Synopsis: Afraid that his dreams of Usagi dying will come true, Mamoru ends the relationship to save her, but his efforts will all be in vain when he finds out the truth; Usagi is slowly, but surely dying.

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Shallow Sleep

by Saito-Katsumi

Chapter 2: If You Only Knew

The chilly wind blew across the city, its soft moan echoed like an eerie whisper. Gray ominous clouds slowly covered the blue sky as thunder rumbled.

A tall young man with short glossy ebony hair stared at the retreating figure of a blond high school girl whose long hair was up on two buns, looking like dumplings. He could not see her cerulean eyes filling with tears with every painful step she took farther and farther away from the man she loved.

The young man bit his lower lip, closed his eyes and looked up at the sky as rain started to drop, slowly drenching his body. His light pink polo and khaki pants hung tight against his body, revealing his fine physique. His books soaked on the floor.

Meanwhile, the beautiful long blond haired girl found herself at the empty Juuban Park. She scanned the park absently and her eyes landed on a particular wooden bench. It seemed like the other benches in the park, but for her, it was far from it. For her, it was the bench they used to sit on every afternoon. She slowly walked towards the bench and sat down. She didn't care that the rain has completely soaked her. Or that her uniform was becoming semi transparent, showing off her developing figure underneath.

She took a deep breath and held it for a while as her lips trembled and tears fell freely from her eyes. She placed her feet on the bench and hugged her knees close to her.

~Why Mamo-chan? Why?~ She thought to herself. Referring to the breakup that just occurred. ~You just told me that you loved me. You just told me last week that we were meant to be together.~ She slowly pulled her face away from her knees and stared at her palm. "Could it be…" She said out loud. "That I am not pretty enough for you? That you merely see me as a child?" With those words, she buried her face in her palms.

The young man was now in front of his apartment door. He turned the knob and opened the door. He removed his soaked leather shoes, stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He didn't bother to open the lights. The darkness that filled his room seemed somewhat comforting to him.

"Damm it!" He cured out loud as he banged his head against the door and allowed his body to slowly slide down. "Usako…" He called out brokenly. His placed his right fist against his heart, feeling the anguish, pain and sorrow that he has caused his most beloved. He could feel how her heart seemed to slowly, agonizingly rip apart. He could hear her voice echo out, begging for a reason for this unfounded event.

"I'm alone again" He whispered to himself. "Mama….papa…" He looked up at the portrait of his parents, the only picture he had of them sitting beside Usagi's stolen picture. "I have no one again…and I never will." Tears started falling from his eyes as he began to feel the cold rushing back in his heart; the feeling of isolation and loneliness creeping back, engulfing the only remaining glimmer of light and happiness that Usagi created in his heart.

"I would rather be forever alone and miserable…if it means…keeping you alive…Usako…"

Outside in Juuban Park, a tall fair skinned young man with sandy brown hair in a white shirt, black jacket, light grayish jeans and sneakers was running with a bag of grocery in one hand and an umbrella in the other. He just finished buying some ingredients that he needed to make a chocolate soufflé, a dish he was eager out to try. Suddenly, in the corner of his eye, he caught site of a pool of blond hair on a bench. He halted and stared at the image. He dropped his grocery when he realized who it was.

"Usagi-chan!" He frantically cried out as he ran towards her, gripping his umbrella. When he reached her, she was soaked to the bone as she hugged her knees close to her. "Usagi-chan?" He gently called out. He placed a hand on her shoulder and took a step back when her body collapsed on the bench. "Usagi-chan!" He let go of his umbrella and caught her before her head could hit the iron arm rest.

He gently shook her, calling out her name in the hopes of waking her up…to no avail. Panic began to overtake his senses, but he knew better than that. He closed his eyes for a second and took a quick deep breath before exhaling. He brushed the stray hairs from Usagi's face and felt ice cold when he saw how deathly pale she looked. He placed a palm on her forehead and his eyes grew wide. "Shimatta!" She cursed under his breath as he gently cradled her body.

Her bag fell on the floor along with her plastic envelope that contained her medical report. Motoki Furuhata paid no heed to her belongings. The life of the girl in his arms was more important, and he knew he had to act fast. He began to run as fast as he can, careful not to slide or let Usagi fall.

~What the hell is wrong with Usagi-chan?~ His mind began to question as Usagi moaned weakly. Motoki knew that there was something deeply wrong with Usagi, but he had no idea what it was. He could only feel that Mamoru had to know.

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