Alright, here is my late halloween horror fic,

Zombie apocalypse: my little pony style~

Enjoy~ (this will be multi-chaptered by the way)

All was quiet that night in Ponyville. The birds were all in their nests and snuggled up with each other, the forest critters had all retired for the night,

even the ever restless Rainbowdash was sound asleep that night. Indeed, not a sound was made that night, other then a set of taloned hands, desperately

clawing up the sidewalk of ponyville town square and ragged, painful breathes. The thing's entire body was coated in dry and fresh blood wounds,

many resembling bite marks. The beast's wings were so torn and tattered, that they were far beyond the ability of any usage other then mere flabby shields.

The feathers

themselves, once an elegant almond color, now a dirty brown coated in even more blood. "H-he….hel…" the creature tried to call, but just didn't have the energy as a

violent coughing fit over took her body.'Damn it! How could I be taken down so fucking easily!?' the creature growled mentally as she continued her struggle forward. Except

she was harshly interrupted only a few minutes later by another bitter coughing fit, more blood coming out of her mouth than sound. 'Crap! I gotta stay awake,

gotta stay awake!' she thought panically. But the harder she fought, the more tired she became. Yet still, she lugged each bloody body part on, pushing one arm and leg

forward one at a time. Nevertheless her exhausted and overworked body just couldn't handle it anymore and collapsed to the ground, like an over used toy.

'Come on you useless body, work!' the eagle-headed beast thought as her breathing became hitched and rough. To make matters even worse, her eye sight started darkening

and blurring out of control. "Sh-shit…I….I gotta warn Dashie! I can't die now!" she choked out as blood and drool dribbled slowly down her beak.

With the last of her strength, the eagle headed beast attempted to screech and at least wake everyone up. But the blood and saliva that had been collecting in her mouth for the last

ten minutes gurgled the screech into a pitiful hacking sound. "Ugh…. damn it, I'm sorry I've failed ya' dork, see ya'…see ya' Dashie, you were a damn

awesome…friend, bye dude…." murmured the immense creature as she closed her tired eyes

for the last time.

"GAHHHHHH!" came a blood curdling scream as the first morning pony up came upon the lifeless bloody body of Gilda the Griffin.

Sorry for incredibly short this chapter this is, I came up with the idea

of this story out of random and this chapter

is mainly to introduce one of the first victims of the zombies…

so yeah, flame if ya' want, I don't care, the

second chapter should be up about Monday, or at least

near the timeish, So till next time,

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