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Chapter 1

"To hell with Prince Charming, I'll take the frog!" Brittany slammed to the toy store sending Quinn to her feet.

"What the hell Britt?"

Still muttering to herself, she started arranging the toys on the shelf. She glanced over her shoulder and see Quinn Fabray her partner studying her.

"Trouble in paradise?"Quinn asked

"You could say that." She sighed while running a hand through her blonde locks.

"What happened?"

"Same old thing. You date an oh-so decent guy, he tells you he loves you, then go behind your back and fuck anyone wearing .A .Skirt!" she punctuated her words by slamming her hands to the shelf in front of her.

Quinn glanced at their customer and find brown eyes studying them with curiosity. Smiling reassurance to the customer, she dragged Brittany to the storage room at the back of the store.

"Sit." Quinn said in a soft voice.

"Okay. Now tell me what really happened." Quinn's voice was soft and concerned

Brittany blinked furiously at her tears. She doesn't want to cry in front of Quinn over some guy.

"I wanted to surprise Taylor. So I went to his office and found him fucking his secretary in his desk."

Quinn's eyes widened "Taylor your boyfriend?"

"Yes Quinn my boyfriend, the one who told me he loves me, the one who wants me to spend the weekend with him."

"I'm so sorry Britt." By now she was already standing and was being hugged by Quinn.

"Its not fair Quinn. Why do I always end up getting hurt? Remember Sarah?"

"Your ex girlfriend?"

"Yes, I caught her doing the nasty in some random bar remember? All the hot people in this world are jerks."

"Its his loss Britt. C'mon we have lots of work to do."

Upon entering the main room her eyes slid to the woman who is now bending to get a stuffed animal from the bottom of the shelf. And since the woman is wearing tight jeans and a tight shirt, she can't help but admire the soft curves of the woman. She then snapped out of it and thought that she will never date hot people ever again.

To keep her mind off things, she started sweeping the floor of the store.

"Thank you Ms. Lopez. Have a nice day." She was snapped out of her own world upon hearing Quinn's soft voice.

"Thanks for the help." says the customer (or Ms. Lopez as Quinn called her) as she strode towards the door, her glance landed on Brittany. She smiled and winked at Brittany and exits.

She was momentarily startled at the depth of those brown orbs but snapped out of it quickly since Quinn is giving her a funny look.

"Why can't I find a girl like Rachel Q? Or even a guy version of Rachel." She murmured

Quinn smiled at the mention of her long time girlfriend.

"I don't know Britt."

"I think I should go geek hunting."

"Geek hunting?"

"Yeah I think geeks are sweet and loyal, unlike the hot people who always cheat."

At the end of the afternoon she already made a list on where and how to find her geek.