Fitz smiled as he saw Darcy's car pull up on the driveway. They'd only accepted Mrs. de Bough's 'hospitality' because it was easiest, but now Fitz was glad they had. It was going to be a lot easier to interrogate Darcy if they were in the rooms next to each other. He'd wait a bit first. Fitz went back over to the computer, where he was just about to watch last week's Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Lizzie had said not to watch the past ones, but he was fine with watching any that had been done since. Presumably she was going to be nicer in her latest videos. The screenshot, him in a clown nose with Lizzie pointing a gun at him, was on his screen when he heard a knock on the door. Quickly minimising the tab, he went over to answer it. Darcy didn't look good.

'Can I use your laptop? Mine is out of charge.'

'Sure.' he had replied without really thinking about it. Then he realised what would come up. 'Oh shit!'

Darcy was just standing there, staring at the two of them mucking around. He turned.

'You know about her videos?'

'What!? How do you know about them?'

'Lizzie told me.' Fitz raised an eyebrow. 'Accidently.' Darcy added. 'Why didn't you tell me?'

'She asked me not too. She won't even let me watch any of the ones made before I found out.'

'Let's start then.' Darcy clicked play.

Lizzie appeared on the screen, telling her viewers about her sister. Who was upset about a guy named Bing. Oh crap. Darcy was totally going to kill him. On the pretext of going and getting another chair, Fitz moved away from Darcy slowly. Video!Fitz galloped into the room whilst he watched Darcy watching them interact. He may be gay, but Darcy could still get jealous. Just when Fitz thought it was starting to get better, with Darcy seeing his matchmaking efforts, disaster struck. Honestly though, how was he supposed to know it was her sister! He was so dead.

'You told her!?'

'Um... yeah. Sorry, I didn't know.'

'She would have found out eventually.'

They sat in silence through the next two videos, wincing occasionally when Lizzie sent out something exceptionally harsh. Though even if Darcy was the nicest guy in the world to Lizzie and Jane, he would have been rejected with that speech.

'Seriously? You declare your love and insult her in the same speech?'

'I... wasn't really thinking. I completely screwed up everything.'

'You don't really know Lizzie, do you? You just have an idea of her in your head.'

'What's that supposed to mean?'

'Well, if you really knew Lizzie, you really wouldn't have done that. C'mon, let's break my rules.'

Moving the mouse up, Fitz clicked on the playlist.