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August 29, 2012

The next morning came by quickly for Harvey Specter. Which was a good thing, because he was looking forward to seeing his muse. He stepped on the front porch of the lawyer's million dollar mansion and waited for her to open up. It didn't take long for her to open the door for him since she was ready for the day. She wore a pink top and a high-waisted pencil skirt. She ran to the master's bedroom and took her purse.

She was nervous, to say the least. What if Harvey loses her job because of her? He could always come to work for the firm she left behind when she chose to return to New York to give Harvey another try. The firm she worked for may have been the biggest firm in Canada but it was nothing compared to Pearson Hardman. And besides, Harvey would rather stay at home than leave. Even if he did want to leave, her firm had one too many partners already and a damn good managing partner. They had no senior partner spot for Harvey and no managing partner spot for Jessica who would surely follow him as well. God, she might not forgive herself if Harvey loses his job.

She was rather relieved when she walked into Pearson Hardman with Harvey without being greeted by the associates or anyone else, for that matter. The power couple walked to the office only to be greeted by Jessica, who had made herself comfortable on his office chair before the two even arrived. "Are you here to fire me?" Harvey asked in a somewhat challenging tone as he and Charlotte took a seat on the leather couch. Jessica shook her head no. "Suspend you, actually. Hardman left me no choice, Harvey. It was either I suspend you or we call the partners and vote. If we do vote, and Hardman gets his way, you will get disbarred for beating Louis up." she said sternly.

Charlotte cringed at the sound of the word 'disbarred'. God, she was so scared. "How long?" She knew she wasn't supposed to be sticking her nose out on his job but she was, afterall, the cause of the suspension. "Two months," Jessica replied, looking at the brunette. "That's good, right? We can fly out to Canada. Go to Paris. My mom wants to meet you. That's good, right?" she panicked. Two months was two months too long. Harvey nodded. "Paris sounds wonderful but your mother? Not ready for that, baby. Not until I get a ring on your finger." he said, winking at Jessica. Jessica held a hand up. "Hey, hey! Slow down, Specter. I have yet to catch up with this little one and you're already talking about rings." Charlotte laughed. "Even if he proposes now, I won't say yes until we get some time alone just the two of us, Jessica."

Harvey laughed. "I'm not even worried about the two months, to be honest. Though I'm worried about you, Jessica, you can't come around begging me to come back after a few days." he said, grinning. Jessica rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Harvey. I think you two should get going. I have a client to meet in 15 minutes. Charley, make sure he doesn't come back to work early. Hardman will kick his ass if he does." Charlotte nodded and grabbed her purse, leaning in to give the woman a kiss on the cheek. Harvey left a kiss on the older woman's cheek as well and led his lady to the elevators.

"So, you didn't get fired." Charlotte was relieved, to say the least. "No, I didn't. Two months is good, don't you think? I finally have time to spend with you." he said and followed her as she stepped out of the elevator doors that had just opened. "You might regret saying that, to be honest. I'm going to be so crazy about you that when you have to come back to work, I'd have to keep you locked in a closet." she laughed as she got in the car. "As long as you make sure I don't regret anything."

Harvey's home was home to Charlotte. She still held the spare key card he mailed her four years ago in desperation. The key had been one of the many contents of a package Harvey sent to her nearly three years after she'd left. Whether she liked it or not, and she did like it, the penthouse was home. And it felt like one. Finally, she had come to terms with the fact that Canada hadn't been one of the best life-altering decisions she's made. Though it improved her work ethic, the place drove her insane. She took out the key before he could even move his hand to take out his. Harvey watched as she opened the door to his apartment with the key in shock. Charlotte glanced at him and pushed open the door, entering the spacious place one step at a time.

She sat on the arm of the leather couch in the living room and watched as he made his way to her. "Two months is a really long time, baby." he said, wrapping his arms around her waist. She brought a hand up to his cheek and stroked it. "It is," she smiled, pushing him back slightly to make room for her to stand. Harvey returned her smile with a grin, "Move in with me, Charlotte." She took stood in front of him, not knowing how to respond.

Charlotte weighed out the pros and cons in her head, hoping he wasn't in a rush for a response. Her head brought her back to the time he first asked her to move in with him. It was two months into their budding relationship and she was quick in saying yes. Well, it didn't turn out so well, didn't it? She thought that agreeing to move back into the penthouse with him after less than a week would only ruin what they're trying to rebuild. She was pretty sure it wouldn't turn out so great if they move too fast. Her previous marriage was rushed. The thought of the failed marriage made Charlotte realize that that was one important detail she should talk to Harvey about. Jessica was the only one in New York who knew that she was married. In fact, she even flew down to Canada to watch her walk the aisle. Tucking a stray hair away from her face, Charlotte replied, "I don't want to turn down a lovely offer but there are more important things that should be discussed before we step into something as big as this. A lot has happened in seven years, Harvey. We can't go around pretending we know each other so well because the truth is, we don't. We missed out on a whole lot, Harvey."

Harvey sighed. "All the information you want regarding the past seven years, they're yours. Just ask. I'll tell you whatever you want to know, Charlotte." She sighed in response. He just didn't understand it. "It's not that easy, Harvey. The last time turned out so horribly. I don't think I can put myself through that again. I want to make sure that before I do a life-altering thing like this... I want to make sure that this..." she gestured at her surroundings. "I want to make sure that this is forever and that this is where I'm really supposed to be. I want to do it right this time."

She noted that he looked disappointed. "But, listen. Just because I'm not moving in doesn't mean I won't be staying here a lot. I'm heading out with Ray to pick up a bunch of clothes from home for when I stay the night and you, my dear, should start clearing out my space in your closet." she grabbed her purse and kissed him on the cheek before leaving.