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Chapter 1:-

"I hate you!" the blonde girl shouted at the teenager who was standing in front of her.

"Then do, like hell I care" the pink haired guy answered anger in his eyes yet evil smirk on his lips.

"Then get the hell out of here!" the girl burst in tears" Sorry little princess, but I can't. It is my job after all." he said with sarcastic tone.

"That is why I hate boys! They are all the same! Not caring at all, doing just what they want!"

I must assume you didn't understand anything at all, and then let me explain from the start.

Lucy heartphillia. That was the name of the girl who lives in this apartment. She is 20 years old girl who lives alone after running away from her home almost two years ago.

Of course, her parents begged her to come back but she refused, she hates her family so much. They were so rich that they didn't care about her, only their work, how to rise a company, how to grow money. That is all what her family cared about.

Over the years she lived in her parents' castle, she grew angry, sad and suffering of being alone. She didn't have brothers or sisters. She was a lonely princess.

She always believed that being rich was the reason behind being alone in school without friends. People always keep distance between them and her. They were afraid of the bodyguards, they always stand behind her; watching every little thing that the others do in case they were harm for her.

That was the main reason for running away from home, or her prison.

She wanted to live normally, she wanted someone to talk to, and she wanted friends! And her parents sure forbid her from having them.

She ran from the wealth life, to a poor, hard one. She preferred friends over money.

Let me tell you something, money won't buy you happiness no matter how much it is, even if it was a fortune, being alone with only money is suffocating. It is like living a live with only: sleep-eat-play alone, and that is it. Eventually you will feel the sadness after distancing yourself with only money and work.

You have to live generously; there is nothing more enjoyable as freedom. Live your life to its fullest; don't leave a single thing that you will regret for not doing it!

That what Lucy thought before leaving her so-called-home.

But that doesn't mean that the world outside is save; there is beasts, monsters, criminals and all kind of people that you would fear.

Lucy didn't know that…

She moved to fairy academy and made a trust worthy friends. They were the first people that Lucy talked to and opened her heart up for. They looked at her as only 'Lucy' not her money, background, name and all that silly stuff.

A year passed for Lucy living alone, and sure every day she would receive a message or two from her family with money and something like that. But she didn't reply, just ignored them. Yes, she was a stubborn girl and still a one.

Someday after almost year and month passed, Lucy got in something so tragic that changed her whole life. Everything changed, from A to Z.

She got raped. That accident made her hate boys, despite them. She thought of them as plain dogs, do what they want, not considering what will happen to the other person. They are ready to ruin lives for their self-satisfaction. They are beasts in humans form. That is what Lucy been thinking of boys till now.

She started to get afraid every time some guy approaches her, talk to her and even just wave his hand for her.

Even her closest friends, every little one that were so precious to her and was a boy, she would hate him.

She is ready to give her live rather than being touched by one.

But slowly, she got used to only her close friends that were little few, Gray, Jellal and Gajeel. Yup, they were the only guys that were able to talk to her without her going into a fit of panic.

She really tried to keep it a secret from her family but it was impossible for her. Her family was watching her from time to time, when they knew about this, they immediately took a plan to forbid this from happening again. They were so afraid about her but she didn't realize that. She refused to put bodyguards for her. Her behavior was so childish and silly. Even after all this happened she still refuses the helps that her family offered to her.

And so, her family got to the last choice. The last plan in their pockets, they will-

Lucy was walking the streets to her school. She was wearing a knee-length black skirt, a long, wide yellow jacket that reaches her mid-thigh, long socks. Her hair was down and bangs hiding her eyes with her head hangs low.

She held her school bag tightly to her chest, as she walked stiffly to her school. Any way you look at it, she looked weird and like a psychopath.

She became like this since that unfortunate accident.

Lucy walked and reached her school gate to be welcomed by a blue-haired girl.

"Lu-chan! Good morning!" the girl called Levy, greeted Lucy and received a smile from her.

"Good morning" Lucy replied as another girl approached them. "Yo Lucy" Erza said and so Lucy replied the same. They walked to the class and get welcomed by two boys.

"Hi, Lucy" Gray said waving his hand and received a weak nod from Lucy.

"Mornin'." Gajeel grinned at her. "Hi…" Lucy replied. Really, she was nothing when she is close to boys.

Soon the teacher came and the class started.

"We will be having a new student that will come tomorrow, so behave well." The teacher, Laxus said before starting the class.

The day passed by so fast and now it was afternoon, 6:00pm. Lucy was late taking the notes from the board with her friend, Erza. The sun started to get down.

"Okay Lucy, I will be leaving" Erza said as she held her bag, standing by the classroom door.

"Oh, it is okay, I will soon end and leave after you" Lucy smiled at her and Erza nodded before leaving.

Lucy thought five minutes and she will end with copying the notes, but it ends up almost one hour and now she was walking the dark streets, alone.

Lucy got those strange feelings, of someone following her. The streets were all empty and she was getting scared after every step she takes.

She looked behind her, no one. She turned to walk again. Her body was all trembling and shaking. She tightened her grip on the bag as she held it so close to her chest.

Suddenly a hand appeared and covered her mouth with other one holding her shoulder, pushing her close to his chest.

Lucy dropped her bag and tears already fell from her eyes. She was about to lose conscious any minute and the guy behind her didn't say anything. He was taller than her that she reaches his shoulder.

"You are weak" he first said with deep sigh as he let go of her.

'Huh?' Lucy turned to look at the person behind her, with red eyes and tears covering her now buffy cheeks.

She took few steps away, and held her trembling hands on her chest.

"W-Who a-are you?!" she said with stuttering in her voice out of fear. She was scared like hell.

The guy, who looked close like her age, looked at her with anger, coldness and disgust.

"Can't believe this" he murmured, running a hand throw his pink haired locks. He kept cursing as he looked around with murderous look in his eyes.

"You are ugly y'know that?" he said as he rested his eyes on her again. "Huh?!" she said in surprise, 'did this guy just said that!' she raged inside.

"Who are you?!" she yelled at him angrily.
"I'm the one who supposed to protect you, blonde" he said with the last word in repulsion.

"Wha-!" she burst out, "Get the fuck away from me, I already said that I don't need bodyguards!" she shouted at him and he raised an eye brow.

"Heh~" he said playfully as he walked slow steps towards her. She started to back away a little, fear started to show on her face every step he took in her direction.

She started to sweet and got really nervous, close to get a fit of panic attack.

He held her wrist roughly and pushed her on the wall under the street's lights. His tight grip on her wrist will leave red marks. He rested his hand on her mouth so she won't scream.

"You don't need one right?" he whispered huskily in her ear, licking her ear lobe a little before looking in her eyes again, his eyes held pure angriness in it, yet there was that evil smirk on his lips.

"What if someone other than me did this? What would you do?" he asked her strangely calm. He removed his hand off of her mouth.

He moved his face more closely to her face that their lips almost touched and Lucy could feel his hot breath on her skin, she was freaking out and be frightened. Damn! It started to bring her the memories of that day.

"P-Please... leave me a-alone…" she barely got the words out of her mouth, tears falling on his hand that was massaging her cheek.

"You are naïve girl, and I hate girls like you" he lastly whispered close to her as he shoved her away from him. Lucy couldn't stand on her feet as she fell down on her knees, hands resting limply on her lap.

He looked down at her with pure hatred and she looked up at him with immense horror look in her eyes.

Then for Lucy, the world turned pure blackness and blankness, she fell cold on the ground. She couldn't endure all of this after all. This guy will be the end of her.

"Ah, forgot to tell you, I'm Natsu Dragneel"

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