Synopsis: Mamoru breaks up with Usagi because of his dreams. But what if Usagi doesn't want him back? Not because she doesn't love him anymore, but because of something deeper that not even The Goddess Selene can do anything to stop. Will Mamoru be too late?

Author's Notes: Once again, I forgot the login details for my previous penname (just like before) and I can't seem to log in anymore using Katsumi-Saito, so I had to make another account in order to continue this story.

Shallow Sleep

by Saito-Katsumi

Prologue: Sacrifice

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself down. The dashing ebony haired young man felt his heart beat faster and faster as every minute passed. He finally opened his eyes and saw his reflection in the mirror.

He scanned the reflection before him to make sure that everything was perfect. He couldn't afford anything short of perfection on this momentous event of his life. His eyes first fell on his jet black hair, making sure that not a single strand of hair was out of place. He brushed the palm of his hand just to be sure. Next, he gazed at his black penguin tuxedo and white handkerchief which was elegantly folded into a triangle and tucked in his breast pocket. His palms glided over his clothes as if ironing out any wrinkle that could have been created.

A snicker escaped from the man who stood behind him, eyeing him with great amusement. "I have never seen you so nervous your highness."

The dark haired man merely shook his head as a smile crept on his lips. "A thousand years I have waited for this event to materialize Kunzite. I just want to make sure that everything is perfect."

The long silver haired young man straightened up and unfolded his arms as he approached his friend and prince, the nervous groom. He placed his hands on the groom's shoulders as if assuring him that nothing can go wrong.

The piano began to play the bridal march and the groom knew it was time. Mamoru and Kunzite emerged from the dressing room and raced to the white gazebo where they would await the bride.

The guests stood up and looked behind as the bride emerged in her elegant white wedding gown that seemed to sway with the gust of the wind. Her waist long veil concealed the true beauty of the azure eyed bride who was at the brink of tears from the overflowing happiness she felt. She held on tightly to the white lilies and yellow roses that made up her bridal bouquet, psyching herself to stay calm.

Letting out one final nervous sigh, she took a step forward in approaching the man who stood as nervous as she was. The man she loved for more than a thousand years. The man who would soon be her husband.

When the ceremony ended, the priest finally said: "I now pronounce you, your highnesses, husband and wife." He looked at Mamoru and continued, "You may now kiss the bride." Mamoru could no longer hold himself back and held his now-wife's beautiful porcelain like face.

"Finally." She breathed.

"Yes, finally." He whispered as he kissed her with so much love and passion that he felt her arms around his neck as she returned the kiss.

The crowd went wild at the scene before them. Jeering and whistling at the couple who seemed to have forgotten that they were still far from being alone. "That can wait till tonight!" Jadeites yelled with mischief in his voice while his fiancée, the long black haired fiery princess of Mars, Rei agreed.

This brought the couple back to reality and Usagi could not help but blush a light shade of red. As they walked towards the bridal car confetti, petals and rice mixed as the well-wisher threw them at Mamoru and Usagi while voicing out their congratulatory words.

Suddenly, the ground slightly trembled which halted the joyous moment. The trembling slowly became stronger as the ground began to break and protrude. Buildings began to crack and animals started fleeing. Usagi held on tightly to Mamoru, alarm written all over her face.

He wrapped his arms around her protectively. "I won't let anything happen to you Usako. NOTHING." But suddenly, the ground beneath them broke and forced them to separate. Mamoru nearly lost his balance and almost fell into the deep crater, had it not been for his body's quick reaction to counter the force. He saw Usagi lying on the ground unconscious. "Usako!" He called out, hoping to get her to wake up. He quickly studied the gap before him and his mind began calculating the distance and speed he would need to reach the other side when suddenly the ground where Usagi lay violently broke apart.

"Mamo-chan!" She called frantically upon regaining consciousness and becoming fully aware of the events. "Don't leave me!" She stretched out her hand, trying her best to reach Mamoru's outstretched hand when out of nowhere crimson liquid began to appear.

Mamoru's eyes widened in horror at the event that has unfolded right before him. His sword as a prince of the Earth, the one that he used to protect his beloved princess of the moon once upon a time, the same sword he used to swear his undying love to the most beautiful woman in existence; to his soul mate pierced her chest with so much force it went out to the other side. He saw Usagi gasp in shock.

The once immaculate white wedding gown was quickly being drenched in Usagi's blood. The sword's tip glistened mockingly under the sun's ray of light as the princess fought to stay alive.

Blood trickled down the side of her lips as she called out her lover's name. "En….dym…ion…"

~No! No! No! No! ~ His mind argued. ~This is not happening!~ He debated further as he frantically leapt from a tall boulder and tried grabbing on to Usagi's almost pale white hand. "I will not lose you once again!" He stated with so much conviction that it made Usagi weakly smile at his persistence.

*Mamoru Chiba… Endymion* a deep voice called out in the air with much authority in his voice.

"Dare da? Who are you?" The prince demanded, searching the surrounding for the source, but he could not find as he continued his desperate attempt at reaching the slowly dying blond.

*You will stay away from the princess!* the voice commanded.

Mamoru's blood boiled at the ordered. He was finally able to hold on to Usagi's limp body as she called upon every ounce of strength and power she had left to heal or at least let stay alive long enough to be brought to a hospital. "Who are you to tell me what to do?" He growled.

Red light enveloped the whole area as the place shook with greater intensity and Usagi was snatched away from Mamoru's arms. "USAKO!" He leapt to catch her before she could get further away from him, but this mysterious force pulled her away like a child grabbing a rag doll carelessly. The sword glistened brightly, catching Mamoru's attention. He dared not remove the sword from her body, lest he made more damage in doing so, but for some reason, a cold foreboding feeling swept across his body. Usagi's body floated higher, as if the heaven called upon her. Mamoru placed a hand over his eyes to shield him from the bright red light that seemed to originate from above. He could no longer see what was happening to her, to his beloved, but the silver thread of fate that bonded them together made him feel what she was feeling. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! DON'T DO THIS TO HER!" He pleaded with so much remorse. The sword began to move slowly clockwise, inflicting unspeakable physical pain on Usagi and spiritual pain on Mamoru as they cried out in agony.

Mamoru tightly held on to his chest as his feet gave way. He gasped for breath, feeling as if the earth was momentarily deprived of oxygen. Tear fell from Mamoru's eyes at the deathly, horrific sound he heard come his beloved lips. He could feel her heart beating slower and slower as each second passed. Her life slowly slipping away. Her body gently fell from the sky and on to his arms. His mind told him not to look at her, not to gaze upon the tormented body of the young woman he married for he knew, in his rational mind that this would be forever embedded in his memory. But his heart held so much love that he needed to look at her.

He slowly looked at the blood soaked face and body of Usagi "Serenity" Tsukino Chiba and felt unspeakable pain. Her golden locks stained with her own blood were tangled and were all over her face. He gently brushed her hair away and stroked her pale and cold face. She slowly opened her eyes which took almost every ounce of strength left. Her cerulean eyes, though dull and nearly lifeless stared back at him with utmost love.

"I'm…I'm glad…I g…got… be…be y…your w…w…wife Mamo…Mamo-chan." She managed to say with humor.

He shook his head and tightly held on to her hand. "Iie anata, no my beloved, you ARE my wife." A choke escaped from his throat. "Now and always." He could feel her trying to gather her strength. He cupped her face and moved his face close to hers and feels her shallow breathing. He closed his eyes, concentrating on their bond which was slowly, but surely disappearing. He was getting closer and closer to feeling all alone.

"Aishiteru….Endymion…I love you En…" and with that, she breathed her last, closed her eyes and her body went limp, as if the weight of her soul vanished.

He moved his face away to stare at Usagi. He gently shook her as he called out every name he knew she had, but she did not open her eyes or move a muscle. The silver thread of fate vanished as he tried and tried to find her, feel her, but he couldn't and it finally dawned on him that his beloved did move on to the afterlife.

He gave a blood curdling scream of denial and curse at the fates who took her away from him on this day when their love was finally sealed after more than a thousand years.

*What will you do to prevent this from happening in the future?*




*Give up your love for the princess. Stay away from her!*

"B..but I can't…I mean, th-that's just impossible. No! No, I can't!"

*Would you be willing then to have her suffer this way?*


*Then give up everything you have.*

"I only have her…I only have Serenity…Usako…"

*Then give up your love, the princess.*


*Once again High Prince Endymion, what will you give p to save her?*

"I would give up everything."


"Yes, everything!"

*Then…give Usagi up.*

"I…I will…to save her…to keep her…safe…"

*On your honor?*

"On my life, and on my honor."