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Hero's Born and Made: Zeia's Story.

In the Heart of an Empath.

Chapter Three.


Walking down the streets to the Mermaid's Delight was a new experience to Zeia.

Whenever she went out after turning ten her parents had had her followed. She'd become used to feeling watched and feeling jumpy after shaking off her guards. The quiet fear that they might find her doing something she didn't want her parents to know about had always made her act slightly paranoid after escaping her guards.

She was never unsupervised anyway. The elder town's people had always seemed to pay a strange amount of attention to her. They always acted as if she was a princess of something, but they always said she was too young to understand why. She'd learned not to push the matter. They would attract the attention of her guards if she did.

Since she was dressed like any of the poor to middle class teens who wandered the streets after dinner time no one paid her a second look. She blended in near perfectly. There were no guards to shake or elders calling out to her or people pretending not to stare at her; it was just like when she was a child.

She used to wander the streets after bedtime as a child dressed in a hand knitted coat she'd made. The clumsy knitting made most assume she was homeless, so most had ignored her, and her parents never checked in on her. That meant she only had to be home before Iza arrived at four in the morning. She'd wandered the town without a care in the world until she made it to her secret base inside an abandoned warehouse.

The land the abandoned ware house was on would become hers once she reached 18 according to her grandmother's will, so it wasn't like she was trespassing or doing anything wrong.

As a child she had just needed a place with no other people to go and dance her heart out. That ware house had been her sanctuary. Her heart had a pang of grief when she realized she wouldn't be able to go there while on her journey. She was leaving everything she had ever known here. She was going in alone to a big dangerous world she knew only the basics about.

It felt like she was throwing herself to a pit full of hungry Hydreigons.

There would be no secret base to hide in if things got too tough out there. There would be no elderly folk to stop and have tea with when she needed advice. There would be no running the streets avoiding the gangs and homeless or visiting the underground fighting ring.

Everything was changing faster than it ever had before. Zeia wasn't sure if she was ready for it.


"How long does it take a bitch to change?" Richard Gaunt, who was going to be Zeia's husband once she signed the contract, roared in frustration. He glared at Rachel, Zeia's mother, as he did so. In the back of her head Rachel pondered how they would react to her stabbibg a steak knife through one of their hands. Pity she had such good self control.

Zeia's father Joshua Cooper stood up and gestured for Richard to do the same. "She's probably trying to stall the signing." He told Gaunt. "Let us simply go get her."

"If the chit doesn't sign willingly I'll just make her," Gaunt told Joshua angrily before storming off towards the east wing of the manor where all the bedrooms were in a huff. Both of the Coopers rushed after him Joshua with a similar look of rage over Zeia's lateness and Rachel with worry on her face as they raced up the stairs.

'Please let her be gone Arceus. I want my baby safe.'

The angry shout when the men found Zeia's room looking ransacked and a rope made out of cotton blankets tied together hanging out of the window brought a slight smile to her face. 'Iza must be very good at faking unassisted runaways,' she thought. 'Now all I have to do is act well enough to throw suspicion off myself. Well then, it's time to put on a show!'


"Are you Mr. Alex Mathews?" Zeia asked the sailor with very similar facial features to Iza. She ignored the funny feeling that always came to her when she thought of Iza and her mother sharing a last name. 'Besides,' she thought to her self, 'Mathews is a really common last name in Unova. There are three aristocratic house holds that claim it so there is probably tons of working class that use it too.'

The sailor stood up with a nod and gestured to her backpack. "Finally going on your journey Miss Zeia?"

Shooting him a shy smile she nodded. "Yes, I am. Iza said you'd take me to Unova."

"That me and my partner can do." Alex assured her with a smile. The girl looked like a skittish Deerling as she followed him out of the bar. A practiced flick of his wrist let his partner Swanna out of her Pokéball. She stretched her wings and neck before turning to look at him.

"She's beautiful," Zeia whispered in awe as the Swanna turned to look at her. "I've never seen such a large Pokémon this close up." While she was distracted Alex used his Pokégear to send a message to Iza. Zeia didn't notice him doing it.

"Shall we get going then?" He asked as he mounted the Swanna's back. Zeia nodded before carefully climbing aboard the large Pokémon. When she was on she wrapped her arms around Alex's waist. 'Wouldn't do to fall off midflight and die.' She pondered and held on. The mystery egg rested comfortably between them.

With a sudden thrust the Swanna took off into the air. So began the hour long flight to her new life. Zeia felt they were flying away from every thing she'd been chained to and into a new dawn. The sun setting around them somehow added to that feeling. Unconsciously her fingers stroked over the egg.

She fought back a yawn.


Rachel Cooper dropped exhausted onto her bed. The search for Zeia had lasted two whole hours before the men folk had called the police into it. Officer Maxwell, who was in her husbands pocket, had agreed to bring her home by force if need. Richard had told them that if Zeia didn't sign it willingly he'd just force her. Joshua had said there was nothing wrong with that.

She'd never been tempted harder then that moment.

"If you kill him you can't help her." A familiar voice warned the lady of the house. Iza was leaning on the doorway watching Rachel stroke the ring on her pointer finger. "What kind of poison is it anyway?"

Rachel stared at herself in the mirror. Her once rich brown hair was frizzing and she had heavy black bags just barely concealed with cover-up under her eyes. Her green eyes were dull and seemed less vibrant than normal. She glanced at the ring.

"Mother gave the ring to me." The lady explained. "It is full of concentrated poison from a Jellicent female who was in heat. It will eat through the intestinal lining of any living being but a steel type and make their entire body go septic in half an hour. After that they die slowly and incurably in great agony for hours afterwards."

"Mother always was one to strike back cruelly to those who hurt her family." Iza added as she came to stand beside Rachel's bed. "It's more liquid torture than poison." Being nearly side by side one could see the similarities between the two. Both were regal looking and slim with dark brown hair and almond shaped green eyes. Rachel had a rounded more feminine face while Iza looked almost as elf like as Zeia did.

Rachel glanced at the younger woman for a second before flopping back into her pillows. "How is my baby, half sister?" She asked with worry evident in her tone.

"She found Alex and they left eight minutes before Cooper and Gaunt realized she was gone." Iza told her elder sister softly. "They'll arrive at Nuvema Town in an hour of so if the wind holds."

In tandem the two sisters glanced at the window across the room. Outside they could just see the body of Officer Jenny slip past the house and into a nearby coffee shop. Rachel sat up and started getting ready to leave.

"Our Co-collaborator is here." she muttered as she slid her jacket on. "Shall we meet her?"


Alex couldn't help but smile as he felt the girl behind him slump in sleep. He knew she wasn't used to the emotional rollercoaster she'd been on that day, and it had tired the little dancer out. He couldn't help but remember when he'd first seen his half sister's daughter dance.

She'd been an immensely adorable seven year old who even then had appeared otherworldly. He couldn't help but chuckle at that. Considering what she was, even if it had been suppressed since she was ten, the inhuman beauty made sense.

She'd been even cuter in the fluffy white dress meant to make her look like a Cottonee for that years summer festival's annual play. She'd looked like she was floating as she danced across the stage, and Alex had wanted to beam like the proud uncle he secretly was. Joshua had been startled because he hadn't known his daughter could dance. Rachel had just quietly arranged formal lessons in different styles for Zeia to learn formal and proper dancing.

She'd always looked magical when dancing to the music in her head rather than a waltz or ballet. She had still easily won every dancing competition she'd ever been in.

The feeling of the egg against his back reminded him exactly what was at stake here. He urged his Swanna to go faster as the sun neared fully set. It wouldn't take more than a day or two for someone to connect the fact that Zeia had a Pokémon egg with the timing of her running away. Then Nuvema would be their first stop. Hopefully Zeia would be far away by the time the search team got there.