He sat up in the bed he shared with his newly pregnant wife April, his skin and dark hair damp with sweat as he heard the faint buzzing sound coming from the bedside table again. The same buzzing that had woken him from the bloody nightmares of his past. Looking wearily over at the table he noticed the sleek black cell phone that he had kept from his youth and saw that it was buzzing when it shouldn't be.

He hadn't used it since he had left- No! He couldn't think about that right now.

In fact he'd be perfectly happy to never think of all the people he'd killed back then ever again. Sadly however, the persistant buzzing of his phone wouldn't stop. And if he didn't at least see what the hell the orginization wanted then they would send people to his new home and disrupt his new life further.

Looking over his shoulder at his wife, sleeping soundly with her vivid red hair spilling across her pillow, his chest gave a sharp pang as he grabbed the cell and quietly stood up and left the room. Using the same stealth skills that he had hidden since he was in his late teens to early twenties.

Back when he had been a hitman and murderer for the mafia.

Gently closing the bedroom door so that he wouldn't disturb April, he made his way into the living room and flicked open his phone and put it to his ear and immediately went cold inside when he heard the voice on the other end say, "We need you-"

Closing his eyes for a moment Casey struggled with himself, wanting desperately to close the phone then chuck it out the nearest window but instead took a shuddering breath and asked. "What's happened?"

"The boss was killed several days ago-"

And? What the hell does that have to do with me? Casey wondered when the voice on the other end of the line said. "The boss left you a package that is currently on it's way to being delivered to you. We need you to go to the airport and pick it up."

Casey narrowed his indigo blue eyes for a moment as he tried to think of what his former boss could have entrusted him with after so long. Especially since he had just up and left the orginization without any explination. So far he was coming up blank.

And so after a moment or so of deliberating with himself, Casey sighed and asked what time he needed to be at the airport. After being told that he had two hours to get ready and get there, the line went dead and Casey flipped his cell closed and grabbed a piece of paper and quickly wrote April a note telling her that he was sorry, not to worry about him- he would be fine.

But he wasn't sure if they would ever meet again. Not as long as he had loose ends to tie up.

Once that was done he ripped the paper from the small note pad and attached it to the fridge then wrote another letter to the turtles asking them to watch out for April for him.

He wanted to explain why he was going away to them. But deep down he feared that they wouldn't understand. So he didn't bother.

He merely told them what great friends they had been to him and that if he was ever able to come back- he hoped that he had his makeshift family to come home too. Ripping that note from the small notebook, he placed it under the note that he had written for April then got dressed, grabbed a jacket and his wallet and keys and slipped on his shoes and left.

He needed to hit his old storage locker before he went to the airport.


The old storage locker that Casey used to hide his stuff in was over thirty minutes away from April's under the assumed name, Jonny Markham, and was the place he hid his weapons, emergency money, clothing- his pass port, blackmail materials on several gangs (what could he say? some habits died hard) explosives, and two vehicles.

A motorcycle and a sleek black SUV the size of a small tank with tinted re enforced bullet proof windows.

Unlocking the door to the storage locker, he slipped his fingers between the ground and the door and pulled the door open and reached out absently as he stepped over the threshold, and flicked on the lights.

Walking over to the clothing rack he kept in the far corner of the room behind the SUV, he quickly grabbed a black cotton shirt and a pair of leather pants to change into. Recalling how his former boss had used to rib him for not dressing as eloquently as his co workers.

Not that Casey had minded much. He had simply thought that dressing in silk was impractical of someone who was just going to get their clothing ruined by blood anyways. Which was why cotton was much better. You could pour a whole shit load of blood on the fabric and while it may never really come out completely- cotton was cheap so it was no big deal.

Shrugging off his jacket, he let it fall to the concrete floor and took the shirt he planned to wear, off of it's hanger and pulled it on over his head then checked his pants and shoes before deeming them okay and walked over to an old half mirror that he had hanging on the wall and pulled out a hair tie that he had stolen from April's stash before leaving home and used it to tie his long dark hair back in a ponytail away from his face.

Then grabbed a set of keys hanging next to the mirror, the keys going to the briefcase with some of his emergency money in it, and opened the case and pulled out what he thought he might need plus a few thousand more. Just enough for him to stay five or more steps ahead of whatever was going on while protecting the package.

Once he was done was that, he grabbed a waist length leather jacket and a duffle bag full of guns, knives and so on and put them in the SUV. He had forty something minutes now to get from his locker to the airport and it was best that he not be late.

One never knew who was watching.

Climbing into the SUV, he started to car and slowly pulled it out then got out again. Just long enough to re lock his locker before climbing back in and driving away.