He didn't bother sleeping that night, choosing instead to work off some of his excess energy through pacing back and forth and cleaning his gun. It was only at about seven or so in the morning that he realized the sun was coming up and Alice would be awake soon.

Walking into the kitchen that he had put together last night with Alice's help after they had returned from grocery shopping. Casey opened the fridge and took out the eggs milk and a few other items, and then closed it again and moved to the counter where he gently laid everything out where he could see it before turning his attention to getting a frying pan from the shelf over his head.

Pulling the plastic off of it, he then set it on the stove and opened up the egg carton and cracked a few eggs before remembering that he should have heated the pan first. Turning the stove on, he then stepped a little bit to his left and grabbed a glass and a plastic wrapped spatula.

Then returned to his place in front of the stove where he poured a glass of milk and started to go to work on unwrapping the spatula.

But it turned out that the plastic was stubborn. So after about three minutes or so he growled low in the back of his throat and brought it up to his mouth and started gnawing on it in an effort to weaken the plastic. Whoever did this should be taken out and shot- five or six times. He thought as he dropped the spatula away from his mouth just long enough to inspect the plastic.

Yup. Whoever wrapped the cookware should be shot...

Five or six times.

He heard the bedroom door on the other side of the apartment open then quietly close and tensed up a little bit and quickly set the spatula down and looked for a knife (which apparently he had put somewhere and forgotten about) knowing that Alice's food would burn if he didn't get that damned plastic off soon.

He was so engrossed in looking for a knife that he didn't really notice Alice had entered the kitchen until a small hand holding a swiss army knife came into his line of vision. "Here."

He looked over at her and blinked once before taking the knife and flicking it open with a softly muttered thanks. Once he was done, he flicked it closed and handed it back to her as he felt his face heat up. And I'm the one supposed to take care of her- He thought as he flipped the eggs before finally finding his voice.

"So, uh, did you sleep okay Alice? Was the bed comfortable enough?" He asked. Alice nodded her head and he quickly grabbed the glass of milk and thrust it into her hands and gave her his most charming grin. "Not much of a talker, huh? Well that's okay. I'm a little bit of a talker so if your good at listening- or at the very least pretending too. Then I'll talk until you tell me to shut up."

Alice took a sip of her milk and stared at him apparently not bothered in the least by his chattiness. How weird was that?

Casey had already learned some stuff about Alice last night.

She was a quiet kid. Somewhat shy at moments. And she could stare you down with a poker face better than Leonardo's. Which was really saying something since Leo's poker face could scare even the most hardened of criminals into pissing their pants. He just had an abnormally strong presence about him.

Alice was no different, though she appeared to be trying to hide it. When Casey looked into the kid's eyes and it was almost like he felt he was drowning. The pressure she gave off was intimidating. Even to someone like him who was used to such things.

He shook his head and flipped the eggs again to keep them from burning then put the spatula down for a second and said. "Okay Ali-doll, here's what todays agenda is- I'm taking you shopping. Since this will be out home for the next three years then it's best if we get situated as fast as possible. And after you have a few days to get of jet-lag, I'll be hacking into the local school system and enrolling you in a private school where you will start going to complete you're education- Eh? What" Casey was forced to stop speaking when Alice reached out and tugged on his shirt a few times then said,

"I've already graduated."


"I graduated with honors about two years ago."

"But you're under eighteen..."

"So?" Alice said in a slightly offended tone as he scraped her breakfast out of the frying pan and onto a plate and handed it to her as he tried to think of what to say next without offending her.

"Well it's just that I wasn't given that particular bit of information... I was going to enroll you in school and use some of the time while you were there to find a better place for us to stay since this neighborhood isn't exactly female friendly."

Alice frowned at him for a moment before muttering, "Oh," What he said made sense. She hadn't exactly gotten a good look at the neighborhood last night before entering the building due to the fact that she had been more or less asleep, but she would imagine that Casey had procured this particular place foe his own reasons. He had probably thought that if he ever needed to take up arms again then he would need the place they were currently in- just for himself. "Alright then. Go ahead and enroll me. Just don't expect me to be a perfect student."