Breath of Evil



An Army of Two fan fiction looking into the early days of Rios and Salem's lives. Trying to play with a parallel story line and that is a difficult task. I am self-editing so I am certain errors are rife.

I have several Original characters floating around, but the tale will follow canon from the first two video games and the two graphic novels.


I do not own them, I do not get paid for playing with them and I appreciate having such insightful characters to toss around. All military exploits are fictional and based upon scenarios, and tactics found in the games. I have imagined the missions they have no basis in historical reality.


Language, graphic violence, heed them! Anything extreme will be duly noted at the beginning of that particular chapter.

My Original Characters:

First Sergeant Gabe Benedict

Major Vickery

Corpsman Sullivan

Vasily Tyannikov and his entire squad

Guidry (Giddy)


Secour (M.I.T.)

Hunter Bathington

Quentin Reed

Jennifer (last name withheld for spoiler alert)

Ellie (last name withheld spoiler alert)

Heckler, Pedro and Mendelssohn are secondary characters from the graphic novels.

There are several other minor guys. As the list grows I'll edit it.

Chapter one

But For A Brother's Breath

Georgia 2007

"Fuckin' stupid squirrel" Tyson Rios growled snatching the wheel of the big, dark blue truck hard left to avoid killing the hapless animal, as it dove beneath the wheels. "Fuckin you and suicidal Elliot would get along great you god dammed flea ridden glorified rat!"

The truck veered back into the lane, and Rios rammed his booted foot down on the accelerator. The double chipped engine responded with a whine, and the speedometer shot up to eighty-five. Far too fast for the narrow winding road that led up to his home in the country, but the man didn't care. He was on a mission, and the sooner he arrived to complete it the happier he'd be. He'd spent the four hour flight from Los Angles seething about the news Alice had given him. Five days ago his wife had Elliot arrested for trespassing and violating a restraining order she'd secretly taken out on him. He pounded on the steering wheel, and grit his teeth. Rios knew the man hated confinement; it was all he could do to hang out in his apartment for more than half a day at a time let alone in a cell. Five days, and from the sound of Alice's voice Tyson knew that she was not telling him the whole story.

"Fucking bitch, fucking fucking bitch!" He screamed angry beyond words. "You got ten fucking minutes left in life as you know it!"

Tyson skidded the truck to a stop in a cloud of dust, and stormed for the log cabin style house. The fall wreath adorning the stained glass door did nothing to quell his anger, and he slammed through it hard enough to shatter it. At the sound of breaking glass his wife stepped quickly from the kitchen drying her hands on a towel.

"Tye…" she sputtered stopping short.

The man before her was not the man she'd fallen in love with and married. The man before her was a wraith, his face twisted with feral anger, and his eyes glazed with years of pent up rage. This, she thought, must be how he looks in combat. This is a face that Elliot would recognize and understand. Not only from seeing it in combat, but from having to confront it during the frequent battles the two men waged with one another. A familiar wave of jealousy shot through her, of course Elliot would know this version of Tyson, Elliot knew all the versions of Tyson, and it galled her to admit to herself that Elliot Salem probably knew her husband far better than she did.

"You had him arrested!" Tyson screamed leaning down slightly to meet her eyes. For a woman she was tall, taller actually than Elliot. "Why? What the fuck could he possibly do to have you trespass him and arrest him? Restraining order? Restraining order that I knew about! You told him that I knew about it, you are a sick bitch! God I just want to fuckin kill you. He fuckin' hates confinment. He's still tweaked from that shit prison in Turkey and fuck you toss him right back in god damned cage."

"All he had to do was leave with the sheriffs!" She countered matching his fury. "That's all. But no, he had to show his psychotic Salem ass and resist!".

"His Salem ass, his fuckin what!" He shouted incredulously, her sarcasm fueling Tyson's rage. "Just tell me why?"

"He was teaching your seven year old daughter how to shoot!" She screamed shrilly. "I came back from running errands, and he was teaching her how to shoot that damned machine gun. He sent my mom home, and took over baby-sitting, he was drinking, drunk, and they were out on the range shooting! He's insane! I don't want him here Tye. I never liked him, he's crazy you've said so yourself! You said as much just recently. You said he'd been unstable since you guys came back from Turkey!" She jabbed a finger into his broad chest, "You said every time you two come home from playing god he gets a little more unhinged, you said that not me!"

"Playing god?" He snorted slapping her hand away. "What the fuck do you know about what we do? You should have called me. You had him arrested! Lied to him, made it sound like I set him up! Do you think he'd have come by if you'd told him not to! It was Saturday. He was supposed to be here to go to her game with you two. You knew that and trapped him! Fuck, you ignorant bitch! He'll never trust me again."

"He's an animal!" she shouted getting right in his face. "He's not like you. He relishes the killing; he lives for the blood and gore, not like you. You're touched by it, it tears at you but Salem he just smiles his wretched smile, counts his money and prays the payout will be bigger next time."

"Animal, you called Elliot an animal. The man who fuckin breathed life back into our daughter when she drowned in Madrid, drowned while you were fucking drunk, and sucking some Spaniard's cock in his cabana, he's an animal?" Rios bellowed spittle flying into her face.

"He breathed life into her? I wish he hadn't! I'd rather she'd died then carry the stain of that monster's murderous breath in her soul! You saw what he did to Ramirez! That man did not just drown, Tye. Salem killed him for fucking me. Killed him with his bare hands, and would probably kill me too if he could, for hurting you."

Rios froze. In his fury riddled mind he could hear the argument, his wife calling Salem an animal, Salem rebutting with the drowning story, his wife…He'd put up with her infidelity, her failings as a mother her lack of understanding for what they did but this. He took a step back from her and swallowed the bile rising in his throat. Then, in a voice not more than a coarse whisper he asked, "Did you tell him that you foolish bitch?"

"Yes!" She hissed wickedly. "Yes, and from the look on his face I might just as well have put a bullet, from one of your bloody guns, in his gut. That's the one you die slow from right, and in pain?"

The gloating woman barley registered that Tyson was moving as the big man snatched her by the throat, and slammed her into the wall. Her head thudded against the tongue and groove cedar, and she fought to stay conscious. Her ears rang, and her eyes faded to black before twinkling back into focus. By the look on her husband's face she was certain that his livid, scar twisted grimace would be that last sight she'd see. Tyson read her thought and laughed wickedly.

"Oh no, this is not the last sight you'll see you bitch. You hurt Elliot, nobody hurts Elliot." He squeezed tighter noting that her lips were turning slightly blue and let up. "I want you to picture this. In Madrid, when I got to the hospital he was there, you were too drunk to go. He was a wreck." She tried to turn away from the spit flying from his mouth. "Look at me!" He screamed banging her head against the wall to get her attention. "A wreck, in shock, I'd never seen him like that, so desperate, so out of control. Freezing cold 'cause he was soaking wet, trembling with fear, because he still didn't know if our daughter would live, and Salem only fucking loves two things in this world, her and me; galvanized with hate, and anger toward you after seeing you getting your ass reamed by Ramirez when you should have been watching your child, and afraid that I'd hate him, thinking he'd failed me." He banged her head against the wall again and lifted her off the floor. "Elliot Salem broke down in tears! Salem fell into my arms, and sobbed hysterically for nearly an hour! He's an animal! He sobbed, because for the first time in his sad, miserable, lonely, violent existence he'd given life instead of taking it! Don't you ever pretend to know what he feels!" He screeched. "He found you fucking another man while our daughter was drowning! Yea, he killed Ramirez, and oh yea he'd wanted to kill you, but he didn't because he loves me, and he knew, fool that I was, that I loved you. But, no more, we are finished." He growled dropping her. She crumbled to the floor gagging and trembling from fear and anger.

"You're choosing him over me, over us, your family." She gasped up at him. Rios was unmoved by the plea, so she pushed the final button. "Tell me something Rios, are you top or bottom? Do you let that animal fuck you?"

Tyson's right foot snapped out and splintered the wall inches from her face. He wouldn't go out like that though, sent up for killing her. Salem would never forgive him for abandoning him, and if he was in prison who would watch out for the wayward younger man.

"You know," he began, his voice now eerily calm, "in hind sight I fucking think I chose a long, long time ago, and the only thing I regret is being foolish and selfish enough to have let you in. I don't regret my daughter, but you…It's always been about Elliot, there was never a place here," he tapped his huge chest over his heart, "for you, and for that I am sorry. Faraday, my lawyer, will be in touch. If I was you I'd pack. After Madrid I learned my lesson. I have tapes; I have all your adulterous shit documented. You get nothing."

He stepped away from her and watched as she struggled to stand leaning against the wall. He had loved her. He knew that the feeling, while misplaced and foolish had been genuine, but so much, too much had gone wrong and now she'd hurt Elliot. The pain she inflicted on him by fucking other men broke his heart, but that was his pain, that he could swallow and live through; push down, and forgive her for, but to see Salem hurt, to feel Salem hurt, and he would; that was a pain that would tear him to pieces, a pain that would drive him to kill the only person he'd ever loved aside from Elliot and his daughter.

"I'm gonna go get some things, go after Elliot, and I'll have someone get And-a-half," he smiled when she winced at Salem's pet name for their daughter, "And-a-half from school. Do not follow me upstairs. You have no idea how close to dead you are, and how short my fuse is right now. Then, when I'm outta here, pack and haul ass. Like I said Faraday will be in touch." He shook his head at her when she started to speak. "Hell, I hear its damn fine in Spain this time a year, maybe I can get Salem to pitch in for a plane ticket. Have a nice life, a real nice life, and tell Douglas" She flinched hearing her newest lover's name, "I said hello, and good luck."

Twenty minutes later he tossed a black duffle into the back seat of his truck, and headed down the gravel driveway. The only feeling he had was worry for Salem. He felt no remorse for hurting his wife, no remorse for finally ending his marriage, no remorse for having wiled away eight years of his life in a dead end relationship. All he felt was a deep seated dread that this time might be the time he couldn't reel Elliot back in, and that in the end his wife would win by default, successfully tearing Salem away from him after all. Shutting out the idea of defeat he dialed Alice.

"Talk to me." He ordered, his voice strained. "Damn I'm not wearing my fucking seat belt!"

"Are you ok?" She asked, as always concerned for his well-being. "Is your wife…is she breathing, Rios?"

"I think she's planning a vacation to Spain. Salem…" she gasped, and he slapped himself, "Shit, no Alice, not with, like Ramirez, just never mind, Salem?"

She let out the breath she was holding, and crossed getting Rios a good defense lawyer off her to do list. "Not good. Seems he did some major damage to your local sheriff squad. Two still in hospital, two treated and released, squad car pretty much destroyed, bail's set at seventy-five grand, and the best part,"

"There's a best part?"

"Yea, they have him in Hubbard, in isolation, in the psyche ward; apparently he just won't calm down, won't cooperate, he's giving them hell, Rios and,"

"There's an and?"

"Yes again, and even if he could make bail, which we are talking Salem here and he probably doesn't have seventy five cents to his name let alone the seventy-five hundred dollars, and collateral to back seventy-five grand, they won't cut him loose until he sees a shrink, and you know and I know that is not going to happen. So, I am open to suggestions."

Rios groaned. "Fucking Salem." He muttered. "Alice just call a bondsman, and get me an address, I'm going to Hubbard, see if I can visit him. He thinks I set him up, that's why he didn't call us, thinks…fuckin Christ I can't imagine what he's thinking. Since Turkey he's been spinning outta control on me. I think I might turn around, and end that bitch after all. Yea, do that and call me back."

"And the bail, Rios?"

"Salem's worth seventy-five grand Alice, I'll cover it. It's not like he'd haul ass, not if I order him not to." Rios sighed flipped his left turn signal on, changed lanes and squeezed the bridge of his nose. "I'm gonna get him out, find a sitter for And-a-half then me, and El are going to ground for a while, so scratch us off the books."

"And, the shrink?"

"Same, I say he's gonna see one, then he's gonna see one! I mean fuck, who's in charge here! I have another call to make so get on the bondsman, and let me know pronto. Oh, and can you pick And-a-half up from school?"

"Yes, and keep her while your away so no worries, Rios."

He snapped the phone shut reopened it, and hit Faraday's speed dial number.

"Faraday, Rios here, file it."

The lawyer sighed, and settled back into his chair. "You sure, she's going to want full custody."

"She gets nothing, and I mean nothing Far. Use the P.I.'s stuff, all of it. Go at her full bore. She hurt Elliot. Nobody does that, no- fucking- body."

Before Faraday could respond Alice beeped in, and Rios answered the incoming call. Glad in a way for the interruption, it removed any slight chance he'd change his mind. He noted the address and prepared himself for seeing Salem.