This story is written by Sunshine217 and is being posted by me because not all the words are showing up when she posts it. So I own nothing!

SHRUTI(yes our good old one)had witnessed the murder of her husband-Viren and her daughter ,the murderer wanted to murder the family but somehow Shruti managed to save her life and while the murderer was following her she had seen his face.
Somehow she managed to reach her since that day she was receiving threatening phone-calls and letters saying that if she gave her statement in the court the
outcome would be very bad.
There was no one in the bureau except ACP headed towards
Shruti. ACP was surprised and asked her,"hello Shruti,bahut dino ke baad dekha tumhe,waise tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?"Shruti told him the whole incident and she asked for protection till the court's next hearing which was after 1 month.
ACP started thinking of the best way he could protect Shruti until he came up with an idea."Shruti,tumhe protection dene ka sirf ek hi achcha tareeka hain",he said with concern."wo kya hai sir?",she asked."batata hun,lekin thodi der main,tum tab tak bahar baitho",he said removing his cell phone out of the obeyed him and sat in the main bureau on the sofa ,ACP called Abhijeet and Daya to the bureau.
After an hour or so Abhijeet and Daya entered the they both were surprised to see Shruti sitting there on the didn't say anything and headed towards ACP sir's cabin."What are you doing here?",Daya asked Shruti."aap andar jaiye apko sab pata chal jayega",she said without any also went inside the cabin."Sir Shruti yahan kyun ayi hain",Abhi told him the whole incident and called Shruti inside."Dekho Abhijeet,agar hume Shruti ko protect karna hain to ek hi rasta hain,aur wo yeh hain ki tum aur Shruti shaadi karne ka natak karoge taki wo log Shruti par hamla na kar paye. aur ek mahine ke bad jab wo gawahi degi,tab tum dono divorce karne ka natak kar wo pura ek mahina tumhare saath tumhare gharpar hi rahegi,aur ye baat kisi ko bhi pata nahi chalni chahiye,yahan tak ki hamare team members ko bhi baat sirf hum chaaro ke bich mein hi rehni chahiye,"he finished."Sir lekin hum team members ko to bata hi sakte hain"Abhi requested."Nahi Abhijeet,we have to make it as natural as possible,agar sab logo ko pata chal gaya toh wo log bhi acting hi karenge. aur fir Shruti ke upar kadi nazar hone wali hain us murderer aur uske team ki,agar unhe pata chal gaya ki ye log acting kar rahe hain,to gadbad ho jayegi",ACP said.
Abhi was sad after listening to this because he had no feelings for Shruti anymore and his so- called "love"for her had died ,he had already proposed Tarika and they were about to be the other hand Shruti still loved Abhi and she was hoping that he also loves her. looked at Daya and signalled him to come at a side."Yaar Daya,main kya karun ye kaisi musibat hain,"abhi said."Sirf ek mahine ki hi to baat hain"Daya just nodded hi head. "Chalo Shruti"Abhi said without any went to Abhi's house,which now was Shruti's house for 1 month.