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Heroes Born and Made: Zeia's Story.

In The Heart of an Empath.

Chapter Six.


In the instant Bianca finished the part of the song she knew both boys prepared to stop recording it. They never expected Zeia to step out of the shadows like a ghost and pick up the lyrics where Bianca left off. They never expected the message hidden in the rest of the song either.

Zeia stepped into the light of the kitchen, opened her mouth, and sang her heart out.

"Pitter, patter, goes the clatter
of young feet on the floor.
Pitter, patter, goes the clatter
of the child born of more.
Pitter, patter, goes the clatter
of those their lovers bore.
Pitter, patter, goes the clatter
of those decedents of lore.

Ding, dong, goes the bell
it celebrates this day.
Ding, dong, goes the bell
because nature found a way."

The room was frozen for one breathless second.

Zeia blinked and the spell was broken.

"Where do you learn that?!" Cheren asked, leaning forward to stare at Zeia as he did. He shook his hand out as it cramped. He had, after all, written out an entire ballad at the speed the two girls had sung it.

Zeia stared right back at Cheren calmly. "Grandmamma taught it to me when I was little." She admitted softly. "She said that was the history of our family, and that it was my duty to remember the 'Banned Ballad' and pass it along until it was time."

Alex frowned for a moment before smoothing out his face. 'Mother never said anything about a ballad…' he pondered. 'Did she know what Zeia is all along? Did she plan this?'

Zeia smiled softly as she was bombarded with pleas for the whole ballad to be sung again. Both Cheren and Bianca seemed quite eager to have a written copy or memorize the lyrics. Zeia laughed before pulling over Cheren's notebook.

"Here," she said, "I'll write it out for you guys. Bianca can memorize the written notes so I don't have to sing it."

Alex glanced up and came to a decision. It didn't matter how their mother might have played them or lied to them about her foreknowledge. All that mattered now was keeping Zeia safe.

If only that goal was a little easier.


It all started with a knock at the door. A simple, innocent knock on a normal basic white painted door that no one may have been expecting, but was not strange or unusual either. It didn't stay that way for long.

Bianca opened the door to a man dressed in blue. Zeia didn't think she just reacted. In a second she had ducked under the table and rolled over to the living room. Another two seconds or so and she had scrambled behind the couch.

"Hello?" Bianca said nervously. "Can I help you?"

The police officer smiled falsely at Bianca. "We are looking for a runaway young lady. May we come in?"

"No." Cheren said coldly from behind Bianca. "You come into our house at meal time and expect us to take out for you? I don't have to let you in without a warrant." Cheren stepped past Bianca and glared down his noise at the officer. Considering the officer was taller than him, it was quite the feat.

The officer stepped backwards a step before visibly squaring his shoulders. "We are looking for a young lady with pale skin and long Black hair. Her eyes are a strange shade of Silver and she is most likely wearing a fancy blue evening gown." He puffed up his chest in an attempt to look more important.

Bianca put her hands on her hips and frowned at the police man. "We've been home since yesterday morning and haven't left. No one except you has come knocking." She glared heatedly at him. "Can't I get one day alone with my man?"

The police officer blushed and backed off slightly. "Ahh… tell us if you see her, okay. Her parents are worried."

Bianca flipped her hair slightly and glared at the officer some more before slamming the door shut. She froze for several seconds after that.

"Bianca?" Cheren asked hesitantly. He crept towards her and gently touched her arm. She promptly exploded with laughter.

"Did you see his face!?" She squealed as she sank to the floor. "It was hilarious!"

Cheren blinked slowly at the hysterical blonde. "You called me your man…" He flushed as he stared at her.

Bianca blinked dumbly for a moment before flushing a deep red. "I was just trying to embarrass him and make him leave. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"I didn't mind." Cheren admitted. His face was going pink.

Zeia huffed and squirmed out from behind the couch. It was almost like Cheren and Bianca's embarrassment was radiating off of them, because now she was embarrassed too.

"What will happen if he comes back with a legal warrant?" She asked softly.

Bianca smiled up at her. "Professor Juniper will be back tonight, so we can visit her early tomorrow morning. You can get your Pokédex and trainer ID then."

"should I really get an ID?" Zeia pondered out loud. "Couldn't my parents track me down with it?"

"Nah," Bainca shook her head. "Only members of the Pokémon league and the professor who handed out the ID are allowed to let other people know what the ID number of a trainer is. You'll be safe."

Zeia nodded before getting up. She had left the egg in the bed room she had awakened in, and she felt cold without by her side. The other three people in the room headed off to the kitchen. Nothing could happen until Juniper had given Zeia the Pokédex anyway.