There's always that moment in between bromance and romance, and Aomine's about to embark on the journey to discover himself. Slightly tsundere Aomine(?). Fluff.


The moon has already unveiled itself for the night, playing peek-a-boo with those who were gazing it up high in the sky amidst the night clouds. Two bodies slammed themselves tired against green wire fences at the edge of the basketball court as they wipe profuse sweats off their face. Intense one-on-one battle between the aces of Touou and Seirin happened, and it was a daily occurrence for the two since the Winter Cup was over.

"Oh yeah, before I start vanishing on you tomorrow – I'm gonna have to go to a training camp Coach Aida. She arranged for us in secret. No wonder we had to deal with tonnes of homework for the past couple of week, the principle has agreed to let us off of school. " He gathered everything and shoved it down his bag. "Looks like you're gonna have to find somebody else to babysit you for the next 2 weeks."

The blue-haired male did the same and walked over to the middle of the court to pick up the ball and spun it on his finger."Eh, that's a hassle. Don't go then."

Both of them walked out, heading west in direction to Kagami's apartment that was 5 minutes away from the basketball court.

"Awwww, don't go missing me too much, okay?" teased the red head.

"Pfft. As if, idiot."


"I heard it's gonna be a strict. Kagetora-san, ah – he's Coach Aida's dad; apparently he'll be the one taking care of us throughout the entire time we're there and Coach Aida's just gonna assist him," muttered the red head as he swung around to look at the tanned teen while flipping vegetables in the frying pan. "Looks like I'm the only one who has never met him since I went back to America for training. You know, before the winter cup the other day. The rest of them were tortured by the guy. All of them had this horrifying look on their face at the mention of his name."

"Eeeeh," replied Aomine nonchalantly; his chin hung lazily on the edge of the already set dinner table, his arms dangled down with fingers almost touching the floor.

One last flip before the fried mixed vegetables found its way on the plate. The former ace of Teikou straightened himself with chopstick readied in his hand at the sight of the red-haired male making his way out of the kitchen.

"The place in Coach Aida's description this morning sounds as though it's gonna be at some inhabited island with high mountains and extreme trails," Kagami paused as he transferred another mouthful of rice into his mouth, " – it's gonna be exciting."


"But Koganei -sempai told me the guy's gonna confiscate the phone before the camp starts. He did so last time. No distractions, he said." Both of them now walked side by side, pace in sync in the direction of the train station. Aomine couldn't take his eyes away from the bright night sky that day. " I don't mind, it's not like I have parents to call or a girl friend to call every day," the red head slicked his hair backward only for it to fell on his face again. " – but I think that's a little too much. We're not kids."

Aomine sidestepped him, facing the small building across the road. They've reached their destination.

"Remind me again what did I do wrong to have to listen about talking about all of these."

The boy next to him snickered. " Like I said, you'll miss me."

He hold his stare at Kagami for quite a while before breaking the contact and walked towards the building across the road."Where does that baseless confidence come from?"

All he got was a smile.

"To hell with that, Bakagami. See you in two weeks." He waved without a since glance, knowing that the red head would still be watching him.

"Good night, Ahomine."

He wasn't talking to him; the voice was barely audible as though it was directed for only himself to hear but the bluenette sharp senses was not one to be fooled around.

"...I know I'll miss you."

Aomine could feel his face warming up in an instant even as the cold night breeze of spring brushed against his skin.



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