Author's Note: This fic will contain drabbles. They're not in any specific order, and most likely not even related. I anticipate all the drabbles being JJ/Hotch however, a couple may just focus on either JJ or Hotch. Thanks for reading!

Criminal Minds Weekly Prompt: Shopping for Clothes

Drabble # 1: 335 words.

Pairing/Character: Established JJ & Hotch

"I don't see why I had to come along," Hotch complained as he shifted his weight and adjusted the many bags he was holding.

"Because neither Garcia or Emily could come along," JJ replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Still," he said, groaning as he followed her into yet another store. At least it beats the lingerie, he thought his face blushing crimson at the reminder. He looked down briefly, wondering how JJ was managing to walk in those heels when his feet were killing him and his shoes were comfy! But yet, she didn't even slow down as she made a bee line right for a lovely red dress.

He knew she needed one dress for Emily's party later that night and he almost smiled in relief when she went for the red one. Maybe they could buy it and get out. That was the original thing they'd come to purchase. He glanced down at the many bags he was holding again and shook his head. When he looked up, she was examining a near identical black one and he felt his heart plummet.

"Hmm, which do you think?" JJ asked, her blue eyes averting away from the dress to meet his own browns.

"I like both." He shrugged, not bothering to pay attention.

"Both, huh?" JJ asked with a grin. She knew he hadn't looked. "I'll take both then." And with that, she snatched both dresses off their hangers and proceeded to the cashier.

It was obvious she'd decided on both just to spite him and spend more of their money but he didn't care. He was just relieved she had been quick.

After she'd bought the dresses and handed him yet another bag, he was suddenly with a newfound energy as he began walking towards the exit doors. That was until she said those words... Those painful words. The words that made him want to sink into the ground.

"Wait! I still need shoes."