Hello everyone! It's me, your lovable author.

I hope that everyone's enjoyed this roller coaster of a story! It started nearly a year ago, last year's NaNoWriMo, and I need to do quite a bit of editing, but here it is, it's done.

What a feeling.

It's funny, I have it in my profile, that my first few beta stories tried making Irelia the main character but it failed hilariously. Now look at it, this story is longer than Blade Reforged, more than 100k words in length! That's amazing, so much writing, how far we've all come on this journey, and now...Well, before I say anything, I want to clarify one thing:

How can Irelia get pregnant?

I based on her inability to conceive on the condition of "Amenorrhea", and though some cases of it are untreatable, there are others that are treatable. It's not a magic baby, I swear.

And no, I won't answer who her better half is, or any of the relationships/ships I may/may not have put in because I'm mean and I'd rather let you think of the why with all of the characterization and all of the possibilities I laid out, and didn't lay out, and "wtf's".

Because I am a meanie head. Unless I'm pm'ed, of course, in which I may let slip a few spoilers for this.

Now it's time for thanks.

To all of my readers, thank you, for staying this long with me, and putting up with my awful, awful schedule. I'll explain why it's been so awful in a bit.

Thank you, every single one of my readers, for staying and reading and being my audience, and if I haven't gotten to a review you've made in some time, that's because I'm very far behind on them and I apologize profusely. If it weren't for you, all of you, none of this would be possible and nowhere near as enjoyable to have written.

If there are any questions, I may actually publish them on a page and answer them for all to see, mattering what sorta questions they are.

Thanks to all of my fellow writers such as HappyWaffles, HuggableZombie, Kneesurgery, Gian, Cerubois, BladeAngelX, ahhh pft I can't remember all the fanfiction names, Liss, Crystal, and if I forget your name, you can slap me, you're allowed to!

And an exceptionally big thank you to my lovely editor and dear friend, KuzAnn. Without her this story would have taken another year at least? But seriously, huge thanks goes out to her, you should all go over and thank her yourselves she has been that much help.

Now! For the why I've been so sparse, so mysterious:

It's a combination of things. Sometimes I admittedly come down with...I don't think depression is the best term here since I swing back from it more often than not, it's more of real life and what I want to do with myself and my future and all of that overwhelmed me to the point of it being crippling, along with a few other factors.

Now, the future of my writing: Will I continue? I'm going to finish up the fanfictions I've promised, and add a few more, and I know HappyWaffles is going to destroy me for not doing more work in our Jarvan and Shyvana collab, so I need to do that, and KuzAnn and I are almost done our own collab masterpiece featuring a certain card dealer, so no worries there…

My writing is going to be slow and arduous. Next I'm going to finish up Equinox because it's about 4 chapters away from completion, meaning yes, I will make you all cry, and then I'll focus on the Riven story + short stories, and hell, once I finally edit the Udyr backstory short story I'll post that up to help break the monotony =D

However, my update schedule is going to continue to remain iffy.

Now, for the various factors as for the why I've been taking so long:

By this coming November, I'm going to host my own website for a comic I've been planning, along with all of my written work, both fanfiction and original.

And for NaNoWriMo, I've got an entire original novel planned out, it's working title so far is "Android", because I haven't put much thought into a title for it yet. It's going to be a sci-fi story with a mix of cyberpunk and transhumanism. I'll post up a little summary:

"What makes a human a human? Can an artificial intelligence simulate human thought? Is a machine capable of free will?

These are all questions that Natalie Dupin had not put any thought into, nor had a reason to, for many years.

The leader of the organization, EYES, her efforts were pooled into other tasks, such as apprehending international criminals and being hired by various organizations to discreetly investigate varying levels of political corruption. She had no reason to let her mind wander to other, more unpleasant subjects when she had so much work to do.

Never did she ever expect to see Samanta in her lifetime again. The android woman now accompanies Natalie wherever she goes, for the sake of following her main protocol, 'Protect Natalie at any cost' while forcing Natalie to confront what she had thought she had buried long ago."

If anyone can think of a title, and they want to submit one for my consideration, go right ahead, and I *will* give you credit for it. If not, don't worry, I'm sure I can come up with one (Or ask KuzAnn very very very nicely)

Ah, in regards to the website, I'll probably post in every story the URL when it's ready because I'm shameless like that.

Hm, so, I suppose that's it for now. If there's any questions, ask away, and once more…

Thank you all for reading. Thank you,

-Viper of Grand