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Hero's Born and Made: Zeia's Story.

In the Heart of an Empath.

Chapter One.


The sounds of the sea invaded a wandering shopper's ears. The tall girl pulled her long black hair into a half pony tail with a bright red ribbon. Her silver eyes glanced around her at the familiar sights.

She had pale skin and light pink lips, which gave her a ghost like look as if she could fade out of existence at any moment. Her name is Zeia.

'Castelia,' the girl thought softly. 'It's the largest city in Unova, with the only sea side market. One can find allsorts of Pokémon for sale.' She sighed and glanced around her again. 'So why can't I find one I like?'

Zeia walked down the street until she came to the Castelia cone shop. She purchased an ice cream before entering a near by Pokémon shop. She couldn't help but sigh again. 'All shop Pokémon have been raised to obey.' Her silver eyes took in the offered merchandise with a hint of annoyance. 'The fight of the wild had been stomped right out of them.'

A male voice broke her from her thoughts. "Can I help you miss?" the guy asked. A quick glance at his name tag told Zeia his name was Bob. Her eyes seemed to bore through his for a second before she smiled sweetly at him. Through it all her eyes remained like ice, but the cashier didn't notice.

She ran her pink tongue over the cone of the ice cream erotically, and Bob's eyes followed it like glue. "I want to buy a Pokémon." She told him before licking her lips. His eyes followed that movement as well. "I want to buy an untrained Pokémon to train myself. May I see the ones in the back room?"

Bob nodded like an excited puppy and led her to a door hidden in a corner before unlocking it. "We won't be interrupted here." He told her.

The room was full of Pokémon in cages. In the cages were Minccino and Cinccino, an old Galvantula, some Cottonee, and a Shelmet. There was even a breeder's pair of Unfezants in there too. Zeia had to struggle to keep her irritation off of her face as she saw the meager pickings.

"There's nothing I want here." She told him as she turned and briskly walked out the door. An upset "Hey!" followed her out side, but she kept going until she had reached the sea side market place.


With a sad sigh Zeia settled on one of the piers and gazed out at the sea. Two hours of wandering the market and what did she have to show for it, Nothing! Her black hair whipped around her, released from the red ribbon for a time. Her white summer dress blew around her as well. The silk didn't make a noise in the salty wind.

She glanced at the market before heaving herself up. 'Maybe there will be something I missed.' She thought hopefully as she stepped forward. She felt soft fur brush her body before a Purrloin raced past. Her instinctual glance down showed a trail of red dots following it. 'Blood?' she pondered.

'Its hurt!' the thought was only in her head an instant before she was off, chasing after it with a speed few humans could match in high heels. The Purrloin stumbled before darting into a side street. Zeia skidded in a second later.

It trembled as it stared at Zeia in fear. She squatted down and pulled out the red ribbon for her hair out of her purse. "I just want to help you." She crooned softly to the Purrloin. Watching it carefully she crawled forward.

The Purrloin tensed before sitting back on its haunches. A second later it tried to spring right over Zeia's head. She simply stood up and caught it, wrapping her arms around its furry body before sitting down. The Purrloin struggled but could not escape.

Its front right leg was dripping blood, so Zeia held it away from her white dress. She knew from misadventures with stairs that bloodstains were a bitch to get out of silk. A small yellow tube was pulled out of her purse, and Zeia held it up for the Purrloin to see.

"This is Polispore." She told it. "It is made from Foongus spores and will stave off infections and other nasty things." She kept her voice at a soft coo as she spoke.

A pinch of powder was dropped on the wound. Almost instantly it started to clot and scab over. Zeia then wrapped the ribbon around the paw like it was gauze; grateful for once that she used cotton ribbons instead of silk. After a couple of seconds worth of failing to get the end tied one-handed she let out a huff.

'Damn you slippery ribbon!'

Zeia popped a silver broach off her dress and pinned the makeshift band aid shut. The broach itself was silver with 'Zeia' spelled out in tiny emeralds. "There you go." She put the Purrloin down. It glanced at her before taking off. Just before it turned the corner it seemed to almost blur. In that instant its tail was black with a red tip. Then the shimmer was gone and Zeia was left to shake her head over her strange imagination.

In the end she took a different exit out of the side street from normal, and ended up in the poorer side of town. She was boxed in by houses with peeling paint and no lawns. Taking another street she did not recognize led her to a market, and for an instant she thought she had found the sea side market she'd spent all morning in.

She soon realized her error. The stalls were shadowy and the dealers far less friendly than the market she had thought she was in. An inkling of suspicion filled her mind.

A booth near her was selling Haxorus hide and Beartic fur clothing; she froze. There were some Pokémon that are so rarely found in the wild that they are red listed. Red listed Pokémon cannot be hunted or killed, and products made of them were illegal. The stuff the dealer was selling was all from red listed Pokémon.

A quick glance around showed that several booths were selling contraband things like red listed Pokémon and exported Pokémon from other regions. Zeia barely suppressed a smile of excitement. This was the black market that children and adults whispered of in the shadows. She knew that not everybody that went in came out alive, and the thought made her blood run. The weariness of wandering around all morning fell away.

It didn't take long to find what she needed. In the middle of that cess pit of human depravity it took Zeia only a few momments to find a secton of booths selling pokémon eggs.

There was a booth that was selling uncommon Pokémon eggs. Most of the eggs were to cold to hatch, of had cracks on them that told her they were stillborns who hadn't managed to hatch. It was only after searching the pile awhile that she found one warm enough to hatch.

"That thar' a Zorua egg. Tha' is." The man's breath washed over Zeia, making her wrinkle her nose at the smell of cheap cigarettes. The egg rocked softly in her arms, and they knew for sure it was alive.

"How much?" she asked, still to focused on the egg to notice the man eyeing her clingy dress. He leered at her when she turned to look at him. His rotten teeth flashed as he smirked.

"How 'er 'bought we go 'round back and negotiate?" he asked with a crude ogle of her long legs. She glared at him and he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. He probably wasn't expecting Zeia's face to shift to a blank mask. The only thing to give her anger away was a barely visible twitching of her left eye, but the man never got a chance to notice that. Her silver eyes seemed to bounce his sudden fear back at him, and for a second she looked more like an avenging goddess than a teenager.

'It always works for mother.' She reminded herself before speaking. "I think I must have misheard you scum. How much was this object?" there was tone of violence in her voice that even that man could pick up on. The dealer paled as he reevaluated her. While her cloths might be plain they were made of fine silk and the wallet she now held in her hand was full of cash.

"40,000 Poké." He told her. The money switched hands and Zeia left with the egg hidden inside her purse. Said purse was clutched as close to her body as it could be without being in the range of body langue that screamed 'I've got something I don't want stolen in here!' She did get a couple speculative glances, but she got out alive.

The egg was hers!


Zeia ended up strolling past liberty pier and decided to take a detour to the Castelia Gym. Burgh had been her art tutor since her parents had pulled her out of privet school. Apparently it made the 'she's to sick to go on a journey' story far more realistic, exactly what she need at the moment.

Yeah, she was still pissed about that.

She shared a tired smile with Richie at the front desk. He'd been recording trainers win and loses all day and Zeia had been wandering a chunk of the city she'd never seen before. A few minutes of chatting with the secretary and she was pinning a visitors badge onto her chest.

Visitor badges are special badges for non trainers who are going to see the gym leader to wear. It lets the gym bound trainers know that they can't battle the person wearing it, and gives the visitor the right to the quickest way to the gym leader unopposed.

When she found Burgh was painting a defeated challenger's Beedrill, and seeing one of those out of Kanto was a shocker. she stood to the side to wait for him to finish. He waved the paint brush currently in his hand at her in greeting. "How is my favorite student?" he asked as he finished the sharp stinger by laying a line of white to be shine from the light source.

"Lovely." Zeia said as she pulled her purse open. "Got my self a Pokémon egg." The moment her hands touched the egg a feeling of peace filled her.

"What did you pick?" he asked as he cleaned his brush. A dab of black came next as the start of an eye.

She pulled the egg fully out of the purse as she turned to look at him fully. "Haven't the foggiest." She answered truthfully. "To shadow in the stall to see what it was."

Now that she was able to see it clearly she could tell that it was an uncommon egg. It was larger then most eggs and was basely black. There were blue triangles all across it with red speckles as if someone had splattered it with paint. She'd never seen anything like it before.

Apparently nether had Burgh. "I don't know what it is." He admitted to her as he looked it over. "I have honestly never seen anything like this." Without even realizing it he had given her a clue. Burgh knew what most common Pokémon eggs looked like, so this must be a very rare or even red listed egg for him to not recognize it.

"Eggs are not really my thing thought." He reminded her as she glanced over the egg again.

She gave him a soft smile before packing up to leave. "I know. You did your best on it Burgh; I am not upset." With that she walked away. She still had to visit one more place before she went home to meet her "soon-to-be-husband" for dinner.


Letting out a sigh as she sat down, Zeia scrutinized the room before her. Hidden in the heart of the city was an underground fighting zone. Of course this was not a Pokémon fighting place, but one for people themselves to fight each other at. So for obvious reasons it was illegal. Very very illegal, not that anyone who went there cared.

Zeia had been introduced by one of the aristocrat boys she'd been courted by these last three years. He'd been trying to impress her with it, but he had only given her one more way to rebelled against her parents without them noticing.

She saved some of her spending money each month and bet it on the fighters. She had the uncanny ability to tell which were putting their all into the fight and those who were foolishly overconfident. It had served her well with telling who to put her money down on. Over the past two years or so she had made enough money to support a middle class family for five or six years without any of them working.

That is not to say she hadn't lost her fair share of cash to, but she won almost three times as often as she lost. Tonight she was planning on winning big.

The two fighters were a long time battler who called him self 'The Shiny Charizard' and a newbie fighter who was being called 'Schools Out'. The odds were 1:72 with Shiny Charizard the favorite, but Zeia had bet 500,000 Poké on the newbie.

The Shiny Charizard was a white man in his thirties. He was heavily muscled but had proven to be quite slow and easy to anger in past fights. She knew that he was easily to provoke into losing his cool, which always resulted in him attacking wildly in anger and tiring himself out. Not only did that make him an easy opponent to those who used strategy more than brute strength but it also meant that putting money on him was risky.

Schools Out was a very new fighter in the ring, and a woman at that. This meant that he was very overconfident in his win, so Charizard wasn't really going to try in this fight. Even thought he was trying to look intimidating every thing about him just made Zeia feel like he was going to be the loser in this fight. So she'd bet on the newbie instead.

Said newbie was stretching to prepare her for the oncoming fight. She was clearly limber, and the stats from her other fight said she was very swift and prone to taunting her prey. She was just the sort of opponent that Shiny Charizard had trouble with, and he wasn't even taking her seriously because she was a slender woman who probably couldn't beat him in an arm wrestle. Zeia rolled her eyes at the stupidity of men thinking that women couldn't fight.

She was going to enjoy this.


As it turned out, yes, she did enjoy it.

Shiny Charizard had lunged at Schools Out the moment the fight had started, probably planning on finishing quickly. Schools Out had dodged him and started taunting him while kicking some of the dirt of the arena floor at him. Just like a Bouffalant or one of those Kanto Pokémon called a Tauros would act when a red flag is waved in front of them, Shiny Charizard had flipped out. The fight was over very swiftly then.

Schools Out had used her body as a fulcrum to flip him over and slam his head into the ground. She'd then kicked him in the groin before slamming his head repeatedly with her foot until he had dropped comatose to the ground. The crowd had watched in shock as the tiny scrap of a woman in a school girls outfit took down a professional wrestler in less than five minutes.

Seems there is something to be said for brains over brawn after all.

She collected her 36,000,000 Poké and left the building to drop it off in her privet bank account with a smirk on her face. It was time for dinner, and she'd be in trouble if she was late again.