"Papa!" A childish voie giggled as a lithe brunette leapt upon the hunter. Grunting Zero tumbled over, the small girl sat proudly atop his chest, a smug grin spreading across his features.

"I win again," She announced, sticking her tongue out at her guardian. Snorting, the silver haired male sat up, rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah, Yeah You're a tough one," he muttered a crooked smile lingering upon his features as the youth who looked remarkably like Yuki smiled sweetly back at him.

Dismounting the hunter, Kaiko spun around on the ball of her foot, a smile radiation confidence lingered on her lips. Giving him a thumbs up she replied "You betcha! Those blood suckers won't know what's hit em!"

It'd been ten years since they'd vanished without a trace, the two of them. Zero Kiryu Vampire hunter and the daughter of the prestigious Kurans , even the association had been unable to contact their subordinate.

Years had passed and much to Zero's dismay Kaiko had became more and more like her Mother, from those silky chocolate locks to those warm cocoa hues, she was the splitting image of Yuki. A child filled with an endless supply of energy , although just like her 'Father' Zero, she'd dedicated her entire childhood to the way of the hunter.

Swiping a plastic gun from their coffee table she pointed it at the silver haired male "Bang" she giggled, clicking the trigger and attempting to shoot down Zero as if he were a ravenous vampire longing for nothing more than to sink his fangs into the depths of her jugular. Resting a hand over his ribcage Zero rolled his eyes "You got me again."

Grinning triumphantly she stuck her tongue out once more "Never miss" She chimed, glowing with self satisfaction.

These games, as immature as they might have seemed reflected the cruel reality that the young girl had been thrusted into, the true nature of the hunters and what was expected of them.

"Is he coming again today?" Kaiko inquired when she finally piped up, sinking into the couch; the toy discarded lifelessly into her lap. She didn't required an answer, because she knew that he would he came EVERY day.

Groaning she dropped her chin into the palms of her hands, gazing pleadingly up at her guardian "Buuuut he came here not long ago!"

A grim smile curved Zero's features as all previously childish actions dissipated, melting away as he offered Kaiko a plate of steaming pancakes, sliding them onto the table infront of her.

"You know that the check up isn't optional," he staed, sliding into his own chair, taking in a mouthful of grains and cereal that made Kaiko's stomach churn.

He came by almost weekly, a Doctor by the name of Keiro, to do a simple check up on Kaiko. She'd bugged Zero many times for the reason that she "Required" these stupid check ups and tests on her of all people! But he never gave her a satisfactory answer, always saying it was for her own good and such.

Little did she know, these injections and check ups were all in order to suppress her true vampiric nature.

Stuffing a fluffy syrup drenched pancake into her mouth she glared at her foster father across the table, shooting daggers straight into his skull "Yeah well they hurt you know!" She barked, pieces of pancake spluttering from between her parted lips.

Blushing furiously she wiped at her face "Besides, he loos at me funny…" Kaiko added with a shudder. That disgusted face she pulled earned an undecipherable muttered from Zero as he took a large bite of pancake.

Of course people would be drawn to stare in awe at her! Like all of her kind Kaiko was quite beautiful, with flawless skin and luminescent locks that hung around her doll-like face; that was rapidly changing as she advanced towards adolescents.

A thump on the door indicated his arrival and as soon as Zero stood to open it for the slimy, lanky, raven haired male; Kaiko found herself sinking further into her seat, wishing it would swallow her whole.

Keiro followed Zero inside, that sickly sweet smile that he always wore was plastered to his features and made the young vampire's chest clench in dread. "Miss Kaiko," He said bowing his head.

The brunette pulled a sour face "What do YOU want?"

A chuckle slid past the lanky male's lips at the bitter reaction her earned from his patient "I'm pretty sure you know why I'm here," He stated, a bemused smile cracking his lips.

As Keiro reached into a ebony suitcase to draw out a long slender needle with a sharp tip, Kaiko shuddered, inching away from him.
"Come now Miss Kaiko," He murmured, an intimidating smile twisting his lips "You know this won't hurt a bit."

Squirming uncomfortably in the chair Kaiko sent a wary glanced towards the Doctor, chewing the inside of her mouth. "Fine… But Papa can't watch," she huffed, knowing that the hunter would prod at her weaknesses or tease her about them later.

Zero, who'd previously been leaning against the wall, lilac hues locked on the two of them snorted, uncrossing his arms from over his chest he stepped out of the room without a single word, an uneasy atmosphere surrounding him like an ominous cloud.

Kaiko sat down upon the couch as Keiro leant over, needle clenched tightly in his hand "Hold still alright?" He spoke in a hushed tone. Squeezing her eyes tightly closed the female turned her head away, not daring to glance at the silver tip as it pierced her skin.

Teeth gnashed against each other as the yellow liquid was pumped into her blood stream. "You know…" The doctor whispered "Now that I think about it…" his hot breath traced her ear-lobe "You're quite beautiful."

Chocolate eyes widened with alarm as a hand snuck dangerously close to her thigh "Get off me!" She shrieked , thrusting a hand against the medic's chest in a feeble attempt to distance herself.

But he was close now, his thick musky scent enveloped Kaiko until she was sure she'd be unable to breath ever again. Leaning in he brushed his lips to her earlobe, nipping down and earning a nervous whimper from the usually bold and unnerved youth.

"Papa!" She cried out, tears threatening to fall from her terrified hues, although her weeping was silenced as a large hand fell over her lips, reducing her to mumbles.

"Bastard!" A snarl came from the other side of the room, causing Keiro's head to jerk up, glancing to the left he came face to face with a infuriated hunter, eyes gleaming with blood lust, glaring at the man who was leaning over his "Daughter"

The charcoal haired male scrambled away, having broken out in a cold sweat "I C—Can explain!" He gasped, fumbling for his case as a gun shot fired. Whizzing through the air, it took the bullet barely a heart beat before it sliced through the medics arm, causing him to tumble to the ground, wailing in agony.

But before he could crawl further away the gun's barrel was pressed to his neck "No one… touches my daughter," He growled, wrapping his fingers around the trigger before pulling it.

Infront of Kaiko's eyes the violet nature of the hunter's became quite obvious. As the convulsing form of the male collapsed into a heap, blood seeping from a large gash in his throat.

But there was one thing Zero hadn't considered, now that the Doctor, the only one who could suppress Kaiko's nature was dead….

Who would even try to stop her blood lust from returning?