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Heroes Born and Made: Zeia's Story.

In The Heart of an Empath.

Chapter Nine.


Zeia leaned against the side of a building and lazily watched the people going by. She'd seen Accumula Town and had happily run into the tiny town. Now she didn't know what she was doing, but Zeia could guess the basics. She had to refill her backpack and buy provisions.

She started with the food stuffs because she'd done it before. Well, not bought food for a Pokémon journey, but she had followed the maids around when they were grocery shopping. Zeia was sure she could do it be herself.

Eventually the girl found a store selling food. Wandering around the store, Zeia was overwhelmed. There were shelves of food and cans and things she didn't know the use of. in that instant Zeia realised that she was sheltered. Any normal person would know how to shop for food. 'Working class kids have probably been buying their own food since they turned ten.' She thought in a pessimistic tone. 'How am I supposed to do this?'

"Do you need some help?" a soft voice startled Zeia. She whirled around to see a small boy of about nine standing behind her. He had shaggy blond hair and warm hazel eyes. Those hazel eyes were currently showcasing his amusement at the female in front of him. "You look like you've never been shopping before." The boy smiled.

Zeia felt a faint red flush creep up her cheeks, but managed to fight it down. "I haven't," she humbly replied. "Any help you are willing to offer would be by me greatly appreciated." She knew better than to turn down help because of pride. If the child could help her than Zeia would listen.

"Are you a nobel?" The boy frowned faintly as he asked. "You talk all funny like my mama says they do."

Zeia nodded and softly smiled in what she hoped was a reassuring manner. "I am," she told him. "That is why I started my Pokémon journey so late. Most aristocrats, nobles that is, are not allowed by their parents to go on one. Because of that fact I don't know how to do anything need for a journey like buying food or supplies."

The boy seemed to think her answer for a moment. 'She's friendly enough, even if she does talk funny.' He decided after a while. 'And mama says to always help those who don't know what they're doing. I can help her then leave to go home without any trouble.'

"You need stuff that won't go bad." he fired off rapidly all of a sudden. Zeia had been watching the myriad of expressions his face had gone through while he was thinking, so she didn't act surprised when he started talking. "Like cans and packaged food. You also need some fresh fruit for snacks and stuff. Water is good too, because mama says you can't find good water everywhere all the times."

The boy took her through the store and helped her gather a weeks worth of food. "You'll want to carry more than that most of the time." The boy had told her as they browsed through the canned goods. "But Striaton city is only two days away, and if you get lots some of it will go bad. You don't want to waste. That's also why you eat the things that are closer to going bad first." He showed her where the expiry dates were on the cans and on the sealed packages of carrots and apple slices she took for snacks.

The child, who had introduced himself as Theo somewhere between the canned goods and the veggie isles, also showed Zeia how to tell if fresh produce was any good. He made her tap and sniff different fruits and vegetables for near half of an hour before they moved on. "You are being quite meticulous in your training of me," Zeia mentioned off handily. "You should be a tutor and teach classes on things people need to know on Pokémon journeys. You could charge a fee per class and make a nice living off of it, or you could do private tutoring for the nobles who let their kids have journeys."

"A tutor is a teacher for hire, not one from a school, right?" Theo asked as he led her to the check out. "I like teaching people things. Do tutors make enough to support families? Mom says she has to work because daddy doesn't make enough to support our family since the pay cut to the logging around here. I don't like it when mommy has to work because she always comes home tired."

Zeia was quite as they went through the checkout. She'd moved some of her spare cash from its hiding place to her wallet and paid with that. Eventually they left to a nearby bench outside the store where she placed all her food stuffs in the left side pouch. "Does your family have enough to eat?" She didn't look at Theo while she spoke. She'd never gone hungry for long, and she couldn't imagine a family not being able to feed their own. Zeia frowned slightly as she realised that the gap between the upper class and the working class was larger than she had thought.

"My and my sisters do." Theo assured her happily. "Mommy and daddy eat most of the time, but every few days they don't eat at all. Mom says its because we don't have enough. I try to eat less so there's more for my parents. Mommy gets mad at me sometimes and says that I need to eat so I can grow."

"Children need to eat to grow up strong so that they can support their future families." Zeia explained. She reached into her wallet and pulled out a 50,000 Poké bill (1). "Since you were such a good tutor I'll pay you. That way when you are famous I can say I was your first paying student." She winked at Theo then, and he giggled in return as he put the bill in his pocket.

She stood up and curtsied to the small child. The egg wobbled in its sling, but Zeia was practiced enough that she didn't lean forwards when she curtsied so the egg didn't fall out. Theo clumsy bowed back to her. "Thank you for all you help Theo." Zeia straightened up and kissed the child on the top of his head. She ignore his blush as she put her backpack on and started to walk away. "Maybe someday we will meet again."

The child was left to wave sadly at her as she strode off towards the other half of the town.


The small black, fox like Pokémon raced through the desert of route 4. Its fur was full of sand, but it kept going at a steady pace. Instinct warned it and the dark type jumped away from the blow of a Sandile. A couple of Fury swipes later and the Pokémon was rushing off none the worse for ware. The Pokémon had a human to thank, and the longer it took to find her the more likely she wouldn't be where it had last seen her.

The fox shook its head and kept going. It would find her. There were no other humans that looked like her that smelled like her too. The Pokémon took a moment to stop beneath a sleeping Maractus for shelter from the sandstorm. It also took that time to ponder on the females strange scent. It had smelled many like her before. That strange scent of power and age filled the blood of most of the trainers who made it to fight the dark types master.

The fox had always assumed that the scent meant something about skill. Most of the humans it had met, for the scent was only ever mixed in to a human's blood, that had that scent also had a special talent they were good at. The Pokémon pondered some more on the scent as the storm shifted around it. It knew that its trainer, the one who could speak to Pokémon, also carried that scent, but it was much weaker than the female who had saved the fox.

The wind died down and the Pokémon scampered off before the Maractus could become annoyed at its presence. It had better things to do now that the sandstorm was gone anyways.


Zeia had stopped off at a camping store and bought herself some good trainers. She's also gotten a small pamphlet on how to start a fire without a Pokémon's aid. A small first aid kit for humans had been added to her kit along with a larger one for Pokémon. The egg would need care when it hatched, and the Pokémon would need to be trained to fight. Zeia knew she had to be prepared for some bumps and scrapes since it's not like there would be a Pokécenter whenever she need one.

After that she had stopped at a small restaurant and had lunch. She was enjoying the roast Tepig sandwich and the fires she'd ordered with it. Something inside her had twinged at the thought of eating a Pokémon but she shoved it aside. There were no other meat things but Pokémon to eat and she wasn't cut out to be a vegetarian. 'Not there is anything wrong with those who are too close to Pokémon to eat them.' Zeia thought as she chewed. 'It is simply that I cannot see myself giving up meat just because the things we eat also live with us. Besides, Pokémon eat each other all the time. Some Pokémon will even eat humans in the wild if they find one. We humans are just another rung on the food chain doing what we must to survive.' She nodded to herself at that.

Eventually she finished and paid for her meal before stopping at a corner store. A traveler's bathing supply kit was her next purchase, along with a hair brush and some hair ribbons. Having put everything away she stretched before glancing at the sun. It was about halfway done its decent, so Zeia figured she had more than enough time to find a campground before sunset. With that in mind the sixteen year old set off. She had things to do before nightfall, and tonight she would have a fire!


Theo's mother stared at the bill held loosely in the young boys palm. "Where did you get that, sweetie?" she asked hesitantly. It was clear on her face that she was worried he would say he stole it. She knew that her son knew of their families money problem, after all feeding a family of five off of a logger's paycheck was difficult before the pay slash her husband's company had gone through, but she didn't want her son to turn to thieving. That was why she had got a part time job at the nearby restaurant.

"A lady gave it to me 'cause I taught her what she needed to get for her Pokémon journey." Theo explained, happily oblivious to the thoughts in his mother's head. "She said I should offer to train nobles like her when I'm bigger mama. Said I'd make a good tutor!"

"She said I would make a good tutor," his mother corrected him in a daze. Fifty dollars wasn't much in the long run, but it would allow them to keep up to date on this month's mortgage payment. The noble could have left his son with nothing, so she was very thankful that this person had chose to pay back her son's good will. Even if she didn't like the thought of Theo being near some adult he didn't know. "You'll have to learn to speak properly if you want to be a tutor, and that means paying attention in English class. That will be a lot of effort Theo, and what did I tell you about approaching strange adults?"

The boy shot his mother an apologetic look. "Not to do it?" He waited for his mother's nod before attempting to defend his actions. "She wasn't an adult mama. She was like Penny's age at the most, and she was really confused. I just helped her out in the grocery store. It wasn't like I followed her someplace dark. She was nice too."

Theo's mother sighed before ruffling her son's hair. Penny was her eldest daughter, and was nearly sixteen. 'That means that the girl could be anywhere from fifteen to seventeen years old. Theo is a child so he could be a little off in guessing her age. She's quite old for her journey though. Aristocratic kids who go on Pokémon journeys normally go around thirteen or fourteen.' The woman hummed lowly for a couple of seconds.

"I'll ask your uncle about his friend who was tutor." Theo smiled as she told him that. "Maybe he can tell us what sort of schooling you need for that sort of job."

Theo went to bed with a smile on his face. His mother put the money in her bank and paid off their mortgage payment for the month. With the last of the bills paid she wouldn't have to worry about if she could afford meals for six each day. Things were looking up for her family.


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