Jessica: Hey Linda

Linda: Hi

Jessica: You ok

Linda: No

Jessica: Whats wrong, Linda please tell me

Linda: Somebody hit me with a baseball bat

Jessica: Why

Linda: I dunno I never done anything

(Linda bursts into tears)

(Jessica hugs Linda)

Jessica: Shhh, Shhhh

Linda: (in tears) Why am I a target

Jessica: Your not a target, your beautiful

Linda: (in tears) I've always been hit since a child

Jessica: Oh, You have me

Linda:(in tears) I suppose

(Linda stops crying)

Jessica: Lets go to blackpool for a holiday

Linda: Ok, but don''t we have to pay in advance

Jessica: Already did, it was meant to be a suprise for you but you needed cheering up

Linda: Ok

Jessica: Got all your stuff

Linda: Yes

(Jessica and Linda put they're suitcases in the boot)

(Jessica and Linda get into the car and put there seatbelts on)

Jessica: Ready

Linda: Yeah

(Jessica drives off)

Jessica: We are staying in a hotel

Linda: Ok

Jessica: Is there something else what is upsetting you your not as chatty

Linda: My grandad past away

Jessica: Aww

Linda: It was his funrual yesterday, I couldn't stop crying

Jessica: Im sure your grandad is in heaven looking down at his beautiful grandaughter

Linda: Grandaughters and grandsons

Jessica: Ok

Linda: Me, Denise, Chloe and Freya are the grandaughters and Oliver and Michael are the grandsons

Jessica: Im sure his looking down on all of you

Linda: Has he found grandma do you think

Jessica: Yeah proberaly

Linda: Ok, he used to say I was his strong little girl because I wouldn't cry if I fell over unlike my big sister Denise

Jessica: Do you want to go here for some lunch

Linda: Ok

(Jessica pulls into Mcdonalds)

Jessica: I'll pay and don't worry about paying me back

Linda: Ok, can I have a double cheese burger with fries and a coke

Jessica: Sure

Linda: What are you getting

Jessica: Chips, Im a vegetarian and a coffee

Linda: Then order large and medum chips

Jessica: Good idea

(Linda finds a table)

(Jessica comes over with the food)

Linda: Ketchup

Jessica: Yes please

(Linda gets the ketchup)

(Linda comes back with two each)

Jessica: Thank you

(Linda blows the straw rapper so it hits Jessica)

Jessica: Linda

Linda: Im sorry

Jessica: Chips nice

Linda: Yeah

Jessica: Good, so are mine

Linda: Burger tastes nice to, I love gherkins

Jessica: Ok

Linda: Why are you a vegertarian

Jessica: My whole family are

Linda: Oh

Jessica: Do you want them

Linda: Chips

Jessica: You love it here don't you

Linda: Yeah

Jessica: Can you be my little sister

Linda: But I like cow

Jessica: Oh well

Linda: Ok then, your my big sister

Jessica: Finished

Linda: Nearly

Jessica: You can take your drink with you

Linda: Ok

(Jessica puts the rubbish in the bin)

Jessica: Ready

(Linda noddes)

(Jessica and Linda leave McDonalds)

(Jessica and Linda get into the car and put there seatbelts on)

Linda: Im sorry my mum and dad hugged and kissed you yesterday, they thought you was imaginary as I've never had a friend before I met you in college, my parents got a little over excited

Jessica: Its ok

Linda: Long journeys are boring

Jessica: I know

Linda: I've never stayed in a hotel before

Jessica: What about America

Linda: Brought a house

Jessica: Eygpt

Linda: A caravan

Jessica: Oh ok

Linda: Im scared about staying in a hotel

Jessica: Its lovely and breakfast is down stairs

Linda: Ok, do we pay for breakfast

Jessica: No

Linda: Im bored

Jessica: We still have a load more miles to go

Linda: Ok

Jessica: Subway for snack

Linda: Ok

Jessica: Normal bread six inches can I have a veggie sub with lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, carrot, sweetcorn, gherkin and olives

Linda: Can I have a foot long sub with, chicken and cheese slice toasted and then carrot, gherkin, cucumber, sweetcorn and ketchup

Jessica: Your hungry

Linda: Yep

(Jessica eats her sub before getting into the car)

Linda: Mine is very nice

Jessica: And big

Linda: But nice

Jessica: Apart from the chicken it is

Linda: I love chicken, do you have a nut roast at christmas

Jessica: (laughs) No Linda I have a corn which is vegertarian chicken

Linda: Oh