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August 27, 2012

Harvey Specter walked into his office feeling quite down despite the case he had just won. His emotions were once again taking over. He rose from his seat and walked over to close the blinds. He needed time to himself. He needed to be alone. He needed to think, to breathe.

When the blinds shut closed, Donna Paulsen had to fight off the urge to come in and ask if he was okay. He wasn't. Donna glanced at the calendar resting at the corner of her desk. She smacked her head lightly. How did she forget? She wasn't supposed to forget this day. His blinds would always close at some point on this day. Every year, Donna observed. And every year, she saw the same thing. The sound of heels tapping lightly caught Donna's attention. She looked up and saw a familiar face. A familiar face she didn't expect to see. Not on this day, especially. The sight of the woman in the black tight dress and killer heels became confirmation to Donna that her boss wasn't going to be okay anytime soon.

Donna didn't say anything; she just stared at the woman in front of her. "I'd like to see Harvey," she said with a sense of authority in her voice. The woman slightly reminded her of Jessica. "He's busy." Donna responded. She expected her to leave at that, but the woman was dead set on seeing Harvey. "Please, Donna, I need to see him." Donna caught goosebumps at the sound of her name coming out of the taller woman's mouth as she stood. "Wait here," she said, putting a hand up. Donna entered the office quietly. "I'm sorry," she said almost in a whisper. "She wants to see you, Harvey. I don't know what to do." Harvey looked up at her and shrugged, "Send her in." Donna looked at him, horrified. "Are you sure?" Harvey nodded slightly. "It's fine, Donna." Donna nodded, walked out and sent the woman in. It was about to get real for Harvey Specter. "Charlotte," he greeted, with a forced smile. "How are you holding up?" she forced a smile as well. "What do you think?"

"I think you look like a mess." she chuckled softly. "I wish I could say the same about you. You look gorgeous." Before Harvey could even come closer, the woman took off and walked at the back of the office to admire the gorgeous view of the city. "I always loved New York. There's just something about the hustle and bustle of this city." she said quietly.

Awkward was an understatement. Harvey couldn't say anything more. He vividly recalled the images of the woman in his home, in his bed, wearing his shirt, drinking his coffee, breathing his scent. He missed her more than anything. She was a woman full of wonderful things. He could never forget the feeling of her arms wrapped around his neck, her hair touching his arm lightly, her lips pressing down on his. "Harvey, I know you followed me." He knew. He knew that she knew but he chose not to say anything. She placed her purse next to the basketballs on one side of his office. "You know, I didn't mean to shut you off that night. I guess I just didn't expect that you would run after me." The possibility of her coming back after exactly seven years never really crossed Harvey's mind. In fact, he never thought that she would ever come back. "You thought I didn't love you so you didn't expect it," Harvey said quietly.

"You said it a couple of times Harvey and I believed you." He kept thinking about the mystery that he somehow failed to unravel over the course of their relationship. He couldn't stop thinking about her even though she was just a couple of feet away from him, trying to get another word out of . Finally, Harvey responded, "Then, why'd you leave?" Charlotte looked at him, tears threatening to fall. "I never felt it, Harv. You kept saying it, and I kept believing you, but that night in Central Park? When you told me you loved me for the hundredth time, I stopped believing. I was never your priority, Harvey. I was hardly anything to you."

"You were hardly anything to me? You were everything to me, Charlotte. Do you really not get that you're the reason why I look like horseshit just rained on me? Do you really not get that the reason why those blinds are closed is because I need to be alone today? Seven years since the day you left."

"They're blinds; they don't really mean anything, Harvey. That doesn't make me feel loved by you at all." Harvey slammed his fists on the table. "Fine, you want to play it like this?" he stood up and walked over to the other side of the spacious office. "I didn't come here to toy with your emotions, Harvey. I didn't come here to screw you up even more either." she said, picking up her purse. "I never meant to break your heart, Harvey, but I hope you realize that running away wasn't that easy for me either because I loved you more than anything." she went for the door, but Harvey caught her arm before she could even push the door open. He took a step towards her and pulled her closer. To his surprise, she complied, wrapping her arm around his neck and pulling in for a kiss. He pulled away and grinned.

The sound of knocking startled them both. As if on cue, the two basically dashed to the nearest chair and acted as natural as possible. Jessica walked in with a case file in hand. "Oh, were you in the middle of something?" Harvey shook his head no. "Hi, Jessica," Charlotte greeted. The older woman smiled and walked over to give the woman a hug. "How long have you been back?" she asked, smiling. "Five hours," the brunette responded with a soft laugh. "Oh, how long are you going to be around? We should catch up." Charlotte glanced at Harvey and turned her attention back to Jessica. "I came here thinking I'd be flying back to Canada after less than 24 hours but a certain someone owes me dinner. Lots and lots of dinner. Oh, and yes, I'd love to catch up. " Jessica smiled and looked at Harvey. "Harvey, pro-bono." Harvey smiled and watched as the woman left.

For the first time, Harvey was happy enough to take a pro-bono and he surely wasn't going to pass this off to Mike. "You took a pro-bono without complaining, that's a miracle." she teased. "You okay with take-out? 9pm, my place? I'll have Ray pick you up." Harvey winked. Charlotte nodded. "Dinner in bed?" she asked, making her way to the door. Harvey followed, holding the door for her. "Dinner in bed," he called out. Donna looked at him suspiciously. He shrugged.

Best day ever.

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