A/N: This is the second story in my Davidson Gospels trilogy featuring my OC Michelle Davidson, a Hunter from a long line. I would recommend reading the first story 'Hell' to understand what will be happening in this second story.

Michelle is a tall woman with chocolate brown hair that is slightly wavy and falls a little below her shoulders. She has gray eyes, pale skin, with no freckles or markings save a small scar next to her left eyebrow.

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"What's wrong?" Bobby asked, "Is it Sam? Something happen to him? What'd he do now?"

"Sam's fine, sleeping in the motel."

"Then what are you doing here? You shouldn't leave that boy alone."

"I know, I just…I need you to take some things for me. Keep them, sell them, I don't care."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's something Gabriel said…I know what to do now."

"You sure he wasn't just lying to you? He's a Trickster!"

"No. He wouldn't lie to me, not about this. And...Sam needs this. I'll…I'll be fine. You know me. Just…give this to Sam? Watch over him for me?"

Bobby nodded, taking the knife, "Are you absolutely sure about this?"

"Keep an eye out, ok?"


"So why me?" the demon asked.

"Because you're the only one who wants this more than anything."

"True," the demon smirked, mind whirling with thoughts on what this could mean if she agreed to hold the contract the King of the Crossroad Demons was about to make with the person before her.

"So do we have a deal?"



"Do you know what you are asking me?" he asked, his voice gruff, his blue eyes staring.

"I do, and I'm sorry, but it has to be done."


"It needs to end, this is the first step. And I made a promise."

"One day your promises will get you killed," he sighed.

"I think they already have. Please?"

He nodded, "I will watch out for him and, when the time comes, make sure he is safe and well cared for."

"Thank you."

A/N: Seriously...I think this is the shortest chapter I have EVER written and ever will write, so don't worry, there will NOT be a chapter shorter than this. I really wanted to lay on the suspense, much like at the start of 'Hell' I wanted to bring up more questions. Most of what happens here will be explained by the end of this story, but I really wanted to pique your interest. I hope I succeeded.

To answer a question in a review of 'Hell,' I'm only going to be writing this series up to the end of Season 5. For some reason I just really couldn't get into the rest of Supernatural after that season. And the way I have my last chapter playing out, well, too many things are different for it to follow the show's storyline after Season 5.

So many questions in this little chapter though...who's Bobby talking to? He knows who the Trickster is? Why hasn't he told the boys? What might the Trickster be lying about? Why wouldn't the Trickster lie to this person? Bobby should keep an eye out for what? What contract is being made? By who? And Crowley's involved? Who's the demon holding it? Who's this mysterious man at the end? Who's he watching out for? WHAT IS GOING ON?!