."

"Half-siblings" Samandriel interrupted.

"Okay fine. Well you use your haf-sibwings old clothes and shoes, since I can see a faded name written on the sole of your shoe."

"My shoes have souls?!" Samandriel asked open eyed

Sherlock gave the 8 year old Samandriel an odd look before saying. "No. Ofcwouse they don't have souls, they have soles."

"What?" was the confused reply

Sherlock rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to say something that mummy would probably dissagree with him saying out loud but rather luckily for the sensitive Samandreil just as Sherlock began to say something rude, a loud cry come from the lunch table where most of they children had settled.


Both Sherlock and Samandreil turned to see a quite angry commander Spock.

"Anne calm down! What makes you think some one took your sandwich?"

Anne pulled angrily at the neckline of her blue starfleet uniform and smudged the rather comical eyebrows her mother had drawn on, as she wiped away her angry tears. Sherlock considered that this whole 'costume day' was the biggest waste of time, especially when people couldn't even pretend to be in character. Spock would never make such an outburst over a sandwich, and Spock would certainly not cry. Anne was an awful Spock.

"I had a sandwich this morning. It was turkey but then I went to play with Nick and now its gone. She sat down and cried while a tiger and the 4th Doctor tried their best to calm her down. 'Wendy' from peter pan was quick to offer half her own lunch and Commander Spock eventually accepted the well constructed avacado sandwich.

"Does anyone here know what happened to Annes's lunch?" Ms. Randie asked in a loud voice.

Heads shook and silence fell until Cassy said

"Samandreil was in here before lunchtime so ask him."

Sherlock raised an eyebrow. Betrayed by your own sister...family troubles indeed.

Samadriel glared at Cassy mentally reminding himself to stick some gum into her long black hair, before saying.

"No I didn't! I am a Virgin."

Two boys of around 10 sniggered and Ms. Danae who had just entered the room looked like she was going to burst a blood vessel as she tried to contain her laughter.

"What did you say?" asked Ms Randie who was willing herself to not look at Ms. Danae for fear of not being able to maintain a straight face.

"I am a virgin. My big sister was watching a movie with me and the guy in the movie said it and I asked my sister what it meant and she said it meant innocent. I didn't steal Anne's sandwich so I am a virgin." Samandriel looked pleased to have taught his teachers something.

Ms. Danae suddenly left the room and Ms. Randie managed to choke out a simple.

"Okay then." before following Ms. Danae

Samandriel looked a bit confused and turned to Sherlock asking

"Did I say something funny?" as the muffled laughter of the two teachers floated into the room.

Sherlock looked up at the young blonde haired boy and said

"Go look it up in a dictionary. It is under v i r."

Samandriel headed for the bookshelves