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Chapter 10:-

Lucy sat in front of Natsu on the table, it was morning and both sitting together to eat breakfast that Lucy prepared for both of them,

It was just Lucy staring shamelessly at Natsu, never minding hiding her stares, and Natsu sure was getting uncomfortable around her, to him she was acting strangely since the last week when he got to her house to be jumped at by her.

'He is the same, a whole week and I still can't believe it, this is Natsu? The one I thought dead? My fiancé? No this is still impossible! But look, he still has his pink—Ahm 'salmon hair' as he always protest, but look, he look all so hot, not like when he was a kid! He sure changed, he can hold a gun, fight, protect, he sure matured over the past years I wasn't there, but here even though he forgot his memories, he still has his old habits…. Anyway, he still talks the same, but his voice got harder along his muscles… OHMYCOSH! I can't believe Natsu is my bodyguard! I can't believe that he stayed alive after that accident…I thought he was dead with all the blood that covered him… that unfortunate car accident' Lucy was getting ahead of her thought that she didn't realize she has tears in the corner of her eyes, remembering her unwanted childhood memories.

"Oy… why are you crying?" Natsu said in a rude manner but didn't hide his concern, Lucy was acting strange again, all of sudden her eyes would tear up and she would start crying,

Natsu sighed as he got up and walked to her side, Lucy only looked down on her lap, tears falling on her hands on her lap, she couldn't even bring herself to look up at him that close,

"Here," Natsu leaned down, and offered a hankie, but she didn't take it, Natsu sighed again, he rubbed her eyes roughly, making her jerking her head up in surprise and scowl at him, her eyes started to burn, and he was frowning, he stood up as he putted one hand on his hip.

"Will you stop it already?" he said in hopelessness, "You have been crying a lot the past week, it is not funny," Natsu didn't notice the worry that grow in his voice which didn't go un-noticed by her.

She looked up at him, "I can't," she simply replied.

"Then tell me why you can't!" he didn't even notice his voice going higher, he was getting angry, but not on purpose, he himself didn't understand those feelings he has, he just didn't like her distant eyes that would cry all of sudden lately, it annoyed him as much as it did worry him.

"Because I can't believe!" she shouted as tears fought to fall harder from her eyes,

"Believe what!" he snapped back as he threw a fist in the air angrily,

"Can't believe how much it dose hurt, getting back unwanted things, unwanted memories, pain and hurt, my heart is aching in my chest…" she held her hand tight on her chest as she looked down,

"What?" He replied a little calmer, sure he was confused by now,

"I…" Lucy tried her hardest to get the words out, to tell him the truth, but it would only bring hurt and suffering to him, not to mention the burden that it would feel, Lucy didn't want that, he already has a hell a lot of suffering without the unwanted ones.

There was silence between them, Natsu looked straight at her but she couldn't meet his gaze. He sighed as he closed his eyes in tiredness.

"Y'know, something is strange about you," Natsu said with slightly harsh tone, "You make me feel weird, you make me angry, annoyed, irritated, being around you is hell of trouble, you are blain danger," he sure was rude, and with every word he says, it took a piece of her heart that she couldn't help the tears of hurt running,

He paused a little,

"But you scare me…" Lucy looked up at him in surprise, the tone in his voice cracked; now Natsu couldn't bring himself to look at her.

"I can't believe how much you scare me, for the first time in my life I felt that much fear the last week at the club, not since the day my mom died, I don't know why but there is something inside tells me to not get you hurt no matter what, to protect you even if it does mean throwing away my life and that scares me, I don't even know you for that long," Natsu turned around so he won't face her,

Lucy was astonished by his words.

She opened her mouth to say anything, but nothing escaped her lips, she closed it again.

"I already feel much weird myself, so don't go around acting all strange around me, you make me feel weirder, I feel like I'm the reason behind your tears but I don't want to be, so just stop it." Natsu walked a little farther, sitting on the sofa, his back facing her.

"You make it harder for me to protect you, and I don't want to fail my job again like the last week," Natsu rested his head back as he covered his eyes with his gloved hand.

"Can't believe I almost let you go to your nightmares again… amazing me…" Natsu muttered almost in whisper but it was enough for her to hear a little, surprisingly, his voice was full of fear and regret, shame and it was shaking slightly…

"Why… why you care that much?" Lucy whispered slightly her confused brain, he doesn't even remember her.

"I told you that I don't know! My thoughts and feelings like a puzzle to me right now, I don't even know why I did show the beast inside me when I saw the blood on you, it is been more than fucking 4 years!" Natsu rested his elbows on his knees as he covered his face with his both hands.

'Maybe I have an idea about why… I think I know the reason… because you still have feeling of the past deep down inside you… right?'

Natsu was surprised to feel Lucy's arms around his neck, holding him close from the back, her head nuzzling in the crock of his neck,

"Sorry… so sorry…" Lucy whispered in his ear, he could even feel wet spots on his neck, her tears again, this girl was driving him insane, his heart was responding to her touches by beating faster and faster along hers, it somehow hurting him, there was a sting of pain deep down inside it.

Gosh, this girl is danger.

And much to his dismay, he raised his gloved hand and patted her head, few strands of her hair fell messily on his shoulder, they stayed like that for a few moments.

"Can I ask something?" Natsu said after a moment of silence, Lucy slowly raised her head and untied her arms as she stood back; wiping her eyes, she muttered 'go ahead' as she turned around so she won't face him while leaning on the sofa behind him.

"Why aren't you scared of me? I'm a guy y'know, and I could do anything to you." Natsu said in a matter of fact, Lucy smiled a little,

"I trust you the most, didn't I tell you back in the hospital, you won't hurt Me." she said with much confidence, "You won't." just when he was about to retort, she repeated her words again.

She left him silent as she walked away to her room, she really didn't want to go to school anymore, she has been skipping it for the past two weeks.

"I love you."

"You are a seven years old girl; you won't know love right now!"

"But I know I want to spend my life with you!"

"You won't want to with someone who hates you!"

"Ah!" Natsu grabbed a fistful of his hair as he fell to the floor on his knees, screaming in unbearable pain, his eyes widened as he saw flash backs play itself in front of his eyes.

"Don't hurt her!" he screamed, seeing them tearing her apart.

"Give the red diamond to us!" they shouted.

Tears fell his eyes as he saw the blood roll down her body.

Natsu shook in place as he saw these flashbacks, tears gathered in his eyes; the faceless girl that he doesn't even know, the girl of his dreams.

It hurtled him, the feelings were odd but real, it did strike like reality.

"D-Don't hurt her…" Natsu muttered with fear as he closed his eyes, tears sliding down while he rested his forehead on the floor.

"It will always be your fault, you will see those bruises and scars on her body and you will remember, you will blame yourself and feel pain over and over again, it is your entire mistake."

"Stop it… stop him…" Natsu fisted his hand on his heart, clutching to his shirt tightly, it was hurting him, his heart was tearing itself apart, Natsu gasped as he fell on the ground, breathing hardly, panting and sweating, tears falling his eyes.

"She will hate you."


"That if she lives."

"Stop it!" Natsu broke down as he started coughing out blood that were choking him, last thing he knew his vision blurring and the world going nuts with several reminiscences of the faceless girl.

Then it was darkness only.

Natsu opened his eyes to four white walls, it was hospital again, he turned to his side to see a crying girl, what surprised him, she was holding his motionless hand in hers while tears fell harder and harder as she sobbed, she didn't even notice him waking up.

His hand felt heavy, he wanted her to realize he woke up so she won't cry, even just one twitch of his finger, but he couldn't.

The room was quiet, only the sound of Lucy sobbing and sniffling, beeps of the machines, and his harsh breathing sound under the breathing mask.

He looked at her and remembered everything, it must be memories of the past, they can't come from nothing, but he didn't have any idea about forgetting or getting lost any memories, not to mention anyone telling him, and it seemed so important that it shook him to the core, it even showed up his tears.

Who is she?

"Don't cry..." he gathered all he has just to mutter these words, for him, her tears hurt him more than his current state, for some reason he didn't know.

Lucy's head snapped up to meat Natsu's deep onyx eyes, he looked lifeless, his motionless body, his pale skin, his dried lips, the breathing mask on his face, wires attached to his body along heart-reading machine, and blood-transferring machine as well.

"You are awake!" Lucy jumped on him as she hugged him tight, crying more, Natsu was surprised at her reaction as he slowly raised his limp hands in attempt to hug her back, it took all he might and sure it was hard but managed to touch her, just for a second before falling by his side lifeless again.

What was wrong with him? He wasn't even able to raise his hand, he just wanted to hug her back, why was it so hard?

After a few minutes, Lucy calmed down a little as she sat back on the chair by his bed.

"Why I feel so weak? What is wrong with me?" Natsu asked her, a little uneasy.

"It is an old injury acting up on you again." A voice came from the door, both Lucy and Natsu turned to see who and it was Jellal standing by the door.

He wore serious expressions, and slightly worried one.

"Jellal…" Natsu said in acknowledge to his presence,

"Natsu, your heart is not in stable state, your 14 years old heart surgery need to be redo again, it is draining your life slowly, you have to do it within these two weeks or I'm afraid that you won't make it alive," Jellal said seriously, Lucy's eyes widened, 14 years? That accident must be the cause! She remembered, she heard them talking about it, they said he wouldn't live! That was her break down point when she lost her memories.

Lucy turned to look at Natsu with horrified look; she couldn't help her body trembling with tears gathering in her eyes again.

No… I can't lose him again… impossible!

"Lucy? Lucy! Are you okay?!" Jellal shouted as he saw Lucy collapsing on the ground, her body shaking madly with her hands grabbing fistful of her hair not minding the pain, her eyes were wide like crazy and tears falling senseless.

"I-I… Can't l-lose h-him again-n…" Lucy whispered almost in non-understandable way. She was going into mental craze, just like when she was a kid when she saw Natsu covered in blood motionless, getting to several surgeries and not waking up, it took a great deal of her, and the same memories were getting back to her, of her broken Natsu.

"Lucy! Get a hold on yourself!" Natsu shouted as he tried his best to get up, his breathing mask was off, he looked at her ridiculous form on Jellal's lap who was kneeling on the ground, trying to calm her down a little.

"Lucy, Lucy?" Jellal looked in terror at her motionless form, he slapped her wet cheeks but she didn't budge even a little.

"Lucy?" Natsu looked at her in panic, he looked wide eyes at her, he could even feel his body tremble, suddenly the pain came back in his heart sharply.

"Ah!" Natsu gasped as he clutched his hand to his chest, it was tearing itself apart, he couldn't even breathe, stupid him took the breathing mast away, he coughed blood out, it dripped down his chin and on the bed, he could feel his body going numb and burning.

"Natsu?" Jellal's eyes widened as he looked up at Natsu, Lucy was still in his arms, and he has to do something, anything!

"Doctor! Doctor, come here fast!" Jellal shouted loudly as he looked at Natsu breaking down, he is not possibly going to lose an old close friend right now! And Lucy too!

"Erza!" Jellal shouted in hope for anyone to come in.

"Fuck! For god's sake!" Jellal shouted irritably as he picked Lucy up and walked out the room, "Doctor!" he shouted but was met with Erza running his way in the hallway, "Jellal what is wrong?!" she said in fright, it was strange to see her almost calm all the time bodyguard like this in panic state.

"Call the doctor to get ready for surgery, Natsu is breaking down!" he shouted at her and it took a second to realize that Natsu was in danger, "Damn it!" Erza ran fast to find the assigned doctor.

She has to find him, fast!

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