Pressing the barrel to the male's head the snowy white haired adolescent clenched the trigger tightly. "I'm only the messenger!" the figure below him squeaked, staring up at the hunter with terrified ruby hues, the eyes of a beast. "If you spare my life, I'll take you to my Master!'

Amethyst eyes narrowed as the trigger was pulled, the ear-splitting sound of gunfire echoing around the isolated alleyway. The creature's form, once almost identical to that of a regular human, disintegrated into dust.
"Like I'd need your help, Vampire," He growled, sliding the gun back into its holster. Spinning on his heel, the male's cloak sprayed out behind him, slowly but certainly his figure faded into the shadows; abandoning the horrific scene.

Vampires, Vile, Selfish creatures, whomever dared to seek their assistance was nothing but a naïve fool. And he, Zero Kiryu; was indeed not a fool, he wasn't naïve. Not anymore.

A book slammed down upon his desk, jerking the amethyst eyed teen from his half-conscious state "I'd appreciate you awake for my class, Kiryu," the austere voice stated, icy eyes accompanying it.
Kaito, Zero had known him since his rigorous training had begun, training that had bathed his hands in countless amounts of blood; Training to become a vampire hunter.

Although Zero had never expected Kaito of all people to become a teacher at Cross Academy, the one person who could be blamed for this coming to be was Toga Yagari.

"Yeah, I'm awake," he grumbled flicking through the pages of his text book so it atleast seemed like he was participating in the class. But it all seemed rather pointless in the hunter's eyes, taking part in these classes, pretending like everything was normal, Pointless.
Zero wanted to glance over his shoulder to see if she were there, Yuki Cross… Or perhaps he should call her by her proper title "Princess Yuki Kuran."

But he'd never do that; never allow those bitter words to roll off of his tongue, the clumsy, stupid, cute girl who'd always been by his side. Be it capturing stray Day Class students who'd snuck off to take photos of the Night Class, or him assisting her in her feeble attempts to study before exams, the girl he'd came to love more than anything—She was gone, devoured by the vampire Yuki, the real Yuki. Just that single thought made bile rise in his throat.

Burying himself in his own thoughts, the silverette barely recognised the bell that rang indicating that class was over. But as Zero went to take his leave along with the other students a hand was placed upon his shoulder, Kaito's hand.
"Kiryu, the Head Master wants to see you, it would seem the association has a new assignment for you, Zero."

A chance to quench the thirst, a year ago was when he was finally able to use the blood tablets to supress his vampiric urges. He had his brother Ichiru to thank for that, the one that he himself had devoured like a ravenous beast.

But the urge to hunt was still there and its influence over him increased greatly during the twilight hours. So to satisfy this immense hunger he hunted them down and slaughtered them, Vampires. Ones like him, each one listed upon the Association's hit list was a target and when he chose a target he never allowed them to live. So hearing that he'd been assigned a mission where he'd have a chance to quench that almost unbearable thirst, had the adolescent's stomach churning in anticipation.

Nodding towards Kaito, Zero scooped up his books, shoving them under one arm and striding towards the exit.
As he strode the corridors he noted how different it was, now that the Night Class had dissipated. No more squealing fan-girls, swooning Day Class students. You'd think that Zero would've been pleased by this, but after what everyone had been through to maintain this peaceful environment, what'd he'd lost in the process. He found himself hardly satisfied.

Knocking a few times on the Head Master's door, Zero awaited an answer "My dear Son!" a voice chimed from the other side of the door, even with that overwhelming cheerful demeanour he knew instantly that something was up.

Kaito, along with Yagari had taken post at the Head Master's large oak desk. "Zero we have some bad news," Yagari stated and instantly the principle's cheery smile vanished.
Zero was already on edge, assuming him-self prepared for anything that they or the Association could throw at him that was until the Head Master spoke.

"It's about Yuki," Zero visibly stiffened at the mere mention of her name. "She'd holding Kuran's Child; the association's orders are to attain it," Yagari finished what Kaien had intended to inform the vampire hunter of. Reasons for capture of the child remained hidden, yet even with the vague information provided; Zero could've sworn that his heart sunk all the way to his knees.
He could already tell that this was going to be the most difficult mission he'd faced in a long time, if not in his entire life.