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Hero's Born and Made: Zeia's Story.

In the Heart of an Empath.


In the Pokémon world children may leave for their journeys at the age of ten. However, if the parent doesn't want the child to leave they can stop the journey. All it takes is a good reason.

Insanity, bad health, being incapable of caring for themselves, emotionally unfit, or being needed at home for some reason or another are very common reasons to stop a Pokémon journey. Some times the child really does need to stay home. The clauses may be true, but not always.

You mainly see this happening in abusive families or with over protective parents' the most. There are, however, others who do it too. If power corrupts and ultimate power courts ultimately then what does money do? Wreak lives like mine, or at least change them.

You see, the rich 'aristocratic' families have a single heir mentality. They really need it too. Having to many heirs can mean competitions for the inheritance rights. Those competitions have a tendency of getting messy and bringing shame to the family name.

But if a family has only one heir then what happens when that single heir dies on a Pokémon journey? The more socially elite families often bribe judges to forbid their children from journeys. This means that they aren't going to lose their only heir, but it also means that these heirs grow up not caring about Pokémon journeys. They don't feel guilty about forbidding their children because they never went themselves. It's the snowball effect.

How did no one see this and stop it you ask. It is easy to get what you want when you're old money. All you have to do is bribe some people. Everyone has a price; you just have to find it.

My name is Zeia. I was deemed incapable of going on my Pokémon journey by court order when I was ten. My parents convinced the court that I was too ill. Our privet family doctor was given a raise to ensure his agreement, and I would bet my left hand that some of the jury where in my fathers pockets as well.

My parents told me they just could not let their 'little girl' go away on such a 'dangerous journey' into 'unlivable and hospitable' landscapes with just some 'simple minded beast' to aid me. I smell bullshit. More likely they didn't want to have to share a room long enough to make my replacement if I died.

So that is what brought me here. I am sixteen years of age now, and my parents have told me I am to meet my future husband today. While you can not legally force you child into a marriage any more, there are other ways. Blackmail, bribery, torture, brainwashing, and even hypnotism have been used to force people to marry.

I have grown up my entire life being told that the man my parents pick out for me will bring me the most happiness. I believed it right up until they lied to the world to get me banned form my Pokémon journey. Then they made it worse by trying to bribe me with pre trained Pokémon.

Pre trained Pokémon have their spirits beat out of them so that they will be like puppets to their owners. I wanted a Pokémon who could be my partner not a Purrloin who would follow me around cringing in my skirts or an Emolga who would be to afraid to fly.

We have argues with each other for six years, but now my parents' are finally allowing me to buy my own Pokémon with out them hovering over my shoulder rejecting all my choices. Tomorrow I will buy a Pokémon who can learn to fight, a Pokémon who can protect me, and a Pokémon who I can call a partner.

Tomorrow my life truly begins.


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