Jessica: Hi

Adam: Hi

Jessica: You Ok

Adam: Yeah you

Jessica: Yeah

(Adam and Jessica kiss)

Adam: Let's go to the pub

Jessica: Good idea

(Adam drives to the pub)

(Jessica and Adam get out)

Adam: I love you

Jessica: I love you to

Adam: Excuse me

(Linda looks up)

Jessica: Linda what happened to your eye

Adam: We know her

Jessica: She's my best friend

Linda: I didn't want to go to a football game so he hurt me

Adam: Have you had your eye checked out

Jessica: Linda shut your left eye

(Linda shuts her left eye)

Jessica: How many fingers am I holding up

Linda: Two

Jessica: Good girl

Linda: I can still see

Jessica: Good

Adam: Come on Jess

Jessica: I'm not leaving her like this

Adam: She can come on the date to

(Adam, Jessica and Linda enter)

(Adam, Jessica and Linda sit down)

Jessica: Got any money

Linda: He ripped all my notes so I couldn't buy the perfume I wanted

Jessica: You worked so hard for that

Linda: I know, I need to go toilet

(Linda goes into the toilets)

Adam: Whatever she wants I'll pay

Jessica: You sure

Adam: Yeah

Jessica: Thanks

Adam: When did you meet Linda

Jessica: In college but she's a few years younger than me

Adam: Do you have a rough idea what Linda might want

Jessica: She likes burgers

Adam: Ok

(Linda comes out)

Adam: Hello again

Jessica: Have you been crying

Linda: Maybe, yes

Jessica: Aww, don't cry

Adam: Menus

Jessica: It all looks so nice

Adam: I'm having the jacket potato with cheese and beans

Jessica: The same as you Adam jacket potato with cheese and beans

Adam: Linda

Linda: bacon cheese burger with chips and a coke

Adam: Jessica

Jessica: Lemonade

Adam: Ok, I'll now order, any sides

Jessica: Cheesy garlic bread

Adam: Ok

(Adam goes to order)

Linda: Do I look ugly

Jessica: No

Linda: Ok

Jessica: Do you want to stay in the spare room Amelia and Lucas love having you round

Linda: Yeah please

Jessica: Ok

(Adam returns with the drinks)

Jessica: Thank you

Linda: Thanks

(Waiter comes over)

Waiter: So that is two jacket potato's with cheese and beans, a bacon cheese burger and cheesy garlic bread

Adam: Yeah

(Waiter lays out the knifes and forks rand leaves)

Adam: I love it here

Jessica: Same

Adam: You have an iPhone

Linda: Yeah

Jessica: I only have a blackberry

Adam: I have a Nokia 100

Jessica: Ok

(Dean walks over)

Dean: What you doing

Linda: Having dinner with my friends

Dean: You don't have any friends

Linda: I do

Dean: Where's my dinner

Linda: I'll make it when I get in

(Dean pulls Linda's hair)

Adam: Leave her alone

Dean: Why

Adam: She is a human not a doll she isnt a slave

(Dean attacks Linda and runs off)

(Linda goes into the bathroom)

Adam: I'm calling the police

(Adam gets his phone out and dials 999)

(Jessica goes into the toilets)

Jessica: Linda

Linda:(in tears) I thought it was love

Jessica: I know

Linda:(in tears) Nobody loves me

Jessica: I like you

(Linda comes out and hugs Jessica)

Jessica: Shh,Shh

(Jessica and Linda go back to the table)

Adam: Foods here

(Jessica gives two pieces of cheesy garlic bread to Linda and leaves one for herself)

(Linda gives Jessica her lettuce, tomato, colsaw and relish)

(Waiter comes over with ketchup)

Linda: Chips are nice

Adam: So is the jacket potato

Jessica: It's all nice

Adam: I love you Jessica

Jessica: I love you Adam

(Linda eats a chip)

Adam: Is your burger nice

Linda: Nice, It's better than nice

Adam: Even better

Jessica: I've had enough

Adam: You've left half the beans

Jessica: I've also eaten Linda's colsaw and her salard

Adam: True, and Linda has cleared her plate

Linda:(hic) I now have hiccups (hic)

Adam: Aww


Adam: Dersert time

Linda:(Hic) I like desert (Hic)

Adam: I'm having apple pie with custard, Jessica, hiccups what you having

Linda:(hic) My names not hiccups (Hic-cup)

Adam: Ok

Jessica: A share me and Linda want Belgian chocolate heaven

Adam: Ok

Linda:(hic) I like chocolate (Hic)

(Adam goes to order)

Jessica: I love my best friend

Linda: (hic) I love my best (hic) friend two

(Adam returns)

Jessica: Hi

Adam: Hello