Alright it's here, the prequel to Stay Strong My Little One. Sorry for the wait and I hope you all enjoy.

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I guess it's finally time to write this story out and lay all my cards on the table. So to speak. In reality, I'm pretty sure that I'm writing this because I'm just plain frustrated and, can you blame me? We finally get this whole problem with Arkady being stolen from us done with and then I'm shoved on a plane headed for Japan in order to go over negotiations. Without Sadik! They honestly expect me to stay calm without him for the next few days! And negotiations my ass! I guess that could be another reason that I decided to write this. My name is Ivan Braginski and I represent the nation of Russia. What you are about to read is basically the story of my life up until the present. Now keep in mind that I may gloss over or even outright skip some events, this is mainly because if I were to document everything, this would fill several bookshelves. I can also easily get off track so be prepared.

General Winter is the father to all northern nations. Bet you didn't see that one coming but it's true. Myself, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland are all more or less related. Not to the point of it being incest between Sweden and Finland or Norway and Denmark so don't let your dirty minds wander there. No, it all happened like this: the ancient nations, even before Rome, were worried about their future children so they devised ways to ensure our safety. Scandinavia, North America, etc. all made a pact with the spirit of winter to protect us in times of war. To do this, he basically had to infuse a bit of himself into the land. If you really want to get technical, the most closely related are Norway and Iceland, and myself and Finland; which is why I was the one to give Finland away at his wedding to Sweden. It was beautiful and rather traditional. We even got little Tino in a white dress, though he was very opposed to it at the beginning and later tried to return the favor at my own wedding. Oh I'm getting a little ahead of myself aren't I?

I began, as most countries did, as simply many nomadic tribes that wondered the land that I came to represent. Then, in the late ninth century, these nomadic tribes fused together and I became Kievan Rus'. My sisters were also called this; Natalia had arrived about a century before this. Looking back, I have no idea how she came to be so obsessive about me marrying her. This way of life only lasted for a short period of time, until the thirteenth century to be exact, since Mongolia, who had formed some years before me; saw my land as ideal for expansion and thus invaded. Thankfully, my sisters were spared the 'unique' treatment that I was subject to though they were also captured. In the end, I ensured that Sadik and his armies could pass through Ukraine to get to Poland during their war if he took both my sisters back to Turkey with him. This group would later come to be known as the Tartars, the Golden Horde Empire, and, during their invasion of my friend China, the Huns. I'm afraid that I'm not entirely sure how long I was under Mongolia's rule, though I think it ended around the late fourteen hundreds, but it was during these horrible and abusive years that I first met Sadik, the nation of Turkey and, at the time, the representation of the Ottoman Empire. The first time I laid eyes on this massive and blood thirsty empire, I was nothing more than a meek child and it is here, dear reader, which our story begins.

I would like to say that I faced this towering blood soaked man with the strength and pride of a seasoned nation but if I'm honest, his first sight of me was of a teary eyed, whimpering, filthy child. I was informed that I was to be offered up to someone named the Ottoman Empire that morning while I was being painfully violated in a spider infested storage room. Normally, these activities take place in a crowded room for many to enjoy my humiliation but Mongolia liked to keep my paralyzing phobia to himself, a phobia that I reluctantly carry to this day. My fear of spiders was something that Mongolia loved to exploit. He had several rooms in my home infested with different species and, whenever I was brought here, I could bet that my face was going to be an inch away from a nest. He also used to have a coffin that he would strap me down in and dump spiders over me, warning me that if I screamed or cried, one would crawl into my mouth I make my body a nest. Sadik makes fun of me sometimes since even a simple house spider sends me running to his arms but I think he enjoys it more than he lets on. In a way, I think it feeds his ego but I digress. For the majority of the trip to Constantinople, now Istanbul, Mongolia talked of nothing other than what would happen to me when I got back, or if I displeased the Ottoman Empire, mostly featuring the situations above. Basically by the time we got to Constantinople, I was already on the verge of a complete breakdown and, when I finally met the man who I was to live with, all I wanted to do was curl up into as small a ball as possible and cry until I knocked myself out. Throughout most of the talk over the terms in which my temporary trade was to include, I sat beside Mongolia sobbing. I knew immediately that it annoyed him and would likely get me punished but I simply could not make it stop. It took less than twenty minutes for him to snap, which was a record for his patience. He grabbed my hair, which looked to be a grey-ish brown colour due to filth, and threw me roughly to the floor.

"Shut up you worthless, miserable, little urchin! Do you think that we great nations need to hear your pathetic snivelling?" I was almost to my feet again when he stood and delivered a sharp backhand to my face that sent me back to the floor. I coward under his glare with tears still rolling down my cheeks and whimpered softly. "Get into that corner." A sharp kick to my thigh informed me that I was to crawl there. "And shut up!" The next kick was delivered to my stomach and I gasped sharply as the wind was forced from my lungs. I rolled onto my side, suddenly unable to breathe. I didn't hear or see Sadik move until he was already between me and Mongolia. For such a big man, he could move incredibly quickly and quietly. He was talking but I couldn't really pay attention, his voice was so nice. It rumbled in his chest and smoldered in his throat. I stood slowly, every muscle in my body so relaxed by that voice, as I tried to pay attention to what was being said.

"Your terms are agreed to. Now leave, you are no longer welcome in my house. The boy will be returned at the end of the week. Alive or not remains to be seen." I suddenly feared that voice and everything that it embodied. Mongolia left in a huff at being dismissed like a lowly servant and, for the first time, I wished that I was with him. At least with Mongolia I knew what to expect. I was faced with the expressionless white mask and I feared it. I was so tired of crying but I couldn't seem to find a way to stop. It seemed like every hurt and humiliation had built up to this and, without really thinking about it, as he knelt down to be level with me, I punched him. For the briefest moment I relished the feel of my fist connecting with that high cheekbone and then I realized exactly what I'd done. I pulled my fist back to my chest and started to tremble, tears coming faster than ever before. I just fucked up an important negotiation. What was to stop him from attacking now or from invading my lands and slaughtering my people as vengeance or hurting my sisters? I flinched and closed my eyes as that black gloved hand was raised, anticipating the strike though if a beating was all he was going to do, I'd consider myself lucky. Instead I felt that same hand gently run through my hair and a deep chuckle. My god I love that voice. It sent these strange yet nice shivers up and down my spine. That odd hat and the mask had been knocked off and I could easily see the tousled black hair and mischievous green eyes. His skin was smooth and tanned by the hot sun that heated this land up to a delightful temperature. Next to him, I admit, I felt embarrassingly inadequate. Using the hand that had been in my hair, he gently urged out the door and headed down the hall after saying something in his own language to a passing servant. I was a little worried that maybe he had simply decided to punish me in another room, but as soon as we entered a room deeper in the house, I completely relaxed. All he wanted was a bath, though I had no clue as to why I had to be there for that. I swallowed roughly as he began to disrobe, my mouth suddenly very dry. Though I knew that it was only polite to look away, I couldn't seem to tear my eyes from the smooth, muscular body that was slowly being revealed to me. "Like what ya see kid?" My face rapidly heated up and turned the colour of a cherry as I realized that I'd been caught staring and I quickly turned away. I heard that smooth chuckle again. "I don't think I feel too safe, having you in the bath with me." I froze. He was going to let me have a bath. A chance to sink into that nice warm water, to get clean and feel human again, to get the feeling of groping hands off and I'd ruined it. I hung my head and started to sniffle, the beginnings of cries escaping. My hands automatically came up to start wiping away tears when I heard bare feet hurry over. "Hey, easy there, I was only joking. Come on…shh shh… I wasn't going to keep you from having a bath…shh." I sniffled again and hesitantly met his eyes. "There we go. See, everything's alright. Now let's get you out of those clothes and into the tub." I blushed as he helped me out of the tattered shirt that did very little to hide the bruises covering my skin. I suddenly became very aware of the state that the seat of my pants was in and what it hid. I clung to them childishly and whimpered, dreading the humiliation that their removal would bring. He sighed after his third attempt to remove them. "Kid I already know. I did lead you out to the hall in front of me." My blush darkened as that meant that anyone who passed us saw too. He stood and walked over to the corner of the room where a bucket full of water rested. He brought it over and crouched down. "Do you trust me?" I wanted to shake my head and run, but something in me wanted to trust him and gave a shaky nod. I closed my eyes and turned my face away as the pants were carefully removed. I jumped slightly at the low growl that the man beside me gave and coward, thinking that I'd somehow upset him. He quickly smiled at me. "I'm not mad at you kid, just the damn bastard who put you through this." I didn't need him to elaborate. I'd seen it enough times to know. My rear and thighs were covered in feces, since Mongolia had decided to take away my privilege to a toilet, and mingled with what was the sticky white substance that I had come to loathe. Long after it had cooled, it burned at my skin. Reminding me of what a failure as a country I was. I felt the slightly rough fabric of a washcloth being run over my skin and shifted uneasily. It felt weird having someone else clean me. Sadik's tanned hand ran soothing circles along my stomach letting me know what else he wanted. Slowly, I relaxed my internal muscles and allowed him to see the full extent of my shame as it leaked down my quivering thighs. I was thankful that he made no comment and it wasn't long before I heard the washcloth thrown back into the bucket. "We can probably just throw all this out. I can get you something else to wear." He started to gather up my clothes while I stood motionless, until he reached for my scarf.

"No!" He spun around, appearing startled to have heard me speak. "Not that, please. My sister gave it to me." He raised a hand to silence me and smiled gently.

"No worries kid, I'll make sure it gets washed with the utmost care." I nodded my thanks and smiled lightly. I made no comment as I was lifted into the bath and set on his lap, nor to I complain when he accidentally got soap in my eyes. He seemed to have this fascination with running his fingers through my hair, not that I was complaining, his strength and dominant personality threatened to over whelm me and I briefly entertained ideas of just what it would be like to be under that strength. I quickly shook my head to banish such thoughts

"Um…mister Ottoman Empire-sir." He gave me a slight hum of acknowledgement. "What do you plan to do with me?" His hands stopped their soothing massage.

"Well right now I plan to bathe you, feed you, introduce you to the other nations living here, tell you a story and then it's off to bed. Unless you object of course." I could hear the smirk in his voice and quickly shook my head.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to meet any of the other nations as neither Sadik nor I realized just how late it was. By the time we got out of the bath, the sun had already set. Sadik set me up in a room close to his and tucked me in among the many pillows.

"Goodnight kid." I frowned slightly.

"You keep calling me kid. My name's Ivan." He smiled and kissed my forehead.

"I'm Sadik. Goodnight Ivan." I smiled and nuzzled down into the soft warmth.