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Chapter 3:

Isabella woke up in her bed like usual, but she spent a long time lying there on her back, trying to analyze the previous night's incidents. She was so deep in thought that she forgot about the time, and was almost late for school.

Due to the time she arrived, she sprinted through the hallways in her haste to get to her first class, obviously missing her chance to gauge Edward's reaction when he arrived to school. She had developed a strange stalking schedule during the last months, she know what time the Wilson twins usually arrived, where their lockers were, and which classes they've got. She had her favorite places to watch them, her own locker being the one she liked the most. Edward's assigned locker was only a few steps from hers, and she could pretend she was busy with her books while having a perfect view of his activities. That would have been the perfect place to test her theories that morning, she still wasn't completely sure that the dream she walked into during the night had been her own. Even when the other explanations make less sense, she couldn't really jump conclusions and risk the family secret. Grandma Helen could have been vague at many points, but of one thing she was adamant: she didn't have to share their secret with anybody, no matter the circumstances.

Her mind wandered during her first two classes of the morning, although she started getting anxious by the time she sat at her usual desk in Spanish. The fourth period, AP English IV, was the only class she shared with Edward; that was more than enough to set the butterflies in her stomach flying. She would have liked watching his face for signs of recognition while they were at the lockers, once she lost that opportunity she would have to make do with their mutual class.

To add to her bad luck, her Spanish teacher stopped her when she was living the room to ask her something about the paper had turned in, resulting in Bella being almost late to her English class.

She crossed the door fast, with her gaze middle level, trying not to stare anyone directly in the eyes but watching Edward's face in her peripheral vision. Bella wasn't sure what she was expecting to see, but he didn't even notice her, so she was happy and a little hurt.

The fact that she was actually able to dream her own dreams again opened a window of possibilities Bella haven't even thought of, but it also brought another question to her mind.

Could it be possible that Edward was immune to her gift?

She had never found a person who could deny her access to their dreams before, yet she was sure she had fallen asleep focusing on him, that had never failed before either.

She decided it might have had something to do with fate, so she didn't question it further. It was just funny that she was never really interested in the people she visit at night, and the only one she'd really like to see was out of reach.

On the bright side, if thinking of Edward could make her dream of him, that would be certainly an experience she could enjoy.

That night when she went to sleep, she had every intention to dream of Edward again, and she did.

That night when she went to sleep, she had every intention to dream of Edward again, and she did.

When she walked into his dream, he found him sitting Indian style in the middle of the bed, in the same room she saw her the previous night. His hands were covering his face and she looked at her in awe when she noticed her presence.

"You came back," he said, and his voice sounded hopeful with a hint of something else. Bella could only describe it as disbelief.

"You weren't expecting me to come," she said sadly. "Why?"

Edward moved from the bed until he was standing in front of her. "I wanted you to come back," he explained. "I just didn't expect you to do it."

"I had promised you," she defended.

"Don't be naïve, Magaska. People promises things all the time. Most of them don't keep their word."

Bella suddenly felt bad for him. Considering the abnormal way she had used to dream of him, she wasn't entirely sure that the feeling of the Edward in front of her, and the real one weren't the same. Perhaps she was walking in some concealed wrinkle of his subconscious. It was possible that his answers were his for real. She couldn't imagine her mind thinking of Edward as a person without hope or faith.

"I'm not most people, Edward. I keep my word. In my family, a promise was always important." Her voice lowered gradually as she was speaking, and her last words came out only as a whisper. Edward could sense she was sad, something about her family must have brought memories to her, but before he could ask, Bella spoke again.

"Are you ready to go out there?" She asked gesturing the door with her chin. She seemed happy again, all the traces of gloominess swept away by her enthusiasm to show him her world. She had never considered it before, but it was the first time she knew something that nobody else did, and she could teach it to Edward.

"Are you sure we can go out there?"

He was starting to hesitate. He wasn't really afraid that something could happen to him, but what if something happened to her? The previous day she had said it was dangerous. What dangers could be waiting for them outside? He didn't know what to expect, so there was no way he'd be able keep her safe. If something happened to her because he asked her to take him outside the room, he'd be the one to blame. Edward had never really been the protective kind, but somehow the strange girl brought that out of him. He knew he wouldn't be able to forgive himself for risking her, and that bothered him for some reason he couldn't understand yet.

"Come on! Don't be a chicken!" She teased while stretching her hand so Edward could hold it.

Her hand felt warm and soft in his bigger one, but it gave him the push he was needing. He entwined his fingers with hers, feeling he was protecting her somehow, and they both walked out of the room and into the corridor.

"Where are we?" Edward asked confused. The room had looked and felt as his own room in Forks, but that was definitely not the hallway of his house.

"It's fine," she squeezed his hand in reassurement. "This is how the dream's corridor looks like."

"You've been here…before?" He asked as she dragged him along the hall.

"Of course, silly! I come here every night," she explained amused, and she stopped walking. "See all those doors? Every one of them leads to somebody's dream."

"Are we going to get into somebody else's mind?" He asked shocked.

Bella guessed she had gone too far with the surprises. She haven't thought of waking into a random dream with him by her side, but once he said the words, the idea was starting to appeal her. However, it might have been too much for one night, so she decided her first plan was best.

"Nopes. We're not walking in anybody's dream. At least not tonight. I was talking you to the clear," she told him softly, trying to ease his nerves. "There's something that looks like a forest outside the corridor. I always had considered that part as a neutral land in the dream realm. It isn't part of anybody's dream, it's just a place in the middle. I thought it was safe talking you there," she whispered. She was starting to second guess the idea of bringing Edward to the clearing. Isabella had never spent time in there before. She was wondering if it was possible, but the clearing seemed to be the same since the first time she walked in a dream, so she thought it was fine.

They walked slowly through the corridor, because Bella wanted him to get used of the idea. He hadn't been so eager to join her when she explained him that the corridor was full of other people's dreams, she didn't want to scare him.

When her bare feet touched the soft grass outside, she felt immediately relaxed like she had lots of times before. She always had had that feeling that the piece of peaceful forest where she landed every night was there for a reason. She knew it had calming effects on her, so it made sense taking Edward there.

They sat on the grass and talked. About nothing and everything. Inconsequential topics that nonetheless meant the world to Bella. She enjoyed that new side of Edward she had never got to see before. He was still cocky at times, he wouldn't have been Edward if he hadn't been, but he felt human for the first time to her. That paradox didn't escape her either. It was funny to think the time she felt him the most human was when they were in a parallel universe.

Isabella lost track of time until the familiar tingle on her neck told her it was time to wake up. She tried to escort him back to his room, but he refused. She had explained him earlier that the dreamland was dangerous when it was near dawn, so he insisted they parted ways to avoid the risks. She was a little nervous about Edward going back alone, but he assured her he'd be able to find his way, and she knew by experience that going back to your own body after a night dreamwalking was easy, it was like a beacon, guiding the dreamer home. If she had been able to do it when she was just a girl, she had faith he'd be able to do it too.
Before they started walking, Edward made her promise she would come back to his dream the following night. She was barely able to hold her satisfaction, she made her way to her bed grinning like a fool. This may not be the real Edward, but it was one she was glad to share time with. At least her gift was giving her the chance to be close to somebody, not something she had experienced a lot during the last ten years.

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