FLASHBACK continues-

They went to the guest told him to sleep there for she went back to her own lay down on the bed and started thinking,"poochu kya?waise aaj achcha mauka hain".After much thinking Abhi finaly made up his mind to propose suddenly he looked at the watch."It's 12,she would be sleeping.",he thought."But what if she isn't?I think I'll go and if she is awake and if I won't be able to tell her,then?Then what would she think?",he started debating whether to go or finally decided to slowly got up from the bed and headed towards her room without switching on the reached her room.

The door was closed but he could see light coming out through the gap between the door and the he picked up his hand to knock on the door,he realized that it was shaking a ,he slightly knocked on the frowned a bit and opened the door saw her,she was holding a file in her hand."Abhi?tum iss waqt yahan?kya hua?",she asked surprisingly."Wo...main...tum busy to nahi ho na?",he asked pointing towards the file in her hand."Nahi,actually I was working on some reports which I have to submit tomorrow,but I've finished and I was about to sleep.",she replied."Actually,Tarika mujhe tumse kuch kehna hain",Abhi finaly came to the point."Haan,come inside",she went inside and sat on the bed."bolo",she said sitting down beside turned to face her."Tarika...kya tum...mujh...nothing.",Abhi didn't complete the had already guessed what he wanted to ask but she waited for him to ask her."Why are you stammering,kya hua kya poochna hain tumhe?",Tarika asked innocently as if she knew nothing."Kya tum...mujh..mujhse...shaa..shaadi karogi?",he finaly let it was turned bright scarlet after hearing just kept on looking at her face as if she was the prettiest thing he had ever was blushing and looking down."Tarika,maine tumse kuch poocha,jawab nahi dogi kya?",Abhi asked her."Haan",she replied hugged her tightly and she hugged him back with all the love and concern she had for him."You don't know Tarika aaj main kitna khush hoon.",Abhi said still hugging her."I know Abhi,I am also very happy",she separeted from the hug and talked about how will their team react on this decision of their' returned to the guest room and Tarika switched off the lights of her room and slept peacefully.

Next day they told the team about their decision and certainly they were also team decided to get them engaged as soon as possible.


Tarika was lying on the bed thinking of those precious memories.A smile crept on her face but disappeared at the next moment when she started thinking about the reality."Why did he do this to me?",she thought."Why?"After one hour or so she fell asleep with the question still in her mind,the question who's answer she was unable to find.

Next morning Tasha woke up and went to Tarika's room to wake her up."Tarika...Tarika utho its 7",she woke up with a found herself sweating."Kya hua?why are you sweating?",Tasha asked with concern."Tasha,I had a nightmare.I saw...I saw that Abhijeet is saying that..that he doesn't love me anymore and Shruti...Shruti...I saw her coming towards me with a knife in her hand and she was about to stab me when I woke up.",Tarika briefed her about the nightmare."It's alright Tarika,it's just a nightmare,just forget it,don't think about such is going to happen",Tasha said trying to make her relaxed."Hmmm...you are some of the things in the nightmare have already happened",Tarika replied knew what she was talking about."Tarika if you keep brooding over it,such nightmares are going to forget about it and concentrate on your work,your friends and your future.",Tasha said decided to treate Abhi as another coluege of her' got ready and went to the lab.

Meanwhile,the CID team had found a dead they found out that it was of whole team was present in the Pradyuman got a saw the was sir looked at Abhi and picked up the call."Haan Tarika?Kya?Salunkhe nahi aya?uski date thi Gilfriend ke saath issliye?thik hain usse to main baad mein dekh ? pata chal hai",he cut the call."Abhijeet,forensic lab jao,Tarika ko pata chal gaya hain,ki uski maut kaise hui thi.",ACP ordered."sir main?",Abhi asked."Hann tum",ACP sir replied.

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