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"You were staring again."

Kagome huffed, blowing her bangs from her blue eyes and glared at the amused man who was walking closer to her with slow deliberate steps, "And if I was?" She retorted, struggling against the arrows that pierced her clothes and pinned her to the wall, "You owe me a new jacket."

"I want to know why you were staring at me," Hawkeye asked lazily and Kagome bit her lip and tried to hide her nervousness from showing. It was a useless attempt however, as Hawkeye was an assassin and could read body language quite easily, "Well, Rookie?"

"I just wondered," Kagome muttered, annoyed that her cheeks were betraying her as they warmed under his intense stare, "Is this where you spend all your free time?" She gestured to the surroundings which was S.H.I.E.L.D's archery range.

Hawkeye shrugged, "It's my stress reliever," He said and then he raised a brow, "You seem to be here just as often as I am." He stated with a look that said 'explain'.

Kagome's flush seemed to deepen, "I-I'm not..." She stammered lamely and she quickly looked away, "It's a safe spot from Stark, that's all." It was a lie and they both knew it.

"You can handle yourself against Stark well enough," Hawkeye pointed out, remembering how Tony had reacted to their new female teammate when Kagome had joined the Avengers as their unofficial medic, "You knock him out cold every time he tries to touch you."

"It's a habit of mine, I don't actually mean to," Kagome mumbled, "Besides, I've never met a man as perverted as Stark." The playboy billionaire almost put Miroku to shame and that was a feat in itself.

"Don't think you have changed the subject," Hawkeye smirked, finally stepping close enough to lean down to have his face only a hair's width away from hers, "I still want to know why you only come to the range when I'm here."

"Out of everyone, you're the one I relate to the most," Kagome admitted, unable to keep eye contact with him and missing the slight look of surprise on his face, "I just don't know why, so I wanted to try and figure it out."

"You seem pretty chummy with the Cap," Hawkeye drew back, still a bit surprised by her admission, "He's always asking you out on those lunch dates and you go with him every time."

She certainly didn't want to tell him that she and Captain America had the whole 'waking up in a whole different era' in common, but she wasn't attracted to Steve in the way Hawkeye was implying.

"You know how he is," Kagome said, "But it's not what you think it is."

"And what do I think it is?" Hawkeye leaned in close again, his hands on either side of Kagome's head and trapping her against the wall with his larger body, "Well, Rookie?"

"Let's go somewhere!" Kagome blurted out, her pale face blanketed with an alluring pink, "I know you must be hungry since you've been here since this morning!"

"Asking me out on a date, Higurashi?" Hawkeye smirked, pulling out the arrows that kept Kagome pinned to the wall and her arms fell to her sides, "That's kinda surprising since I've got at least fifteen years on you."

"Age is only a number," Kagome said quietly, "It shouldn't matter when..." She paused and blinked when Hawkeye ruffled her hair and messed up her ponytail, though she vaguely even noticed.

"C'mon, Rookie, I'll let you pick out where we're going." Hawkeye rubbed his fingers on the silky strands that fell from her ponytail before turning around to pack up his archery equipment.

Kagome couldn't stop the bright smile that appeared on her face even if she wanted to and followed Hawkeye with an eagerness that she hadn't felt in a long while.

Maybe those horoscope things had some merit after all...