I usually write these poems really late at night (or rather, really early in the morning,) when I can't get Loki and Thor out of my head. Which (fortunately? unfortunately?) is a very common occurrence. And this is what tends to happen. Anyways, I hope you enjoy:)

See what I've become

broken and denied of love

dull eyes from trying to hide the pain

I think I might be going insane

discovered I'm the monster from my own nightmares

I'm slipping away but nobody cares

so vulnerable with my heart rubbed raw and bleeding

living in the shadows

but my eyes have adjusted to the darkness

I looked inside and realized

that I don't need your love

so this is goodbye


but this is not the end

you'll be seeing me again

when I let go, did you cry?

I never mattered before you thought I'd died

I realized I could never be as good as you

but now I know what I can do

I've embraced my darkest side

I spent too long trying to hide

from myself but it never lasts

there's too many traumas in my past

I'm a monster

don't you understand?

I'm not your brother

I never was

don't you dare try and take my hand

you know the things I've done

I've found what I was looking for

now I'm having so much fun

come try and stop me

and I've already won

I let go and it set me free

I'm so much slier than you believe

got a thousand tricks up my sleeve