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New Sensei?

-Hokage office-

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M STILL A GENIN?!" Naruto screamed at Tsunade while wondering what the hell he was going to do now…

"Exactly like I said," Tsunade responded, trying and failing to hide her smirk, "outside of war time a promotion can not be given on ability alone. You have to pass the necessary exams to be promoted, and since you failed your first Chunin exam you're still a scrawny little Genin!"

All my plans thrown out the window… because of a stupid technicality! Naruto raged inside. "So what am I supposed to do now? Everyone else is Chunin or Jounin already... how would I even take the exams? They're supposed to be done in three man teams!" He yelled out in his frustration. This time making Bara cry out as well.

Stopping what he was doing to comfort her, Tsunade smiled and replied, " I'm not sure what we'll do about you're team just yet, but the Chunin exams aren't for a couple months, so until then you'll just have to stick to D and C rank missions until then. I suppose I'll have to put a Jounin in charge of you for now with those…" "What do you mean? I thought if anyone would be put over me it would be Kakashi-sensei. Why can't I just work with him?"

"Because he is no longer capable of being a Genin instructor." "What? What's that supposed to mean? Kakashi-sensei is one of the most capable shinobi I know of."

"Exactly! Which is why I have reinstated him into his old position as the head of Anbu."

"Well…crap… So who am I getting stuck with then?" Naruto asked while he bounced Bara up and down on his knee lightly.

"It's not YOU who is stuck with ME. It's ME that got stuck with YOU! Seriously Tsunade! What did I do to piss you off this time to get you to take me away from my favorite job?" asked the co-head of the T & I Department Anko Mitarashi.

"Simple, you were the first one who responded to the message I sent out to the available Jounin," Tsunade said with an innocent look.

"Yah! A message that said free dango to the first who showed up in your office last night! You didn't say that the reason it was free was 'cuz the real cost would be babysitting a Genin!"

"Hey I resent that! Babysitting is hard work! Besides, it's not like I even need someone there to watch over me. I can handle myself on just about any kind of mission. Can't I just do this by myself Baa-chan?" Naruto ducked the paperweight heading towards his head.

"First off, only Bara can call me that! Secondly, NO YOU CAN'T! To be allowed to take the Exams you have to be recommended for it by your Jounin instructor, and since Kakashi is no longer able to fulfill that role you need a new one to judge your progress and recommend you," she replied.

"Great, just great... I go through hell and worse to get to where I am today, and now I'm back at square one!" Naruto sighs while dropping his head.

Bara laughs at the pouting face he is making which cheers him up as he looks into her smiling face. "So how are we supposed to do this?" he asks.

"First I'm gonna have to test your abilities to see what level you're at. Then I'll either train you up, or just start us out on missions right away," Anko replied.

This is gonna be SOO much fun…not. Naruto thought with a sigh.

-About an hour later, Training Ground Seven-

"Come on! This isn't some kind of show, why are you all even here?!" Naruto yelled out in frustration while looking out at who was gathered at the edge of the clearing.

"'Cuz we all heard that the Great and Almighty ninja Naruto was being tested by Konoha's Snake Mistress. You couldn't pay us to not watch this fight!" yelled out Sakura.

Naruto sweat dropped and groaned while looking upon everyone that had been in the office the day before. True, Kakashi, Tenten, Neji, and Shino were hiding with their hidden shadow jutsu, but Naruto could easily sense them with the nature chakra he was beginning to channel.

They had 'accidentally' run into them all while on their way to the training grounds.

Several of the girls held hopeful looks in their eyes, wanting to be the one that Naruto let watch over Bara while he was sparring. Their hope was crushed though when Naruto created a shadow clone to play with Bara on a blanket he had pulled out and lain next to Tsunade and Jiraiya.

With a bored look on his face Naruto took his place across from Anko with his hands in his pockets not even bothering to get into a taijutsu stance. This, of course, pissed Anko off causing her to yell out, "What? Think I'm not worth even getting prepared for?!" "It's not that… It's just that I've already won…"

"Wha…" Anko stopped as she felt cold steel against her neck. Turning her head slightly she saw a smirking Naruto looking into her face.

"Shinobi rule number 17, always be aware of your surroundings…" the clone said before poofing into smoke. I couldn't even sense him!

"Ha! Maybe you'd have been right if the match had started! Don't think I'll let you get that close again." Anko returned with a cocky attitude. Inside all she could think was oh f*ck, oh f*ck, oh f*ck, oh F*CK!

"Fine, I guess it's time for round two then… Call it Baa-chan." "The match between Anko Mitarashi and Naruto Uzumaki will now… BEGIN!" Tsunade yelled out after dropping her hand and jumping back beside Bara and Naruto's clone.

I need to end this quick before he gets too serious. I'm not stupid enough to think I can beet the person who finally killed Madara Uchiha in a drawn out fight. I'll have to surprise him with an overwhelming attack that he can't defend from… Anko thought while rushing towards him from his side while she had a clone she had made without hand-signs rush him from the front.

I wonder if I should have the pork or vegetable Ramen for lunch today… Naruto thought.

"Hidden Shadow Snake Jutsu!" Anko yelled out when she was ten feet from Naruto. About a dozen snakes shot forth from her sleeves all heading straight for him.

Naruto just looked over at the snake before saying quietly, "Haoshoku Haki Jutsu."

The snakes immediately fell to the ground twitching; nearly everyone in the clearing was close to passing out from the shear force of KI being emitted from Naruto. Only Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Bara who was being protected by Naruto's clone from the force were unaffected.

-With Jiraiya and Tsunade-

"What in the world is that Jiraiya?" Tsunade asked turning to him.

"Something Naruto picked up from a pirate he ran across during our travels once. Nearly anyone with enough Chakra can emit KI towards another, but the way he's doing it right now focuses it not on the general area of the one he wants affected, but directly at any target in the immediate vicinity," he said.

"How is that any different?" "Simple, instead of his opponent getting a general feeling of his KI, they are getting the full force of it directed at him. It makes it so that if you weren't strong enough you would immediately pass out from the pressure. It takes a certain kind of mind to be able to do it, and Naruto is even stronger with it than the pirate that taught him it. I've seen him take out over a hundred bandits with that attack alone in the span of seconds. The only people it won't affect are those close to his own level of power."

"That's a scary thought…"

"You're telling me. After all, he's holding back right now, normally I'd at least be feeling sick to my stomach right now…"

-Back to the Fight-

What is this? I feel like I want to run away screaming I'm so scared! Wait, what's wrong with him?

Naruto held his hand to his mouth as he started coughing up some blood. "Well damn, looks like I'm still not strong enough to handle that anymore. F*cking Sasuke and his Tsukuyomi messing with my damn head. I haven't been able to do some of my more powerful attacks since that fight…" he muttered.

"I'll give you one chance to forfeit before I get serious Anko. I really don't want to hurt you…"

"Awe…. Aren't you a little sweetie," Anko said while shivers went down her spine. This fight hasn't lasted even a full minute and it feels like he's already won! "Maybe another time kiddy, but I've got to beat you here and now. Multi Hidden Shadow Snake Jutsu!" Anko yelled out while directing them to surround and bind Naruto who just stood there not even seeming to move.

"Fire Style: Fire Dragon Jutsu!" Anko yelled out after flashing through some hand-signs. A roaring inferno of a forty foot tall fountain of flames erupted from her mouth forming into a snarling dragon that seemed to fly through the air towards Naruto.

"I'm sorry Anko…" Naruto said just before the dragon engulfed him in its flames. Everyone held their breaths, most worried for him, but Jiraiya and Kakashi who had read his lips were wondering what he was going to do next.

Anko was panting hard while waiting for the smoke to clear, her snakes having already dispersed while wondering if she had done it. All of a sudden she could feel something coming from behind her.

Turning her head she saw Naruto positioned behind her with his hands positioned in the Tiger Seal, "Leaf Village Hidden Jutsu: A Thousand Years Of Death!" he yelled while pushing his hands forward.

Anko's mind went blank under the pain before she was launched forty feet in the air while yelling, "PERVERT!"

Naruto just rubbed the back of his head while muttering, "I said I was sorry…"

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