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Heroes Born and Made: Zeia's Story.

In The Heart of an Empath.

Chapter Eleven.


The small blue and black dragon woke up beside his Nest Mother. A bit of snuffling beside her assured him that she had stopped bleeding and was going to be fine. Deciding that his Nest Mother would make do without him for a little while, the dragon wandered off towards where it could smell trees. The lack of sight did not bother him. The Pokémon had a feeling that this was natural for his kind, and he could smell well enough not to need to see anyways.

However, none of that mattered at the moment. All that mattered was filling his belly and returning to his Nest Mother. She would be awakening soon, and he did not her to leave him behind. He knew that she would have wings if she was fully evolved. He would need lots of energy to keep up with her if that was so.

A warm fuzzy feeling filled the young dragon's chest. It would protect its Nest Mother until she was better. Later she would be better and they could train together. He was going to be the most powerful dragon type ever! His Nest Mother would help him, and then he would grow and evolve. If it was possible the little dragon would have smiled to himself. Life was good for him.


Cilan wandered aimlessly through the forest around Striaton. He'd come out here to train a bit before returning to the restaurant. The widely spaced out trees and lots of random meadows made an excellent place to train Pokémon if you didn't mind the walk. He'd been coming out to the forest to train since he was just a little kid with only a Pansage to his name.

He was about to enter his favorite meadow when he saw that it was already occupied. A young black-haired girl was laying in the grass. A backpack lay beside her and prevented Cilan from seeing most of her, but he could tell she just waking up. She sat up suddenly, and he was horrified to see she was covered in dried blood. Obviously she had been attacked, but by what?


Zeia opened her eyes and looked up at the sky above her. Her entire body felt sore and grimy. A quick glance downwards told her that all her blood had stuck to her and dried into a red and brown crust over her cloths. With a sigh she sat up. Clearly she was going to have to change her clothes before tracking down her missing Pokémon.

Speaking of said Pokémon... She wasn't quite sure what it was, but she felt like she was supposed to know. Clearly it was an Unova Pokémon, but it had to one of the ones not often trained since she'd never seen it before. While she was pondering what kind of Pokémon her little dragon could be Zeia stood up and slung her backpack over her shoulder. She would have to go looking for it before the newly hatched Pokémon found itself in some form of trouble it couldn't handle.

An excited mewl drew her out of her thoughts, and Zeia had only seconds to brace herself before the little dragon was upon her. Jumping and nipping at her in its excitement to see its mother. Suddenly the dragon nipped too hard and Zeia let out a pained yelp.


The little dragon charged forwards and mewled in excitement. His Nest Mother was up and moving! That meant she was only minorly injured and would recover even faster!

He jumped forward and nipped at the parts of his Nest Mother he could reach. Dragon skins are rough and sturdy so his nipps wouldn't hurt his Nest Mother. They would just let her know he was happy to see her.

The next instant his mother had let out a pained noise and recoiled away from him. That gave the little dragon a moment to pause and think. His Nest Mother neither felt nor smelled like a dragon. Infact, she was very soft and squishy. She had flesh rather than scales, and he could hear her feet shuffle against the ground. Clearly, she was not one of his species.

For most kinds of Pokémon this thought would have disturbed them, but the little dragon knew by instinct that his kind were often abandoned by their Nest Mothers. Clearly the female he had been calling Nest Mother had found his abandoned egg and protected it. This fact in the little dragon's mind meant that she was his Nest Mother anyway. With that decided he went to bound over to her to apologise.

Something blindsided him instead.


Just as Cilan was about to walk out of the trees and offer to help the clearly injured young woman a small blue and black blur charged the girl. Within seconds the small Pokémon was jumping on the girl and biting at her. The girl flinched and stumbled backwards with a pained yelp under the dragon's assault.

In an instant Cilan had pulled out his trusty Pansage's Pokéball and unleashed the grass type into the meadow. "Quick Pansage." he told it. "Save that girl from that Pokémon!"

The grass type nodded before rushing forwards. It raced across the meadow towards the blue and black Pokémon before tackling the unsuspecting daragon in the side. The dragon let out a startled yip before turning around and opening his mouth. A blue and purple beam of energy burst out of the Pokémon's mouth and sent the Pansage careening to the side.

The two Pokémon swiftly fell into a routine of trading tackles and biting at each other. At that point Cilan had stepped into the clearing and was about to take control of Pansage and end the battle.

The black-haired girl beat him to it.


Zeia was about to reassure the dragon that he hadn't really hurt her when a Pansage appeared out of nowhere and tackled her newly hatched Pokémon. Instantly the dragon let out a dragon rage attack before tackling the offending Pansage. Zeia just wanted to cry. First a Pawniard now a Pansage. Neither Pokémon were even supposed to be wild in the route she was on. "What's next?" Zeia muttered. "An Emboar?"

A pained mewl caught her attention in time for her to see her baby dragon receive a rather vicious tackle to the side. Without even thinking about it she was storming across the meadow and picking up her Pokémon. It was really heavy and required both arms to hold, but Zeia wasn't about to let a little heavy lifting prevent her from protecting her Pokémon. Not after everything she had done to get it this far.

"You!" she pointed at the clearly confused Pansage. "Are going to leave my Pokémon alone, or I am going introduce you to what we humans call a weed wacker." The Pansage began to nod rapidly while backing away from the angrily glaring young woman.

Cilan cautiously approached the teenaged girl and stopped a respectful distance away. He could tell by her features and the way she held herself that she was an aristocrat, and he didn't want to risk angering her. "Excuse me miss," he started respectfully, "but are you okay."

Zeia blinked at the attractive green-haired man before her. He was wearing a waiter's uniform, and looked vaguely familiar. The was worry clear on his face, and it took Zeia a moment to realise that she was still covered in dried blood.

"I'm quite well, thank you." She told him sweetly. Just because she was in a forest doesn't mean that she can't remember her manners. "I got attacked by a Pawniard some inconsiderate trainer released around here, but my Pokémon saved me. May I ask if that Pansage is yours, and if it is then why it was attacking my Pokémon?"

The green-haired man flushed slightly. "I thought the Pokémon was attacking you, and tried to save you." He admitted. "You said this is your Pokémon?"

"He hatched from an egg in my care." Zeia explained with a shrug. Her arms were beginning to tire so she placed the dragon down beside her before rolling her shoulders in relief. That dragon was heavy! "I don't even know what he is... OH!" She swung her backpack around and started digging through it.

Cilan blinked at the girls odd exclamation. "Oh?" he asked hesitantly.

Zeia was too busy searching to respond, but when she found what she wanted she pulled it out and waved the Pokédex at Cilan with a pleased smirk on her face. "This will tell me what he is!" She told him excitedly. The Pokédex clicked a whirred before scanning the Pokémon before it.

"Deino, the irate Pokémon." the machine started to recite. "A dragon and dark type. It tends to bite everything, and it is not a picky eater. Approaching it carelessly is dangerous. They cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn about their surroundings. Their bodies are covered in wounds because of this."

Zeia looked over her little Deino and hummed thoughtfully. "I'm going to call you Fluffy." She informed the small dragon standing at her feet. "What do you think of that?"


The little dragon squirmed about when his Nest Mother lifted him up. She held him for awhile while speaking with another one of her kind.

"So she's your trainer?" The Pansage asked him.

The Deino frowned before sniffing in the direction of the rude Pokémon who had blindsided him before. Clearly that was who had spoken. "She's my Nest Mother." He explained, but he did not stop sniffing and checking on the position of the Pansage. "My real Nest Mother abandoned my egg, and the one holding me hatched my egg in my real Mother's place. Hence, I call her my Nest Mother even we are not the same kind of Pokémon."

"That's not what she is." The Pansage said. He sounded amused to the blind Deino. "She's not a Pokémon. She is a human Pokémon trainer."

"Trainer?" The Deino asked. "What is a trainer?" Suddenly the Deino let out a squeak as he was relocated from his trainer's arms to the grass at her feet.

The Pansage let out an amused laugh. "A trainer is a human who catches up to six Pokémon and goes on a journey with them. As her starter Pokémon you are expected to protect your trainer, and she is expected to battle with you."

"I have to battle with other trainer's Pokémon to protect my Nest Mo... er... Trainer?" The Deino pondered this for a moment. "I can live with that."

The Pansage held up his hand for a moment before pointing at the Deino. "She just named you Fluffy." He informed the Deino. "And she wants to know what you think of that, Fluffy."

The dragon turned around and snuggled with his trainer's leg. "My trainer may name me what she wishes." He announced. "I will be Fluffy if that is what she wants."

The Pansage shrugged. "Whatever you want man. Better you than me."


Zeia smiled at the happy Deino before turning back to Cilan. "I guess that settles that then!" She said cheerfully.

"Not exactly." Cilan started. "Have you caught it in a Pokéball yet?" The green haired man found himself laughing at the blank expression on the aristocrat's face.

Zeia flushed pink before shrugging half-heartedly. "Ahhh. No, not yet." She gave him a hesitant smile.

Cilan made a shooing motion which prompted Zeia to once again pull off her backpack. Swiftly she was digging through it until she came upon the luxury ball Iza had left her. "Can I catch him with this?" she asked. Cilan gave her an affirmative nod.

Slowly she knelt down before the Deino and looked it right in its face. While Fluffy couldn't see her he could smell Zeia, and knew better than to move suddenly when she was so close. "Fluffy, I'm going to catch you now." She told him in her most soothing and calming voice. As she spoke she petted him and slowly began to open up the luxury ball. "Please don't panic."


Fluffy would have freaked out and fought the luxury ball if it hadn't been for the soothing voice of his trainer in his ears as the ball sucked him inside. The instant he was inside of the ball he felt all his worries fade away. He felt his consciousness sliding away, but didn't worry. The thought of his trainer's voice followed him into sleep.

In what felt like only seconds later he heard his trainer's voice again. There was a feeling of weightlessness, and then Fluffy found himself standing in grass at his trainer's side again.


Zeia smiled as the gold button in the center of the luxury ball flashed red in the sigle that the Pokémon was properly caught. Instantly she was scooping up the ball and releasing Fluffy back into the real world. The little Deino shook himself before snarling slightly. He stumbled over to Zeia and snuggled against her again.

"Well then," Cilan said. "now that all of that is all done and legal why don't we go to Striaton City? I'll lead you there."

"And then I can challenge your gym!" Zeia cheered.

Cilan shook his head. "Not really... My brothers and I gave up our spots as gym leaders until we become better trainers. The first gym is now in Aspertia City, and will be run by Cheren."

Cilan watched in fascination as Zeia first ground her teeth together before taking a deep breath in and slowly letting it out. As she breathed out her face slowly grew blank as she let her mask slip over her face for a moment. Cilan found it fascinating to see the blank aristocrat mask slide over the girls face. Her control was impressive for one so young, but Cilan knew that compared to older aristocrats she was still learning.

"Shall we go then sir?" Zeia asked suddenly. "I would like to bring Fluffy to the Pokécenter to have him checked over. He was hatched in a rather hectic situation." Without waiting for Cilan to agree Zeia strode off in the direction Cilan had originally appeared from. The green haired man shrugged before walking after her.


The small fox raced towards the Skyarrow bridge. It shook itself before skittering through the streets of Castelia. It dodged through the feet of passing people with ease. Determination pushed the little Pokémon towards where it believed the human girl would be. Advice from another Pokémon had informed him where to look for her.

The bridge stretched before the dark type. With a sharp nod it took off across the open bridge. Soon it would reach it's goal, but for now the Pokémon hurried. Something strange blew on the wind, and all of Castelia's Pokémon trembled with both fear and excitement.

The Zorua didn't like. All the Pokémon could feel the storm that was gathering, and the little fox was afraid it was going to get caught in the downpour as the storm broke.

Somewhere far above thunder roared.