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"Ouch!" Screeched a blonde farmer girl known as Rio.

Alerted, a red-haired hair stylist by the name of Allen dropped the photo album immediately and went over to his girlfriend. He quickly grabbed Rio's hands that she had been staring at and examined it closely.

"You're clumsy, you know that?" Allen said to her with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

Rio pouted at him. "Well, it's not my fault that I want to make you the best Genovese Pasta ever." She whined to him.

He rolled his eyes at her and flicked her forehead. "It is your fault. You chose to make 'the best Genovese Pasta ever'. Whether you like it or not, it's clearly your fault for making that decision." He snapped back.

Rio just puffed her cheeks and looked at her damage, unable to think of a retort.

Allen sighed and directed her hand to the faucet, running over water to it at the same time shielding it so that it will not hurt. Then, he made Rio's left hand hold her right. "Hold that, I'm going to look for bandages… " He muttered to her and continued to the first aid box.

Rio's eyes widened and she chuckled nervously. "Ahaha… Errm… Wait."

He kept on rummaging inside the box, finding bandages. When he couldn't find one, he turned to Rio with one eyebrow raised. "Where are the bandages?" He asked.

She let out another nervous laugh and shut her mouth. "I-I ran out of it…" She muttered weakly.

Allen gave her a face of disbelief. "What?.. I can't believe you."

Rio braced herself, waiting for a lecture to come. But it didn't come. Instead, it's quite the opposite.

"Really, you work too hard. Running around the town every day, giving gifts and such; sweating hard in the middle of the sun for the sake of your crops; exerting so much effort for your animals." He went near her and kissed the crown of her head gently. "As your boyfriend, I'm completely concerned about your health… You should ask me to help you out. I won't hesitate, really. Just be sure to ask me when it's non-business hours."

Rio blushed and then smirked at him. "Well, I couldn't picture you carrying a large watering can and cleaning cow dung."

He gave her a smirk that is much more intense and shook his head. "That was everyone's opinion of you at first." He picked up Rio's bleeding hand. "And believe me, I'm much stronger than what you think I am." He whispered.

He then examined the wound once again and huffed. "Man, it's bleeding again…"

Rio expected for him to drag it to the faucet again. But to her surprise, he didn't. What he did was completely unexpected and made Rio blush.

He held the injured finger and directed it to his mouth. He placed it inside and started sucking the blood away.

"Ah!" Rio exclaimed and yanked her hand away.

Except, her action made the injury worse. It scraped through his teeth and it started bleeding again.

"Hey, look at what you did." He told her disapprovingly. "Don't do that." He commanded her and started licking the blood away.

Rio's face had gotten red like mad. "W-w-what are you doing? Y-you're not a dog!" She blurted out at him.

He chuckled and started licking while looking at her, which made her face even redder, if that was possible. "I'm not. But my saliva will make injuries recover faster than a dog's. Of course, because that's me we're talking about." He whispered with unintentional seductiveness mixed in his voice. He then winked at Rio, who opened her mouth to let out a squeal, which didn't come out.

When Rio didn't speak but blushed and stared at him intently, Allen stopped his action and stared back at her with one eyebrow raised. "What, you want me to lick other areas, too?"

This time, Rio really let out a loud squeal.

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